World Defying Dan God - Volume 9 - Chapter 813
The Ji Meixian white clothing is floating, is simple and beautiful the happy expression that dust the facial features have to wipe to ponder, is very moving. „Do you want such to walk? You kill our White Sea Sacred Realm that many people, wins our White Sea Sacred Realm treasure, you think that I will put you to walk?” Ji Meixian leisurely said, the sound is very gentle, but in the Shen Xiang hear, actually full is murderous aura. Shen Xiang said with a smile dry: How does the miss want to put me to walk?” Ji Meixian sound tender sweet persuasive, said with a smile lightly: Fire Phoenix Purple Gold both hands that if you are willing to obtain you offer, then hands over your Immortal Blade and divine art, if these things can make me happy, perhaps I will put you to walk!” Shen Xiang shakes the head sighs: These things are my family jewels, the miss you must make me ask for you to be happy with family jewels, like this will you let off me? It seems like I can only put in great inconvenience......” Ji Meixian hears these words, the complexion immediately one coldly, in beautiful eyes flashes through wipes the bashful anger. Dissolute! Shen Xiang, your don't refuse a toast only to be forced to drink a forfeit, is first time some people dares to be so frivolous I!” Ji Meixian shouted to clear the way coldly, expensive was Daughter of Heaven, kept aloof, pure, some people had to her improper ambition, hid in heart, never dares saying that will otherwise bring in the fatal disaster. Shen Xiang looked at her chest, laughed: Is frivolous you? On your this goods, cannot compare including my female slave, but can be my washing foot slave reluctantly.” Ji Meixian hears this saying, is mad the tender body to tremble slightly. If this saying passes on, Shen Xiang definitely will be chased down the far-away place cape by this Ji Meixian pursuer, Ji Meixian, but White Sea Sacred Realm Daughter of Heaven, not only appearance like Celestial Immortal, but also the talent different reported that young has to let the strength that the elders envy, but actually reluctantly can become his washing foot slave in the Shen Xiang eye. You...... Good, it seems like you intentionally court death!” Ji Meixian sees in the Shen Xiang eye full is the color of teasing, more bashful anger.

Shen Xiang said that but the frank talk, Dongfang Xinyue and Hua Xiangyue this to outstandingly beautiful female slave, one is Dan King, one was refiner and grandmaster in formation aspect, the strength did not say, a palm can pat this Daughter of Heaven, appearance stature anything did not have the words saying that synthesized, can fling the hundred thousand eight thousand li(500 km) Ji Meixian. Shen Xiang could not have had a liking for her, regarding this type considered oneself as that the lovable girl of aloof from worldly affairs day, he consistently adopts the brutal attack way. Miss, other life Qi/angry, your life Qi/angry appearance is unattractive, strange scary. When genuine pretty woman, life Qi/angry has the character and style, you look at your life Qi/angry time, seemed like touched the monkey of buttocks by others.” Shen Xiang retreat, while said with a smile. Ji Meixian has gawked, monkey! Some unexpectedly people described the monkey her, this made her be struck by lightning likely such, there! Monkey...... Monkey......” Ji Meixian silly low mumble, but Long Xueyi their also giggle tenderly smiles, such description, was extremely truly cruel. Shen Xiang has coughed two, face earnestly said: Strict, is one puts on the young female monkey of white clothing.” Brushing, the violent anger female monkey sub- screamed, punctured toward a Shen Xiang sword, the might of this sword is powerful, this may the Ji Meixian violent anger strike, she is self-confident to her appearance, from infancy to maturity was revolved around, every day can hear thinks highly of her words, but Shen Xiang thoroughly enrages her now. This was clarifies has shamed her, she no longer with the Shen Xiang idle talk, directly drew a sword to attack to kill at this time, she also planned grasped Shen Xiang exactly. Miss...... Other life Qi/angry, possibly was I describes insufficiently appropriately......” Shen Xiang to shunt that sword, hastily shouted: You are attractive female monkey, not...... Is the attractive female immortal monkey.” I must kill you!” The Ji Meixian beautiful eyes torching, first successive punctures ten to come the sword, Sword Qi that each sword releases, can pierce a great mountain, if Shen Xiang does not avoid, must be injured heavily.

„The powerful woman, at least crossed the Nirvana five tribulations, moreover was sword cultivator.” Long Xueyi exclaims. Shen Xiang is moving aside continuously, the Ji Meixian uncombed hair dance, the jade face full is the cold frost, that graceful tender body sends out steaming murderous aura, pair of beautiful eyes is full of the anger, the look is passing murderous aura is very scary. Her each sword is bringing very swift and fierce murderous aura, ten come the sword to get down, around her the green grass completely turns into the powder dust, that vast True Qi is makes the will of the people startle, if general Nirvana Realm, even if ten, will be assassinated one by her sword. Ji Meixian arrives at the extreme angrily, is she is not very perhaps calm, perhaps since childhood is pampered since childhood her first time was so insulted, at this time in the heart the hatred is dreadful, resembled Shen Xiang to tarnish her was the same, even if were not, was similar. A sword chops, sword blade cold light sparkles, is bringing invisible, but vast True Qi, making Shen Xiang think one are ants is facing the mighty waves the sea like that to be incapable. Ji Meixian this sword is very strong, but actually kept the strength, because restores sane her to realize that on Shen Xiang has supreme treasure, if Shen Xiang died, perhaps his storage equipment also will ruin, gain does not equal the loss. This White Sea Sacred Realm the prestige of True Qi is similar to boundless vast sea is ordinary, coordinates the fierce sword technique use, the might is peerless. azure light dodges, Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade instantaneous flash. Shen Xiang has used most formidable Dragon Force, grips tightly Divine Blade, the instant, azure-red cloud explodes dodges, that thorn a quick sword blade breaks out. The sword bumps into, immediately when the earth-shaking power, clashes produces an powerful invisible air wave, the sky cloud layer is turbulent, arouses intermittent lightning. The Shen Xiang speed is not slow, but strength is actually inferior to Ji Meixian, although can the standard block that blade, but the arm was shaken tingling pain all day, the bloodstain overflows from the pore. If he does not block that sword, even if has shunted, will still be injured by that powerful Sword Qi, when the time comes can awfully.

You cannot hit her, this woman is very strong.” Long Xueyi said immediately that after all Ji Meixian cultivation base is higher than Shen Xiang to be too many. Broken grass everywhere dances in the breeze, qi wave that the beautiful green prairie, the big pieces had been surged a moment ago sweeps away the fragment. In the Ji Meixian heart is extremely surprised, Shen Xiang unexpectedly can keep off her terror a sword, her jade face ice-colder, she knows certainly that Shen Xiang is only cultivation base is inferior to her, if arrives at her cultivation base, that result was difficult to say. Hands over Immortal Blade and Fire Phoenix Purple Gold, then kneels to admit mistakes to me, otherwise I will make you die like a dog.” Ji Meixian coldly said, she sees Shen Xiang to shake the hand of blade to bleed, knows that Shen Xiang cannot be inescapable today. Naturally, she cares about Shen Xiang that Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, crossed one move a moment ago, she fully realized that this blade is uncommon, although she with sword, but can obtain this blade, she will be higher in the White Sea Sacred Realm status from now on. Shen Xiang that was smiling, at this time also becomes serious, he can run away, but is unwilling, these Heavenspan Family strong trends, making him very angry, wants to rob his thing again and again. dragon brat, borrows me strength, I must not hesitate all, defeats this Daughter of Heaven.” In the Shen Xiang heart sinks, said.