World Defying Dan God - Volume 9 - Chapter 815
Ji Meixian grasps the white hands of sword to shiver slightly, but she actually relaxed, because she thinks that Shen Xiang that blade has exhausted strength. Also has any skill, although takes, today I will not let off absolutely your!” Ji Meixian indifferently said, in the look does not have mighty waves, Shen Xiang in her eyes is ants. Angry Dragon Cut!” Shen Xiang loudly shouted, lifts up high Divine Blade in vain, chops suddenly, tranquil between Heaven and Earth once more was just crazy, all around remaining tyrannical aura turns into the innumerable angry dragons, intermittent dragon roar covers the world. The azure light flash item, blade Qi turns into Azure Dragon, great distance thousand feet (333 m), was roaring toward the Ji Meixian impact in the past. Ji Meixian beautiful face changing colors, Shen Xiang unexpectedly can also the tranquil use this strike immediately, explained that Shen Xiang has vigorous True Qi, at this time she had been covered by Angry Dragon Cut blade Qi, Azure Dragon of that terror has locked her, but, she displays Azure Ocean Rushing Dragon to counterattack once more. This time is ten dragons flies from her top of the head that piece of white vast sea, condense on her treasure sword, turns into strength, sprays from sword tip, forms giant white wing flying dragon, opens the giant mouth, unexpectedly is wanting to fall azure Dragon Swallowing. Subduing Dragon Gathering Strength!” Shen Xiang horizontal blade front, grips tightly hilt, Dragon Force in within the body revolves wild, sees only Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade to be covered by white Dragon Force, meanwhile glittering [say / way] Fire Lightning. Shen Xiang roared low and deep, Divine Blade has shaken, dragon roar was shocking, the cloud penetration crack stone, saw only Dragon Force, lightning and Universe Fire interweaves together, turned into white lightning Fire Dragon, followed close on after that azure dragon body, fired into Ji Meixian! Bang!” Although the Shen Xiang's two moves have the gap, but attacks killed the past time , is very coherent, rumbled Ji Meixian Sword Qi is defeated and dispersed! White Sea Daughter of Heaven Ji Meixian complexion big change, the tender body was covered by that wild Subduing Dragon Gathering Strength, the strength and Universe Fire that lightning Thunder Spirit displays fuse together, is exceptionally wild, let alone also has Dragon Force to follow!

Ji Meixian exuded one to shout tenderly that the missile from that wild strength came out, the place that she stood also turned into huge deep hole. She has not thought that Shen Xiang not only can release Angry Dragon Cut, but can also release more formidable Subduing Dragon Gathering Strength, is almost the same time rushes ahead. Her Azure Ocean Rushing Dragon was also good Dragon Slaying Divine Martial Skill, but was not Dragon Force displays after all, is unable to display strongest strength to come, but Dragon Slaying Divine Martial Skill that Shen Xiang used, was the process purest Dragon Force stimulation of movement terror is incomparable! The Ji Meixian corners of the mouth kept a blood, she could see that Shen Xiang was to rely on external strength became so formidable, she can feel that strength and Shen Xiang's clearly is different, moreover did not have the perfect conjunction with Shen Xiang, otherwise she must die without doubt. She has special spirit awareness, therefore she can see through the Shen Xiang portrait, can feel the subtle change. She sees the Shen Xiang blood energy ebullition, whole body still full is vast strength, but she received the heavy wound , to continue again, wants to be taken by Shen Xiang ironclad! Sees the potential not to be right, she can only clench teeth to hate darkly, after being shot flies, soars to fly, has grazed in a direction. Pursues, moves her clothes, I had tried with Divine Sense a moment ago, the clothes that this wears are fierce, can block including my Divine Sense.” Long Xueyi shouted. Behind Shen Xiang presents pair of Vermillion Bird Fire Wings, turns into a flame, toward Ji Meixian dragon brat, you are really strong!” Shen Xiang happily said with a smile.

This is natural, but you leave always keep thinking, this eventually is not your strength. You borrow frequently to you are not good, when I withdraw strength from you, you had received, if were not you have Jade Dragon Bloodline, I do not dare such to play with you, otherwise I withdrew strength, your whole body disruption.” Long Xueyi very seriously said. Shen Xiang to rely on Long Xueyi's strength, the speed was also faster, sees Ji Meixian flies to run away, while takes pills, he knows that Ji Meixian injures heavily. fleshly body of this fellow was too weak, casual several turn into this!” Long Xueyi disdainfully said. Shen Xiang has many strength at this time, brandishes a sword to divide to chop in the distant place, innumerable [say / way] swift and fierce and terrifying blade Qi blot out the sky covers toward Ji Meixian, making Ji Meixian bite the jade tooth tightly, in the heart is criticizing. Heavenly Dragon Seal, hits her! With Lightning Dragon Punishment, this is the fellow who deals with escape specially!” Long Xueyi said. Shen Xiang both hands tie seal, locks the front beautiful figure with Divine Sense, on the face sneers completely. In the Ji Meixian heart that is one hates, she expensive is White Sea Daughter of Heaven, because of beautiful, if the Celestial Immortal reason, she by far be more popular than Son of Heaven, even if some big sect's Dean, saw that she must treat as an equal with her, because she might is the White Sea Sacred Realm successor, even if not be the highest being in power person, will have not the small authority. But now is actually hit the severe wound, flees like a scared rat, if makes others know that definitely will frighten a place chin, but this is also she brings upon oneself, Daughter of Heaven in good condition is improper, must provoke Shen Xiang this type day after day to dare to hold the fellow of previous several stick, moreover angered Shen Xiang. What is stupidest is her unexpectedly thinks that own beauty can make Shen Xiang kneel to lick like the dog, but has not thought that was scolded her by Shen Xiang does is traced the female monkey of buttocks, has shamed maliciously. Flies to run away all the way, Ji Meixian cannot help but remembers these she has not suffered the humiliation, not only wants to cry, but also wants to spit blood!

Lightning Dragon Punishment!” Shen Xiang and Long Xueyi's strength took away most, moreover condense in the world massive Spirit Qi changed into the terror the dragon of lightning, the bolt from the blue is common, hits to empties that Ji Meixian that flies to run away in a panic, the thunderclap will get down. This woman that clothes are very fierce, that Lightning Dragon Punishment is I and your larger part strength formation, unexpectedly has not made into the hashed meat her, is only knocked out!” Long Xueyi emotionally said. Ji Meixian is more surprised, because she is self-confident to her protecting body Immortal Cloth, but was hit paralysis in her whole body by that terror Dragon of Pi lightning a moment ago, distressed from airborne falls. She lies down in the ground, but whole body paralysis, is hard to move, Shen Xiang hey smiles, probably was the timber wolf has tarried small white rabbit such. Although Ji Meixian is very distressed now, but actually is still maintaining the celestial or angelic appearance, body that pure makings do not reduce, but weak she has a character and style. „Do you want to do? Do not come!” Ji Meixian restored strength gradually, loud voice has drunk. Shen Xiang smiled, before Liu Meng'er and Dongfang Xinyue gives his method, the seal lives in Ji Meixian strength. I know that on you have a treasure, you do not match to use it, will only spoil it, obediently gives me, I will keep a complete corpse to you.” Shen Xiang Hehe said with a smile. A moment ago, Ji Meixian has spoken such words with Shen Xiang, but has not thought that such quickly was one's turn Shen Xiang to say to her, was really the greatest satire!