World Defying Dan God - Volume 9 - Chapter 821
Now also can only speculate, these ancient magic treasure that what we definitely know is that Heavenspan Family grasps be remote than Imperial Dragon Clan, even was that civilization vanished very long time, Imperial Dragon Clan appeared. Shen Xiang arrives at outside that crowd of Lion Mountain finally, has person of high stele there, above writes four characters, but Shen Xiang actually cannot understand, because that is very remote ancient character! On stele inscribes many spirit pattern, these spirit pattern with Heavenspan Family these magic treasure on is the same, Long Xueyi had also said their Imperial Dragon Clan is only grasping little this ancient spirit pattern. Because stele has these spirit pattern, will not vanish during the endless years. stele is passing a very plain aura, as if experienced for several million years to be the same. What character are these four characters?” Shen Xiang asked several Long Xueyi, but Long Xueyi had not replied that obviously is turning her inheritance to remember. I only recognize two characters.” The memory in the Long Xueyi mind inheriting vast like sea, even though her Divine Sense is formidable, needs a period of time to turn, moreover does not seek comprehensively. First is ten character, last is mountain character.” Long Xueyi said. hundred thousand Lion Mountain?” Shen Xiang acts according to these two characters to associate immediately. Who knows? Also may be Immortal Mountain, Devil Mountain and Sacred Mountain, or is 1 billion......” Shen Xiang flies the upper air, takes a broad view to look, is rows of neat huge azure Lion Mountain, is the innumerable lions crawls likely in the ground, seems shocks. Limitless Lion Mountains constitutes the limitless mountain sea, the Shen Xiang's eyesight is very good, but he actually cannot see these Lion Mountain end, even if there is a hundred thousand place he not to think strange.

Each Lion Mountain is sending out very rich Spirit Qi, therefore in the Lion Mountain group is a here Spirit Qi richest region, but Shen Xiang has not actually seen huge strange beast in this. Perhaps that brat surnamed Duan possibly knows how to find that grave from this innumerable Lion Mountain.” Long Xueyi said. Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou were also discussing, but cannot discuss that a reason why came, they also thought at this time Long Xueyi said possibly real, perhaps this so-called Mortal World, has the 1st Stage unknown Heaven-shaking history! Long Xueyi displays Nine Heavens Mental Exploration, inquires about these Lion Mountain, Shen Xiang turns into the bird, stands Jing Jing (quietly) is waiting on stele, he does not dare to change the turn into a human shape, he will be worried about to be besieged by innumerable strange beast. ----- Outside Savage Chaotic Mysterious Land, originally only then south sending out of two Heavenspan Family and two Sacred Realm, but now eastern part, west and north and middle came, their Daughter of Heaven and Son of Heaven have not come, is one crowd of strength powerful old fellow. But before attacked has killed these big influences, still has not given up, set out old fellow that many have year to year closed up. old fellow of Immortal rank came out finally, looked possible!” Duan Family old man happily said with a smile. Come comes, but Devil Territory and Demon Territory hasn't come? Must know the beforehand monster and beast, but of the same clan, now should also to conform, the words that the monster and beast collaborate, Human Territory can only unite with Devil Territory.” A Duan Family middle age said. Heavenspan Family and Sacred Realm set out these to be able transcend Heaven World's old fellow, before they were worried about to be received by Heaven World, therefore hid in Mysterious Realm, but the world has evolved now, they can come out finally.

Like their this ranks, almost can walk sideways, but this makes the person believe that the Savage Chaotic Mysterious Land deep place definitely has very precious thing! In Green Peak City, presented two is very the dazzling character, one was Gu Dongchen, another was to let Gu Dongchen timid yellow-haired old man. Huang Jintian this old lunatic unexpectedly came out, but also arrives at this Green Peak City, this is big fiend! His apprentice making to be barely alive Ancient Desolate Devil Sect, this old lunatic was sealed for over ten thousand years, but also is so energetic, does he want to do?” Some old man said panic-stricken. The Huang Jintian's prestige is not blows, before the world has not fused, his name passed on, and has fought with Heavenspan Family! This time Huang Jintian, although does not have the magnificent attire, but he puts on very neatly, the hair has also combed, seems full of energy, is vital, but his aura has not sent out. Feng Family and White Sea Sacred Realm old dog, get lost to the father, your unexpectedly dares to my apprentice fight, I to be asks for the explanation again and again. I told you, if my apprentice had any accident, my Huang Jintian will certainly let your nonsense Heavenspan Family and Sacred Realm dies without a heir completely!” Huang Jintian stands in Green Peak City plaza, roaring. „Haven't you wanted Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art? Has to plant to ask me to want, what bullies my apprentice child is?” The entire city was covered by the Huang Jintian's roaring sound, the people are all startled, after Huang Jintian this old lunatic comes out, really will not be tranquil. Some people hastily left Green Peak City, this old fellow hits, is destroying the Heavens and exterminating the Earth, overwhelming, such a city, did not resist. Huang Jintian comes really quickly, evidently Feng Family and White Sea Sacred Realm had to trouble, who made them go to others' apprentice!” Duan Family old man said with a smile.

We leave, so as to avoid thing great war was affected.” A middle age proposed. Good, the time was similar, we should enter Savage Chaotic Mysterious Land to have a look, is the same with Legend.” That old man nodded. The Huang Jintian practice has Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art, hid in Mysterious Realm many years, vigorous Dragon Force was immeasurably deep, must know that now cultivates the Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art person not to be many, can known only then three, was the Huang Jintian master and apprentice three people, but the Shen Xiang strength was weakest, goal that was easiest to capture, therefore wants to obtain the Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art words, will have the Shen Xiang's idea. Green Peak City is only the short moment, turned into an empty city, only then in plaza has minority several expert. Feng Family and White Sea Sacred Realm Immortal came, Feng Family white hair old man indifferently said: This was grievances of junior, Huang Jintian you also makes a fuss over a trifling matter, the matter of junior, they liked being how what kind, our elders should not inquire about are right!” Huang Jintian said with a sneer: I make my apprentice kill off your juniors, won't you get rid? You best manage well your little rascal, don't, because keeps thinking about his blade and divine art finds the excuse to his fight, otherwise I let my Extreme Martial Sect's junior, extinguished your little bastards completely!” White Sea Sacred Realm Immortal is an old woman, her whole face wrinkle, seems a palm of the hand can make her enter the coffin to be the same, at this time she is angry. Snort, I know certainly, your apprentice not only has robbed our White Sea Sacred Realm Fire Phoenix Purple Gold, many elders and young disciple are missing, I think that should die!” White Sea Sacred Realm old woman angrily said. Fart, won't you to his fight, he get rid to you first? That what Fire Phoenix Purple Gold that you said that why saying that is your White Sea Sacred Realm? These Fire Phoenix Purple Gold live for your White Sea Sacred Realm, did Fire Phoenix Purple Gold form to iron your White Sea Sacred Realm name? This type of thing is the world lives, who has the skill to attain is whose.” Huang Jintian lu has the sleeve, is prepares to go all out evidently.