World Defying Dan God - Volume 9 - Chapter 824
The Duan Family people look at Shen Xiang with the strange look, they remember now, a Shen Xiang person can intrude to that place, but also is really a miracle, his unexpectedly also knows that these strange beast arrived at that Realm, moreover dares to run all over the place in inside! Legend is the Great Emperor of Ten Heavens grave, he is Great Emperor between world at that time, unified many races, but he is not humanity, but is a very ordinary lion, he it can be said that matures slowly, he is when several life essence completely will break through, then kills the four directions greatly, puts down all hindrance world unified hindrance, becomes Great Emperor of Ten Heavens.” Duan Kong said. Long Xueyi's Imperial Dragon Clan appears in the Great Emperor of Ten Heavens die later many years, therefore they did not understand that this phase of history is also very normal, but these Heavenspan Family and Sacred Realm know that on this lands, these ancient aristocratic families has the related record. Various unified world clans, become Great Emperor of Ten Heavens, heard makes people feel to admire, can this need what strength achieve? Afterward he could not fight time, finally was buried in ten Heavenly Saint mountains, that was ten days of above saints collaborated for a tomb that he constructed at that time, danger(ous) that was definitely has, but if walked to satisfy the need, can enter the Great Emperor of Ten Heavens tomb chamber.” Duan Kong eyes glittering, he cannot determine that they can arrive there smoothly. Inside strange beast has that long undying, should be the deep sleep many years, now regained consciousness, after Great Emperor of Ten Heavens dies, definitely also had many important matters, causes for ten days to be defeated and dispersed, turns into innumerable Mortal World, shape turn into a human demon monster three realms, hundred thousand year three realms great war, kills one another, uttery misery life.” Shen Xiang does not want to go in now, he knows where that is, and has gone , if no absolute strength, definitely will die in inside. Section three, had determined now that inside is the Great Emperor of Ten Heavens grave, do not go, if our these old fellow cannot come out, but also needs some people to inherit Duan Family [lineage/vein].” Duan Kong has patted the shoulder of Duan Sanchang, then the Duan Family elders are treading the serious step very much, walks into Savage Chaotic Mysterious Land. Duan Sanchang has been used to such matter probably, when these old fellow look for these danger(ous) graves each time, was says to their these Duan Family young people. Brother Shen, where you told me the grave of child of Devil God, my present is much itchier.” Duan Sanchang said with a smile, was not worried about the person of their family, a face mindless appearance. I did not accompany you to go, that place I do not want to go to the second time...... Shen Xiang saying that Ancient Desolate Forbidden Area matter again, urged Duan Sanchang to be careful that Blackwater Poisonous Lake specially. After Duan Sanchang knows the Ancient Desolate Devil Sect's tomb, ran away like the rabbit, the grateful words did not say.

A Shen Xiang person walks on prairie, although he has not sought for spirit herb in Savage Chaotic Mysterious Land, but has the harvest, that Fire Phoenix Purple Gold is very precious. In Green Peak City, was discussing Savage Chaotic Mysterious Land inside matter in all directions, some about inside secret, only then these ancient influence know that Shen Xiang did not plan saying that person who otherwise that will kill many curious grieving absolutely. Shen Xiang is changes the appearance has entered a city, before his Master, almost must ruin this city, now also many people mention him to come, he does not dare to be negligent. He and Duan Sanchang, he will come back from Devil World here, Duan Sanchang also had the method of space transmission probably, said that will be quick. He has rented behind an inn dwelling, he plans to study that divine book inside spirit pattern and formation, that divine book is also very ancient thing, hides in Immemorial Sacred Land, he wants unifies together through these spirit pattern and pills, making pills more formidable. Just cleaned good room in him, the entrance to present white clothing Ruxue, the light dust refined beautiful female, her such as Li of jade accommodates, full is the cold frost. Shen Xiang, has not thought that you can live coming out.” Ji Meixian has strong spirit awareness, Shen Xiang enters a city she to induce. Shen Xiang has not thought temporarily the means shunt this Ji Meixian strange spirit awareness, otherwise in the past Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou will not be chased down by her for a long time. I just spread the good bed you to come, you will choose the time.” Shen Xiang ambiguous said with a smile, was not anxious, in his hand had this Jade Immortal Woman handle. You......” Ji Meixian remember Shen Xiang on the same day in the situation on her pawing, wishes one could that by Shen Xiang has traced the flesh shearing oneself on, naturally she wants to cut Shen Xiang's and dig out Shen Xiang's eye. You must warm the bed not to be unqualified to me, but if you wash foot to wash well, perhaps has the opportunity promotion.” Shen Xiang said grinningly, leaving no ground taunted this to keep aloof Daughter of Heaven that.

