World Defying Dan God - Volume 9 - Chapter 825
After Ji Meixian leaves, has not told other person of Shen Xiang in Green Peak City, because Shen Xiang in her eyes is together supreme treasure. Although she is also coerced by Shen Xiang now, after may wait for her powerful, she can reverse such aspect, she does not hope that Shen Xiang falls into others hand. The elders of these big influences started to take action, attacks Savage Chaotic Mysterious Land together, gets up with outside these formidable strange beast great war. They had determined, Legend the grave in Great Emperor of Ten Heavens in inside, is some Immortal that now sends out. Goes is the elders, year previous generation is waiting for in the city, even if these young actually powerful Son of Heaven Daughter of Heaven , can only staying of obediently in the city. These expert attack Savage Chaotic Mysterious Land time, affects nearby city, entire Green Peak City in slight swaying, everywhere yellow sand assails, the strong winds are intermittent, the distant place boom is unceasing, frightening. Shen Xiang in the secret room, cloth next sound-insulated formation, meanwhile makes his secret room hanging, this will not be affected, he wants alchemy now, cannot be disturbed. Oh, Earth Level High-Grade Dan was too difficult to refine, it seems like has not refined the experience of Earth Level middle-grade is very difficult to succeed.” Shen Xiang refines for day, failure four furnace Life Returning Pill. This is natural, even though your talent is high, you must come gradually, you crossed a Nirvana tribulation now, depending on all your -round strength, must defeat two tribulation three tribulations is not the issue, but alchemy and this difference, you know now difficultly good.” Su Meiyao severe reproving. Also is because Shen Xiang has many Life Returning Pill herbs, otherwise he does not dare to attempt like this, but if were known by these Dan King, can definitely be mad spits blood. The Life Returning Pill refinement difficulty is very big, now Shen Xiang can only refine Earth Level Middle-Grade Dan honestly, Innate Nine Elemental Dan! When Innate Nine Elemental Dan herbs, is he seeks for Dan King Li Tianjun medicine garden obtains, this is only Earth Level middle-grade herbs that he has, the leading role can have a strange energy from top to bottom, then condense in the dantian leaves nine cyclones, can absorb Spirit Qi crazily, the speed is astonishing.

If adds on better Spiritual Vein again, that Spirit Qi in a circumference of several miles will be extracted, in nine cyclones that in entry human body does not hinder, but this need very fierce cultivation technique coordinates to use, can build up these to emerge body inside Spirit Qi fast. If one has extremely good Spiritual Vein, for example multi- Heaven Veins, the multi- Profound Veins person, in addition very good cultivation technique, takes Innate Nine Elemental Dan, the effect may achieve the Heaven Level Low-Grade Dan effect, but if itself aptitude is not good, the effect was possibly inferior including Earth Level low-grade. Shen Xiang has some Five Elements Profound Dan, but he did not plan that promotes cultivation base with these pill, he thinks some waste, because his practice way is a bottomless pit, Earth Level High-Grade Dan could not satisfy him, therefore he planned left the urgently needed time used, for example was used to restore True Qi. Innate Nine Elemental Dan is helps the person absorb world Spirit Qi, but world Spirit Qi can say inexhaustibly, Shen Xiang dantian that five beast image, need the between Heaven and Earth energy to fill up. He has put out three main material, Purple True Profound Ginseng, Nine Fruits Flower, Golden Ginseng Grass! Purple True Profound Ginseng, the deep purple, palm of the hand big human form Profound Ginseng, is pasting all over the body light strange True Qi. Nine Fruits Flower, in a lip big white floret, has nine thumb big or medium baby shapes yellowish pink small fruits, looks like very mysterious. Golden Ginseng Grass, golden light is radiant, looks like ginseng, but truly a grass, therefore acquires fame actually. Three main material are lending very unusual aura, is in society is unique. On spirit herb special True Qi and Spirit Qi, are between Heaven and Earth are unique. Therefore lacks main material words, has almost not sought possibly to substitute. Some spirit herb must coordinate other spirit herb to take to have the effect, words that takes alone, instead will be harmful.

These home remedies are initial that group of alchemy masters form through various attempts, has spread in the world, but retains is just the tip of the iceberg, thinks to make people think to be a pity. auxiliary herbs I processed, although auxiliary herbs was very much easily can find, but when refined some pills, was essential.” Su Meiyao said. Shen Xiang nodded, starts to reorganize that three taste main herbs, at this time he is not only above some no some cleans up, but must release Divine Sense, seeps in these herbs, lets his more familiar these herbs, this displays the Refining Simulation Technique necessary step. Like this type can fast absorption world Spirit Qi pills, not know that can engrave some spirit pattern, strengthens the effect?” Shen Xiang murmured, engraves spirit pattern on pills, this idea is not only he has, many alchemy masters have, but failed finally. Because under after clothing/taking pills, pills will melt, above spirit pattern will also expire, therefore the use is not big. Could, after Innate Nine Elemental Dan eats, will not melt immediately, because the efficacy can continue a period of time, but you must unify together spirit pattern and pills, this is very difficult, moreover is not realistic.” Su Meiyao said. Carves spirit pattern not to carve in the spirit dan surface, but when concentrates pill, leaves spirit pattern with formidable Divine Sense condense, irons in pill pellet outside and, will be specifically useful, Shen Xiang does not have the concrete concept now, he believes depending on the intuition, the words that such makes, can make the pills effect well, but the premise has the special spirit pattern coordination. Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace at this time already not that red splendor, after by him used the special technique to process, the surface will not send out red light, he worried that will be looked in this new world, when the time comes definitely will be robbed by one group of alchemy masters. herbs invests in pill furnace, Refining Simulation Technique starts to revolve, carries on the fine deduction according to pill furnace various situations, will be equal to knowing in advance will be the same in the future, this can let the alchemy master in alchemy, can discover the mistake promptly, with the aim of revising, will reduce the failure.

The Innate Nine Elemental Dan refinement difficulty is quite high, herbs combination time will produce unusual strength, can absorb world Spirit Qi, therefore Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace was winding around by one group of white fog at this time. These white fog are Spirit Qi, moreover is very pure that atomization Spirit Qi is very rich, was absorbed by Shen Xiang completely. In alchemic furnace, purple gold Qi mist fills the air, in mutually dogfight, the mutual interference, various herbs is being the repel words, explained that these pill are high level pill. Three grains!” The Shen Xiang forehead full is the sweat, quite a while passes, he reached the following stage, he judges from that group of cyclones, can concentrate three grains! He refines the first furnace, can arrive this step, this makes him relax secretly, but at this time he immediately had not actually congealed pill, but is the plan irons spirit pattern in these three grains of Innate Nine Elemental Dan!