World Defying Dan God - Volume 9 - Chapter 819
Shen Xiang entered in Savage Chaotic Mysterious Land now, in this is hiding anything, so are why many ancient savage beast, and has massive rare treasure, this is many people are curious. By that lake, Shen Xiang was waiting for the injury restores, each time after to rely on Long Xueyi's strength, will have such matter, is getting stronger and stronger along with Long Xueyi's strength, repercussion will be more serious. Shen Xiang has used for three days, restored 80%, but the foot made him protect oneself. On this day, entire Savage Chaotic Mysterious Land has sent out a beast roar of intermittent Heaven-shaking, in Savage Chaotic Mysterious Land nearby city, must tremble by that giant loud acoustic shock. The innumerable savage beast roaring hiss sounds, as if Beast King is born general, making entire Savage Chaotic Mysterious Land cover a very depressing aura, Savage Chaotic Mysterious Land all around city, is flustered, was worried that inside will flush massive savage beast. However the sound has continued a double-hour, afterward the ancient influence sends, prepares to enter in Savage Chaotic Mysterious Land, because some hearsay said that Savage Chaotic Mysterious Land inside has divine beast tomb. Savage Chaotic Mysterious Land was Mysterious Realm, the hearsay said that was divine beast opens, lived the innumerable years in, but actually still could not fight the years finally, passed away in inside, but beast roar that today sends, was that divine beast memory. Naturally, fellow who spreads this news, naturally is Duan Sanchang of tomb raider aristocratic family puts, thing also big piles that he said that something when is he observes Savage Chaotic Mysterious Land discovers, can make him infer in this to have fierce divine beast, but divine beast died finally. Shen Xiang does not certainly know such matter, but Long Xueyi actually listens to savage beast to call out in grief from these beast roars, seems mourning their King. In Mysterious Realm has divine beast, such matter Shen Xiang has also met, in White Tiger Mysterious Realm has the reincarnation of White Tiger, strength Shen Xiang is not how clear, but Shen Xiang can win the suppressed strength White Tiger. Has roared continuously a double-hour, how was this?” Some Shen Xiang hearts startled, because in a moment ago, that giant lake, emitted a huge golden ox head, such as a mountain hugeness, raises head to is making sky loud voice moo call.

This Savage Chaotic Mysterious Land was too inconceivable, unexpectedly has Heavenly Sea Golden Bull this type of thing!” Su Meiyao emotionally said, they do not dare to breathe heavily air/Qi a moment ago, worry by that incomparably huge Golden Bull discovery. Shen Xiang asked astonished: What strength is the fellow?” Looks at such physique, at least is not Human World should have the strength that do not go to provoke, this fellow is very docile.” Su Meiyao said: „But where is here? Can hear many ancient times strange beast from these beast roars a moment ago, was formidable.” Cursed Land!” Long Xueyi murmured, she has turned out anything from the inheritance memory probably: Legend has a place, seal some strange beast, so long as in this, no matter is formidable, cannot melt the turn into a human shape, will have by the seal on this lands.” Savage Chaotic Mysterious Land is Mysterious Realm, but now because of the world change, this Mysterious Realm and Mortal World fuses together, exposed! Then said in this very danger(ous)?” Shen Xiang does not know that now he in the Savage Chaotic Mysterious Land anything position, is worried to provoke some fierce strange beast. Naturally danger(ous), if luck is good, can find some precious strange flowers different grass, Immortal Level and Sacred Level possibly has, but these herbs definitely were being protected by fierce ancient times strange beast.” Long Xueyi said. Can have Purple Gold Poisonous Python this type of thing to exist including the place of edge, are the deep place more fierce strange beast? Why here meeting seal these many strange beast?” Shen Xiang is very discrete, turns into one to spend the butterfly, flies into a forest. This was very ancient matter, even if were the record of Imperial Dragon Clan are not many, but spoke of this crowd of strange beast, because angered Heavenly God anything, then by the seal in a place, here was called Cursed Land, concrete I do not know.” Long Xueyi said.

----- Shen Xiang is just about to be far away from the deep place, but actually one group of people not awfully runs toward inside, the beforehand beast roar makes them curious, their some people can distinguish some strange beast strengths from the beast roar, generally, has rare treasure strange beast to be powerful, moreover in the hearsay in also has the divine beast remains. To forefront is these Heavenspan Family with Sacred Realm, they are the inheritance remote influences, probably knows that this inside has anything to be the same, slaughters all the way, stopping their strange beast kills entirely. Heavenspan Family and Sacred Realm Big Shot sent out most probably, if Teleportation Formation is convenient at this time, perhaps the person will be more, but now only then these can arrange the ancient Teleportation Formation influence to be able first to arrive fast. Gathers at Savage Chaotic Mysterious Land all around person, seeing several big influences to clash toward, great war, knows that in definitely has fierce treasure! To, inside has the divine beast remains, obtains a scrap bone, can build immortal tool, the priceless, formidable strange beast remains may not count.” Duan Sanchang is shouting, then mixes in crowd, goes forward, while is examining all around topography. At this moment, front Heavenspan Family and Sacred Realm suddenly stopped, their unexpectedly all turns head to look at the rear sky. Feng Family old man angrily said: „The Duan Family person, your unexpectedly got rid of the seal, do you do?” Hears Duan Family, the ancient influence person changes color all, this was one makes the person unusual headache the influence, the strength not say, but also has a fierce tomb raider ability, dug these big influences specially the Old Ancestor graves, regardless in Human World or Heaven World, were many ancient influence most hates. Naturally, the Duan Family person few and others conflict directly, is comes darkly . Moreover the time of escaping first-class, if has annoyed Duan Family, waits for ancestral tomb to be curled upwards.

These big influences do not know own ancestor's grave where, but Duan Family can actually find, they dug secretly, may dig to show off each time. Why we cannot come, this Savage Chaotic Mysterious Land is your Feng Family? However we already heard, the world all are your Feng Family, a while ago you did not say little rascal divine art and Immortal Blade are your?” Duan Family tall and thin middle-aged happily said with a smile: Heard that you were also killed afterward several people by this little rascal, Feng Family unexpectedly declined this!” Many people do not know Duan Family, but Heavenspan Family most understood that Heavenspan Family braved recently, they through demonstration strong strength, but being well-known entire world, even if that side Demon Territory and Devil Territory very dreaded. But most understands Heavenspan Family and Sacred Realm, when is Duan Family, Duan Family grasps cultivation technique that many these ancient influence are lost, to these ancient influence knowing things like the back of one's hand, this is most fearful. Section three, come, you go in this group of people, have at death's door one.” That tall and thin middle age was saying to crowd in Duan Sanchang. Duan Sanchang curled the lip, soars, enters in Duan Family that ten people of squad.