World Defying Dan God - Volume 9 - Chapter 818
Run!” After Su Meiyao induces to Ji Meixian strength fluctuation, anxious shouted. Shen Xiang displays Water Escape Art immediately, runs away with the quickest speed to the nearby has the water place. Meanwhile, that just ruined small valley, erupts a brilliant sun white multi-colored sunlight, after an explosive, the massive lime soils turn into the storm, explodes to the four directions, that small valley turned into huge deep hole, this unexpectedly is the attack of Ji Meixian! Ji Meixian breaks Shen Xiang after restriction that in her body keeps, then lashes out, after her soul awakens, the strength becomes more formidable. Her float in the air, is red the jade foot, is treading void, the black hair dances in the breeze gently, the body is winding around the white multi-colored sunlight, has does not eat the world smoke and fire dust makings, Fairy that as if just descended to earth. Shen Xiang, I will certainly hold your.” Ji Meixian looks own that somewhat disorderly front piece, inside is empty, because undergarment by Shen Xiang moving, having made her cannot help but double cheek reappear ruddily, she moves a side in Heaven World, never by so humiliation. Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade...... Water Escape Art, it seems like he has practiced Divine Art of Four Symbols, if his adolescence gets up, can become a character in Heaven World, but you offended my Ji Meixian.” Ji Meixian is full of the dignified imposing manner to glow, all around space fluctuates. His Divine Art of Four Symbols does not know that is heartless old demon that two apprentices teaches, may be in Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art record.” Ji Meixian is gripping tightly the jade fist, looks at the distant place, murmured: Mortal World has evolved, Heaven World does not know will be what kind, has not thought that I will meet to have Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art and Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade person in Mortal World, this is my!” Shen Xiang climbs up the shore from a big lake, Long Xueyi's strength retreated, his whole body severe pain, all skeletons presented the fissure, now slowly is restoring, he also exhausted strength to display Water Escape Art a moment ago, otherwise was held by that woman, is a fierce battle, if he and Long Xueyi in peak condition, perhaps he did not fear, but he had consumed many strength at that time. „The woman of good terror, Sister Youyou, Sister Meiyao, what your do Master have to hate with her? unexpectedly can make her shift the hatred to you on.” Shen Xiang looks at the deep blue sky. She thinks that our Master have not died, the hearsay he cultivates Ruthless Devil Art, has courted destruction, sometimes we also think that he has not died, but afterward I discovered that the Ruthless Devil Art fearful place, thought he should die.” Bai Youyou mentioned this time, was still moved. Su Meiyao also silent moment, somewhat sadly said: She planned holds us, compelling Master to come, but we actually repeatedly run away from her hand, finally turns chases down.”

Shen Xiang long sighed: Then, is she lets turn into now this you? Did you and she fight in Mortal World?” „It is not she.” Bai Youyou has not said anything. Our personal enemies are many, harm our that women are, the strength should be bigger than Ji Meixian most flourishing time stronger, your practice has been well OK, do not think.” Su Meiyao has smiled saying with a smile. Shen Xiang has given two females Ji Meixian undergarment, this is really Ji Meixian that wraps the core component of Immortal Cloth, has strong defense strength, above also has massive abstruse spirit pattern, with Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade on is the same, is that type ancient. I have that crystal, this undergarment, she should not massacre my.” Shen Xiang has Jade Dragon Bloodline, the speed of restoring is fast, but skeleton repair time, his whole body is very painful. She exactly what happened? Does unexpectedly also reduce to Mortal World? However what can affirm, she later in the Mortal World shook wind and cloud, her spirit awareness, her cultivation technique, her practice many years of experience, has been able to make her promote quickly.” Su Meiyao sighed reluctantly that this is a Shen Xiang's big powerful enemy. „Is her old name also called Ji Meixian?” Shen Xiang asked: She is not reincarnated reincarnation probably.” Does not know that called her in Heaven World others for Jade Immortal Woman, moreover was bringing the jade mask, nobody has seen her appearance.” Su Meiyao was recalling has about Ji Meixian at the Heaven World's matter. ----- After Shen Xiang flees, Ji Meixian float in the air, looks at the Savage Chaotic Mysterious Land deep place, a delicate eyebrows wrinkle: Inside is an unclear place, that damn small animal do not die in inside, I must recapture my thing,” The White Sea Sacred Realm person came, White Sea Son of Heaven Hai Weidong, several fierce elders felt that here sound is so big, although they in distant place, but can feel a fluctuation.