Ji Meixian good and bad in the Heaven World shook wind and cloud, at this time she has become especially calm. Gives back to me the thing, we write off.” Ji Meixian stared Shen Xiang one wickedly, said. Shen Xiang took away her Immortal Cloth part, moreover undergarment, that is very important part. What writes off? I have not owed you anything, you initially to me first fight, I just conveniently took away a thing in counterattack actually.” Shen Xiang is holding the chest, smiling said. Snort!” In the Ji Meixian heart the indignation, Shen Xiang may not only take away a thing, but also tarnished her luster of the skin with that image crystal record under at that time the picture, if spreads to exit, her fame and integrity was ruins thoroughly. Shen Xiang shakes the head sighs: Your that undergarment had been lost by me, you should also know that I ran away at that time in Savage Chaotic Mysterious Land, I and fierce different ** the hand, your undergarment has rescued my life finally.” Where did you fall?” A Ji Meixian delicate eyebrows vertical stroke, loses one's voice to ask, a face anxious color, the complexion also becomes somewhat ugly. Falls outside one crowd of lion shapes mountain, in Savage Chaotic Mysterious Land is very terrifying, inside many that Lion Mountain, I must approach Lion Mountain time, by a troop strange beast attack, I was lost to resist your undergarment at that time, I took advantage that this runs toward Lion Mountain, afterward probably touched Teleportation Formation, finally I came out safely.” Shen Xiang said that he deceives certainly Ji Meixian, he to let Ji Meixian died that heart. After Ji Meixian hears, the tender body trembles, has almost not come to a stop. She is Sacred Realm Daughter of Heaven, is Heaven World's expert, naturally knows that Savage Chaotic Mysterious Land inside these Lion Mountain are the Great Emperor of Ten Heavens graves. Young bastard, your unexpectedly can rush to that place, I must kill you!” Ji Meixian is driven beyond the limits of forbearance, has hit toward a Shen Xiang palm of the hand, speed very rapidness of getting rid, moreover including bringing very strong strength, that strength unexpectedly is not White Sea Sacred Realm vast sea True Qi! Shen Xiang early has the protection luckily, has hidden, otherwise the tooth will fall several by the fan ironclad.

Other life Qi/angry, you have killed me, you forever could not retrieve your undergarment, only then I remember where that was, when our strength sufficed to go in again, can definitely find!” Shen Xiang said with a smile. Ji Meixian has formidable spirit awareness, she truly cannot induce her undergarment now, explained no longer in the Shen Xiang hand, if went to the Savage Chaotic Mysterious Land deep place, she can induce through spirit awareness. Your ten lives cannot trade my thing, you hurry to give back to me my ring, that crystal.” Ji Meixian mentioned that image crystal, double cheek slightly one red. „It is not undergarment, I compensate 100 to you.” Shen Xiang happily said with a smile, gives back to her storage ring, the meaning of but crystal not having taken. crystal?” Ji Meixian has robbed that storage ring, coldly asked. Shen Xiang curls the lip saying: Relax, I keep commemorating, I will not put out to come to see absolutely, my female slave be more attractive than you.” I...... You remember to me, one day, I will make you know that you offend me are the how stupid matter.” Ji Meixian breathed heavily greatly several tones, depresses the anger in heart, wields the sleeve to go.