World Defying Dan God - Volume 9 - Chapter 823
Changes in Shen Xiang the human form instant, in these mountain forest suddenly spreads an intermittent low and deep beast roar, hears appallingly, is startled Shen Xiang forward to run swiftly immediately. These strange beast do not dare to cross that stele probably, you should be safe now.” Long Xueyi relaxed, she wants with these different ** class, but feared that alarms these strange beast. But at this time, she releases Divine Sense, wants to have a look to be able with these strange beast to communicate, what makes her disappointed is, these strange beast become angrier, she does not know why this is. Entered in the Lion Mountain group, Shen Xiang feels innumerable swift and fierce murderous aura to pass on immediately from the Lion Mountain group, this made him anchor the footsteps. Good terror, how I to think that this each Lion Mountain likely is the murderous-looking devil!” The Shen Xiang whole face with amazement, after especially he approaches Lion Mountain, thought that mountain is lives likely, is releasing the intense pressure unceasingly, lets him such as defeated/carrying ten thousand jin (0.5 kg) great mountains, every step is difficult. This place is really terrorist, it seems like that this Danger Zone is Danger Zone most danger(ous) one that you meet.” The Long Xueyi sound is vigilant. Let Shen Xiang think what is strange, although the ground full is the soil, but is firm, even though he every step is very serious, but has not actually left very deep footprint in the ground. His squatting down body, pushes aside the soil of ground with the hand, digs to five cuns (2.5cm) deep time probably, suddenly discovers some azure stone brick. After having the big discovery, he widens the range to dig, quick, he determines under these soils is such azure stone brick, but on these azure stone brick some complex spirit pattern, he naturally cannot understand, although he was also Formation Grandmaster, but these spirit pattern were actually he does not know. However he can see from these traces, these spirit pattern with Heavenspan Family these ancient magic treasure on is the same! These stone brick had very long time, unexpectedly still existed, obviously these spirit pattern fierce!” Long Xueyi exclaims: These Limitless Lion Mountains below, should not be these stone brick!” Shen Xiang continues to walk forward, the trend is away from his recent that Lion Mountain, he knows that in these huge Lion Mountain, definitely also has anything, above these trees and outside are wrapping perhaps the soil, conceals.

Every one step is difficult, even if were he has used strength of whole body, walked very difficultly, when he was away from Lion Mountain also had ten zhang (3.33 m), his suddenly glittering has light glow! This is...... space power, I touched Teleportation Formation......” Shen Xiang just saying that at present dodges. After he has opened the eye, then sees a big piece of prairie, lets him is very familiar, his unexpectedly arrived at Savage Chaotic Mysterious Land outside, at this time he in upper air. Duan Sanchang as before, messy appearance, puts on somewhat simply, the whole face beard, he is holding in the mouth a grass, follows in the Duan Family elders behind, to walk, suddenly saw airborne to fall down a person. This fellow...... Probably looks familiar very much!” Duan Sanchang stares the big eye, saw clearly the Shen Xiang's face, in the mouth was holding in the mouth the grass fell immediately. Was bastard who this day killed the grave of child of Devil God destroying, I must punch him.” Duan Sanchang murmured. The Duan Family elder also discovered that above is having a person to fall, that was just Shen Xiang that comes out from inside, he did not touch Teleportation Formation carefully. Shen Xiang.” Duan Sanchang yelled. Shen Xiang immediately revolution strength, making oneself float, then lands on the ground slowly. Chang Zi, how can you here?” Shen Xiang happily said with a smile. Do not forget but initially I formed a team saying that must come Savage Chaotic Mysterious Land, now I naturally must go.” Duan Sanchang walks, twists his front piece: Bastard, you grave of child of Devil God ruining?”

The Duan Family elders are the color of whole face difference, in the heart secretly are being at this time also a pity, they were see Shen Xiang, Duan Sanchang to become friends with this friend today, they were very happy. Has not ruined completely, you want to dig inside thing, a bit faster lets loose me.” Shen Xiang laughs. Really, Duan Sanchang has let loose Shen Xiang immediately, moreover was introducing his Duan Family elders, is these old Tomb Raider. old man named Duan Kong that Duan Family that leads, is Duan Family Patriarch, the Duan Sanchang grand-uncle, is long middle-aged named Duan Anyu that with Duan Sanchang quite looks like, is the Duan Sanchang father. Shen Xiang knew from the Duan Family population that Huang Jintian unexpectedly came out to look for him, this let his accident but actually, afterward knew these big influences attacked Savage Chaotic Mysterious Land, but the final casualty was serious, now carries on the second round attack, but also has sent out these Immortal. Little Friend Shen, you were just came out from inside?” Duan Kong asked. Um, I saw in inside many Lion Mountain......” Shen Xiang said in inside experience him, but after the Duan Family person hears, is wild with joy. The Duan Family person has not continued to go forward, but sits on the prairie, listening to Shen Xiang to narrate inside matter. Shen Xiang, you write on that stele four ancient character, perhaps we recognize, with is the same, inside that you said that has a very fierce grave, will wait for us to tell you.” Duan Sanchang asked excitedly, at this time the grave of child of that ancient desolate Devil God had forgotten by him. The Shen Xiang's memory was extremely good, has taken a paper, described above. What meaning are these four characters?” Shen Xiang asked that Long Xueyi only knew two characters.

Ten Heavenly Saint mountains!” Duan Kong took a deep breath, on shameless full is excited, he is taking the expert of that paper, shivers. Shen Xiang thinks is hundred thousand Lion Mountain, or ten hundred million Lion Mountain, but is actually not, but is any ten Heavenly Saint mountains! What is this?” Shen Xiang does not understand, but Duan Family person each is excited, obviously their very clear what is this. Legend Heaven World has the 9th level day, but is actually not, ten days, but afterward does not know that had any time, causing 10th-layer Heaven to vanish, this tenth day was also the most ancient world.” Duan Kong answered. Shen Xiang understood immediately, this and such of Long Xueyi guess, in that is really a very ancient place! Then said the Mortal World that we are is tenth day?” Shen Xiang with amazement. „It is not clear, our ancestors leave our things are not many, but if digs many ancient influence graves, perhaps we can know more matters, but understands that phase of history to by the scourge, therefore our Duan Family for many years had been sealed many times.” Duan Kong sighed: „But for the real history can surface, our Duan Family will certainly carry through to the end tomb raider!” Shen Xiang curled the lip secretly, the reason that this robs a grave was really too formidable, letting the person is unable to refute. Whose grave in these Lion Mountain groups is? Why is Lion Mountain? These strange beast what's the matter? Arrives at that strength not to melt the turn into a human shape.” Shen Xiang also asked.