„Are you all right?” The Hai Weidong surface like the jade pendant adorning a hat, the straight eyebrows slanting upwards and outwards bright item, he wears to embroider the wave trace the white clothing, in the hand is taking the white folding fan, under foot condense True Qi, is treading void, arrives at the upper air, arrives at Ji Meixian behind, although he such asked that but the sound actually appears somewhat indifferent. Cannot die!” The Ji Meixian soul awakened, restored all her memories, her sound was also very indifferent, but at this time Hai Weidong in her eyes, was the mortal ants. Ji Meixian in White Sea Sacred Realm is Daughter of Heaven, Hai Weidong is Son of Heaven, they from now on will become the White Sea Sacred Realm being in power characters, will not have the contradiction is impossible. What happened? Have you met Shen Xiang? Your hasn't unexpectedly held him?” Hai Weidong is having a taunt. Ji Meixian is angry at this time, but she restrained, she now is not formerly that White Sea Sacred Realm Daughter of Heaven Ji Meixian, but was Heaven World's Jade Immortal Woman, but the strength was very weak. Always compares hello, is chased down by Purple Gold Poisonous Python that Shen Xiang brings.” Ji Meixian ironic [say / way]. Hai Weidong were not many says anything, he truly was chased down by Purple Gold Poisonous Python very distressedly, moreover he and Qin Family Son of Heaven was chased down, although was excusable, in he opinion, was very disgraced matter. Ji Meixian and Hai Weidong follow these elders to leave this place, Ji Meixian did not raise to the matter that she and Shen Xiang fights, after all that is not the good matter, so long as she remembers, will shame the anger to be incomparable. White Sea Sacred Realm this time suffered a loss, Feng Family provoked Shen Xiang dead several fierce elders, but that was Gu Dongchen has gotten rid after all, but White Sea Sacred Realm was not only some elders is killed by Shen Xiang, their mouth-watering Fire Phoenix Purple Gold ores also by Shen Xiang copying. What most loses face, after their elders were massacred, persons head was also sewn on the city wall!

White Sea Sacred Realm wants to look for Extreme Martial Sect calculate very much, but Extreme Martial Sect has practiced Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art Huang Jintian, although said that was punished by Extreme Martial Sect, detains in forbidden land, who believes? Now world has evolved, entire world becomes stabler, Huang Jintian such master will come out not to be given suction by Heaven World, if has angered Huang Jintian, that will be the gain does not equal the loss. At this time, a more astonishing news passes on, is that side Devil World spreads, the big influence that in Devil World ranks among the best, Ancient Desolate Devil Sect unexpectedly was almost ruined by Shen Xiang. The reason is Shen Xiang kills the Ancient Desolate Devil Sect Dean son, ruins tomb of child of Ancient Desolate Devil Sect Devil God, but also kills four elders, Ancient Desolate Devil Sect chases down Shen Xiang in all directions. Finally Shen Xiang crosses Nirvana Tribulation time, brought in the Ancient Desolate Devil Sect's elite character intentionally, crossed 2000 people of peerless great tribulation. Finally, Ancient Desolate Devil Sect only then Dean and these elders live, but these elders because actually lives in peerless great tribulation, complete transcend. If the present, Ancient Desolate Devil Sect's Dean and these elders did not use transcend, this made Ancient Desolate Devil Sect very depressed. Had left Devil God's Ancient Desolate Devil Sect, since then declined, but chief criminal unexpectedly was Shen Xiang! Heard Shen Xiang this fellow unexpectedly to damage Devil World to go, the people in abundance were surprised, especially regarding crossing that unrivalled great tribulation matter was most shocking. After Duan Sanchang of tomb raider aristocratic family hears this news, cannot help but scolded: The black sheep of the family who on this day kills, can tomb of child of Devil God such ruin? Should unearth well is right, this fellow should really by Heavenly Seal!”