World Defying Dan God - Volume 9 - Chapter 820
The people complexion is ugly, the Duan Family person has not actually entered Savage Chaotic Mysterious Land, but is far away from this place. Heavenspan Family and these Sacred Realm know certainly that Duan Family has the way very much, but they win to inside divine beast remains, they must go. After the Duan Family person walked, these big influences attack to kill once more, but formidable strange beast that at this time clashes are getting more and more, the crowd of following on the heels was affected. Purple, is similar to hill big hedgehog suddenly get lost, a roller, has assassinated many people, moreover spouts many purple poisonous Qi, what is desperate, such hedgehog are many, has emitted all of a sudden over a hundred, but these big influences are also unable to defend oneself at this time, their expert must collaborate to cope with some savage strange beast. In the sky, one crowd of whole bodies burn the great hawk suddenly dive of raging fire to come, the hawk eats delicacies the tearing vault of heaven, the flutter wing at the same time, the innumerable hot feathers fall, such as the arrow common thorn to the ground, is similar to the sudden downpour lowers generally, is only instantaneous, over a thousand hominizations become the ashes. After Duan Family just walked the less than half double-hour, had large-scale strange beast to counter-attack, the people lamented, if before , left with that mysterious Duan Family, perhaps will not be surrounded by the group beast! Withdraw!” Feng Family elder shouted, his arm also at this time, by motion swift and violent Fire Ape ripping. Comes, tens of thousands people, but has not stormed into the deep place, died most probably, to finally only then more than 7000 people can live coming back. This has in situation of ancient influence opening, at this time the people in several cities were discussing this matter, guessed that in had any treasure, unexpectedly had these many strange beast to maintain hand in hand. In a hotel, Duan Family person above drinks, while looks at the person who these severe wounds turn over. This group of idiots, such big weaponry goes, does not alarm these barbaric strange beast to be strange, if we, will disperse surely, the concealment aura, does not have the strange beast place to enter from several, then converges.” The Duan Family person taunted.

Heavenspan Family and Sacred Realm send out these many people all of a sudden, where it seems like in their old books recorded that is, knows that what thing in that had, but this crowd of idiot unexpectedly were so arrogant, thinks their this can break through strange beast instead defended?” Was too naive, is only the first layer defense, they killed these many people.” Duan Family person discuss spiritedly, is taunting. ----- Shen Xiang has not known now outside already rivers of blood, his leisurely is flying in inside, although meets several fierce strange beast all the way, but he had not been discovered that also had not been attacked. Wait / Etc., you should not exit now, in this definitely is hiding any thing.” Long Xueyi suddenly said: Some things I could not think, although there is a memory inheritance, but was not profound, in brief this inside had very important thing.” In impression, this inside should have a grave, does not know that is whose grave, but these strange beast guards this grave, has not arrived at a period of time, but ten thousand beast simultaneously roar, should be offering sacrifice of this tomb owner a moment ago.” Shen Xiang some do not want: „Are you make me enter that grave to have a look? This is very danger(ous).” Came, don't you want to go to have a look? Has me, will not have the matter.” Long Xueyi said with a smile: Goes to have a look.” Shen Xiang also wants to have a look is that person of high skill dies in this, unexpectedly can have these many fierce strange beast to defend the grave.

Good, if there is anything not to be right, you must tell me.” Shen Xiang curls the lip saying: Where now I have not known that grave!” Flies the upper air to have a look!” Long Xueyi thinks that said: I think here strange beast because of that tomb owner by the seal here, but these strange beast do not have any blame.” Was right, you can see how long these strange beast did live? Why the fiercest tomb owners died, these strange beast have not actually died.” Shen Xiang said. Should live was very long, but their deep sleep very long a period of time, might be because Mortal World evolved has awakened their.” Long Xueyi said. Shen Xiang flies in the upper air, sees a direction the distant place, has a big piece of big mountain, the shape of each mountain is the same, a little looks like lies in the lion of ground. These giant mountains, regardless of size or shape, are exactly the same, each mountain is planting some tall old trees. These green mountain are really many, each so is big, the distance of gap is also the same, rough estimate, at least has tens of thousands!” The Long Xueyi's words in a big way frightened Shen Xiang one to jump. This lion green mountain, explained very much obviously here tomb owner is a lion, his grave to cover their ears and eyes, unexpectedly has established tens of thousands exactly the same, this is a very vast project! dragon brat, you can tell me, is that mountain the genuine grave?” Shen Xiang asked. How do I know?” Long Xueyi is also the headache, but she believes that tomb owner is very fierce, definitely many good things to be buried along with the dead.

Perhaps here Heaven and Earth Treasure, is his funeral object, first approached these Lion Mountain to say again.” Long Xueyi said. Shen Xiang turns into the bird, the low-altitude flying, flies to that Lion Mountain group, he sees many contour strange huge strange beast all the way, there are same as the wild animal, but the build is much bigger, but the strength is uncommon. So many type different strange beast together, their unexpectedly has not attacked mutually, instead in absorption world Spirit Qi, is practicing, looks at Shen Xiang to be startled. dragon brat, in Heaven World, or was since time immemorial Legend, what fierce lion Demon Beast there is?” Shen Xiang asked. No.” Long Xueyi responded immediately: Some matters were very difficult saying that that ancient spirit pattern that these Heavenspan Family grasped, our Imperial Dragon Clan had very little and very few, but Heavenspan Family definitely grasped!” Perhaps Human, Devil and Demon three realms in this Mortal World, long ago was a whole, might is very powerful Great World, has very ancient history, because afterward not the well-known reason was divided into world, strength was dispersed, moreover was destroyed civilized.” Long Xueyi's did not guess the Tyrannical principle, because after all world and continent merged, Mysterious Realm exposed of these hideaways came out, mysterious Heavenspan Family and Sacred Realm also all came out. You said that here tomb owner is that time expert?” Shen Xiang suddenly has thought of the lots, especially four Four Beast's Divine Weapons and that mysterious road to earth core. Has the possibility, I thought that this world possibly once was a higher world, like Heaven World that type, but afterward had the great change, because here civilization be remote than our Imperial Dragon Clan.” Long Xueyi speculates to say.