World Defying Dan God - Volume 9 - Chapter 814
Ji Meixian walks toward Shen Xiang slowly, on the lotus foot condense True Qi, the step is looking like very lithe, but she treads every time one step, the earth will shiver slightly, at this time vast such as good True Qi revolves in all her the limbs and bones. Is without a fight, hands over Immortal Blade, I will give you an entire corpse!” Ji Meixian indifferently said, this time she has the dust, the whole body winds around by white Qi mist, appears pure and holy is incomparable. Shen Xiang sneers: „ This words I have been tired, the blade is my, why can give you? I did not have the enmity with you without the injustice, but actually wants my treasure, your this crowd of affectedly virtuous Daughter of Heaven Son of Heaven, you not to be joined to such name hū! You know me how many painstaking care the blade, for this has spent? Your unexpectedly wants to make me surrender something submissively, was this too easy? Do you think?” Snort, this thing you do not match to have, if in our hands, can make treasure carry forward, will only trample on you.” Ji Meixian whole face disdainfully said. Ha Ha......” Shen Xiang suddenly laughs, because he thought that this words were too funny: Why you concluded that I don't match to have? Won't spoil in your hands? What difference you and do I have? Is the excrement that you draw fragrant?” The words coarse principle is not coarse, Shen Xiang had not thought where these Sacred Realm and Heavenspan Family juniors arrive compared with him, at best is assigns, a little talent, but practice this together, whom does not look at from the beginning fiercely, but looked who can arrive finally. Good, I give you Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, has to plant you to take away!” Shen Xiang throws vigorously, the Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade insertion ground, the ground shivers immediately. Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade is pasting azure splendor, the above dragon carves thoroughly a dignity, at this time spurts aura unexpectedly that comes out thinly to send out intermittent slight dragon roar, seems gets angry the dragon likely in roaring hiss. Ji Meixian grazes immediately toward Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade of distant place, flies fast, if startled great wild goose, movement technique is elegant, in her eyes full is the pleasantly surprised color, is sizing up this carefully Divine Blade, the above dragon carves unexpectedly is the innumerable abstruse spirit pattern constitutions, the material of entire knife is also very difficult to identify, but seems like firm, as if can break the world, cuts the myriad things. Puts in order the broadsword to the feeling of person, probably was facing an ancient times big dragon, that type of aura made people feel the scant of breath.

With Devil Decaying Death Qi?” Shen Xiang already wants to use, but he actually saw that on Ji Meixian has fierce treasure. Do not use, her clothes are very fierce thing, the water and fire do not invade, possibly Devil Decaying Death Qi suddenly makes undying she, instead ran away by her, when the time comes troubled.” Su Meiyao said. „The aura that her clothes release makes me have the feeling that one type fondly remembers very much.” Bai Youyou said. Shen Xiang is startled slightly, on this Ji Meixian unexpectedly has the so fierce thing. Fusion Long Xueyi's strength that at this time he also calms the mind, Long Xueyi was too strong, Dragon Force continuously, moreover is pure most authentic Dragon Force, to delay time, he Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade throwing. He will certainly not give others Divine Blade this, this is because he and Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade has very mysterious induction, except for him, nobody can take away this Divine Blade easily. Also, Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade already fused with him, is similar to his hands and feet is ordinary, even if he is placed there, others cannot take away. Ji Meixian extends the slender white hands, holds hilt, wants to pull out it, what makes her shock, this blade on as if earth connected together, how regardless of she makes an effort, is unable to pull out, then she wants to receive in storage equipment it, but a response does not have. Ji Meixian fierce turning head looks to Shen Xiang, sees only on Shen Xiang to past light white cloud, her cold voice asked: Must kill you, can I obtain this blade?” Shen Xiang lightly smiled, sees only him to wave, Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade turns into one group of light glow, dodges into his body, afterward appears in his hands.

„If there is killed me, this together will vanish with me the blade in this world!” Shen Xiang obtained Long Xueyi's strength at this time, his whole person bursts with joy: Now I make you have a look at me to match to have this blade.” Ji Meixian saw the Shen Xiang's aura to have the huge change, in the heart surprised, has put out her treasure sword, got rid first, thorn to Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang has not obtained Long Xueyi's strength completely, but made him more formidable, the Long Xueyi's strength made him shock, but thinks is very normal, after all she was Imperial Dragon Clan, if were worse than the person, then she can kill. Ji Meixian can feel that Shen Xiang's is angry, but that anger has not made Shen Xiang go crazy, instead turns into more terrorist strength, lets the Shen Xiang sane use. Shen Xiang does not look at Ji Meixian, brandishes a sword chops forward, gets angry Dragon to roar, the acoustic shock horizon, murderous aura of incomparable terror covers in the air, the one who most makes the will of the people startle is that ebullition Dragon Force, seemed roaring crazily. between Heaven and Earth Spirit Qi was infected by that unsurpassed Dragon Force, Spirit Qi unexpectedly becomes angry roar big dragon, makes threatening gestures circling that in the upper air, intermittent dragon roar with overpowering momentum shocks the vault of heaven. Angry Dragon Cut! Shen Xiang displays peak Dragonslayer Seven Killing Cut at this time, Dragon Slaying Divine Martial Skill is Dragon Clan created, because the dragon strongest enemy is not humanity, but is their similar, therefore had such martial arts birth, but humanity can also study the use, but the condition is harsh. Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade azure light sparkle, as if azure is fiercely positive is roaring, a blade cuts, boundless Dragon Force spews out from Divine Blade, condense becomes angry Azure Dragon, roared to fly toward Ji Meixian, as if Azure Dragon arrived general, in the trim prairie was the Spirit Qi anger dragon is roaring, was circling. Ji Meixian was shocked, facial expression is very dignified, strength that Shen Xiang suddenly erupts, making her panic-stricken, excited incomparable, because she guessed that this is the Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art might, if she can obtain this divine art, her strength can perhaps on several stairs.

You exhaust the move that strength has displayed, although, but also is only the spent force!” The Ji Meixian sound is chilly, although in heart surprised Shen Xiang's Divine Power, but actually somewhat disdains. The Ji Meixian black hair flies upwards, clothes sleeve is floating, the luster of the skin wound around by pure and holy light glow, above suddenly reappears illusion of white sea. In White Sea, the innumerable White Dragon tuck dive, turn into one finally are similar to great mountain generally thick White Dragon, soars from illusion. „Before Azure Ocean Rushing Dragon, Shen Xiang sees White Sea Son of Heaven to use! Ji Meixian calmly facing Azure Dragon that blade Qi turns into, on long sword that punctures, condense White Sea Sacred Realm unique vast True Qi, her back Azure Ocean Rushing Dragon suddenly is penetrating her luster of the skin, attaches on her long sword. Two strength collide, as if two stars collide! Bang! Bang! Bang The earth was torn by these two strength, all around space surges, the aura is the sprint clouds, in the air explodes, is similar to thunderclap to erupt. They to striking the ground, presented one deeply not to see the bottom the deep gully, Shen Xiang and Ji Meixian in standing is confronting in gully both sides, in the look full was killing intent!