World Defying Dan God - Volume 9 - Chapter 822
Outside Green Peak City, the people are far away from the city wall, stands on some mountains, waits and sees in plaza these old man to confront, if hits, they will witness these unusual expert great war fortunately. Huang Jintian, after your apprentice wins Fire Phoenix Purple Gold, made a getaway, your Extreme Martial Sect has occupied big convenient, are you what kind of? Others fear your Extreme Martial Sect, my White Sea Sacred Realm did not fear!” White Sea Sacred Realm old woman gloomy and cold said that whole body is pasting vastly such as the aura of sea, her eye profound like sea, at this time she got angry. Huang Jintian said with a sneer: I restlessed for serveral days, I know that this brat has had an accident, I used Heaven's Divination Technique to push to spread out, where did not know him, moreover unknown whereabouts, certainly was the hand under your White Sea Sacred Realm.” His that angry sound biography goes out of town outside, although the people do not know that Heaven's Divination Technique is anything, but thought that this is definitely uncommon. Heaven's Divination Technique! Only then these Heavenspan Family know that this fierce, they have not thought that some taboo secret technique unexpectedly people of this being lost will learn. After White Sea Sacred Realm and Feng Family Immortal hears, the complexion big change, cannot help but retreat one step, this Heaven's Divination Technique they understand not many, only knows that will be one type can the sensation in the future danger(ous) secret technique, meanwhile can urge to send out very strong strength. He entered Savage Chaotic Mysterious Land, where you push certainly unable to spread out him, where Savage Chaotic Mysterious Land is, Senior you should be very clear.” The gentle nimble and resourceful sound conveys together, speech person unexpectedly is White Sea Sacred Realm Daughter of Heaven, Ji Meixian! She grazes from the distant place, the snow clothes flutters, sends a light dance, such as the fallen leaf floating falls, the light dust is refined, the celestial or angelic appearance is elegant, such as in picture Fairy, beautiful moving. The Ji Meixian status is mystical, comes Zitian, but cultivation base completely loses, from cultivated newly. Huang Jintian frowned immediately, although Savage Chaotic Mysterious Land this name recently gets up, but he knew that regional representative anything.

„Did you personally see that brat to run?” Huang Jintian is watching intently Ji Meixian. In Ji Meixian heart slightly one startled, she has not thought that the Huang Jintian's strength imagine compared with her formidable, she once was Heaven World's strong side, afterward had something, causing her to fall Mortal World. The soul deep sleep, afterward joined White Sea Sacred Realm, knows some antique secrets. Right, I and he meet by chance outside Savage Chaotic Mysterious Land, I want to advise against him to enter Savage Chaotic Mysterious Land, but he actually acts willfully.” Ji Meixian sighed one intentionally lightly. Although she has not seen Shen Xiang to enter Savage Chaotic Mysterious Land, but she actually guesses that obtained Shen Xiang to go in Water Escape Art. Huang Jintian sneers: „Do you and he meet by chance? Hasn't had the conflict? Haven't you gotten rid to rob his Immortal Blade and divine art?” No!” The Ji Meixian look does not have the mighty waves, should say lightly. Huang Jintian narrows the eye, false smile tunnel: That arrives is also, if you and he have the conflict, definitely cannot stand here, but if you and he fight have also been able to live coming back, ate surely has owed much!” In the Ji Meixian heart jumps, is getting angry secretly, she truly ate in Shen Xiang there has owed much, her storage ring was taken away by Shen Xiang, but also had been tarnished the luster of the skin by Shen Xiang. Your these Heavenspan Family and Sacred Realm provoke that brat words again, the consequence you undertake. Naturally, the matter of junior along with them, words that but your old fellow get rid, I will not be aloof, does not believe you to give a try freely!” Huang Jintian leaves the ruthless words, wields the sleeve to emit together light glow, tearing is void, bringing Gu Dongchen to leave.

After returning to Extreme Martial Sect, Gu Dongchen asked: Master Ancestor, what place is Savage Chaotic Mysterious Land? Don't we need to go to look Young Martial Uncle?” Does not use, even if I went in am also hard to find that brat, but he could not die in inside! In that is a very danger(ous) place, even if your I goes, meets some fierce things, must die in inside, but that brat cannot!” Huang Jintian expression seriously said, but on the face still completely worried: Your this chapter of Ancient Spirit Clan had a look, Extreme Martial Sect gives me. Has me, Demon and Devil World these fellows come many me to make them die many!” ----- The Green Peak City people were loose a big tone, person who especially has the store in, feels to rejoice, if Huang Jintian they hit, the entire city definitely will ruin. This old lunatic grasps to have shatter space fierce magic treasure, was only casual all of a sudden, opened Space Gate.” The Duan Family person sees after the distant place, exclaimed in surprise that is envying. unexpectedly has not hit, but the words come back, Huang Jintian this old lunatic does not dare to enter Savage Chaotic Mysterious Land, it seems like he knows the lots! If he grasped Heaven's Divination Technique, has the possibility very much he is Undead clan.” A old man face that Duan Family that leads thinks deeply. Undead clan! After Duan Family other people hear, is very shocking, Undead clan has the infinite life, is one type is very easy to encounter the Heavenly Seal fellow, but displays Heaven's Divination Technique to want the die sooner die sooner, but the Undead clan person displays, folds many longevity not to fear. Walks, we cannot go in Heavenspan Family, will go in them will be only more unfortunate than fortunate.” The Duan Family person starts first, walks in the forefront, afterward these Heavenspan Family and Sacred Realm expert also starts to start off, majority of lead will be some life essence old man completely.

Shen Xiang on that Lion Mountain group front stele, he has not known that at this time the old lunatic came out to take a walk, moreover for him. „Did dragon brat, how explore?” Shen Xiang asked that he asked many times. These Lion Mountain are really many, the hundred thousand place definitely had, moreover does not have the boundary, each place is the same, but in some Lion Mountain has some aura, was the seal has some ancient times strange beast such likely.” Long Xueyi said that the sound is full of the shock, this mysterious Lion Mountain appear here Mortal World, letting her immediately, because this strength is also rarely seen in Heaven World. This makes her jump over the month to think, before for a long time is very very long, this Mortal World perhaps was once is a prosperity, the strength strong higher world, but afterward had the accident, became so the appearance. What danger(ous) if goes will have?” What Shen Xiang most is worried is this, only then goes to have a look personally, where can find that grave. Does not know that I am only Divine Sense go, but you have Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor, should not be killed.” Long Xueyi said: Arrived here, went to have a look, will not die in any case, I was very curious to that grave.” Shen Xiang clenched teeth, changes the human form, enters behind stele that lands, toward being away from his recent that Lion Mountain walks.