World Defying Dan God - Volume 9 - Chapter 826
Shen Xiang planned refines successful furnace to attempt again, but close success, showed that at this time he grasped certain experience, later refines Innate Nine Elemental Dan again when can quite arrive with ease this step. In his mind rushes some spirit pattern immediately, his former devour four Formation Grandmaster memories, have built very solid formation foundation, he is grasping certain spirit pattern. Although the arrangement of formation all does not pass spirit pattern, but spirit pattern is essential. Innate Nine Elemental Dan is gathers Spirit Qi pill, Shen Xiang must take pill as the base, engraves spirit pattern above, he from the simplest start, is engraves most foundation Spirit Gathering Formation, many martial artist can with formation that crystal stones arranges. His Divine Sense along with his regard control, turns into golden tiny spirit pattern, is similar to sends the silk to be ordinary, put in these to congeal in the cyclone of pill Edge by him. herbal Spirit Qi is in itself huge energy, but formation, so long as some energies support can revolve, spirit pattern will be effective. Simple Spirit Gathering Formation only then 32 spirit pattern, so long as remembers these spirit pattern traces, or reduces according to the scale amplifying, spirit pattern can activate, but most difficult establishes contacts these 32 spirit pattern, the constitution has the strength of unusual spirit rhyme, can stimulate the mysterious effect. Golden spirit pattern, is Shen Xiang with formidable Divine Sense condense, present he has been able to become the energy shape Divine Sense condense, if no this formidable Divine Sense support, he could not do this step. Three grains of pill pellet must carve into spirit pattern, this increased the Shen Xiang's work load, he can early complete, but now to carve into spirit pattern, he has carried on the time of most of the day, consumes Divine Sense and True Qi are many. set up formation or refiner time, spirit pattern forms with the special energy generally, but in spirit dan actually cannot use these energies, can only use purest Divine Sense and True Qi, Divine Sense constructs the skeleton of spirit pattern, but True Qi is the spirit pattern flesh and blood, moreover Shen Xiang also compresses to send the silk to wrap the spirit pattern skeleton that massive True Qi Divine Sense is congealing generally. A day a night passed by, since he has Universe Fire Spirit, understood that after using magic power coordinates alchemy, he little has like this has built up a furnace pill to use such a long time. Around Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace, winding around True Qi is fiery red, possibly comes under inside Innate Nine Elemental Dan influence, what because alchemic furnace is fire attribute, therefore absorption Spirit Qi is also fire attribute.

Has not taken, three grains of Innate Nine Elemental Dan can become the Qi mist shapes Spirit Qi condense, this explained that Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace potential is very big. Su Meiyao sees Shen Xiang to be so earnest, has not disturbed, she also wants to have a look at spirit pattern and pills combination meets is what kind, she naturally hopes Shen Xiang to succeed, perhaps when the time comes Shen Xiang can open road of the out of the ordinary alchemy! In the morning, Shen Xiang has opened eye finally, he has not thought that refines a furnace pill, makes him consume most Divine Sense and True Qi, this gets one also to consume a lot compared with him. Opens furnace lid, around three grains of lavender pill pellet is winding around the white clouds, after white clouds dispersing, Shen Xiang lightly smiled: Probably was successful!” He took out these three grains of Innate Nine Elemental Dan, this pill generally is pill one grain, the fierce alchemy master can leave two grains, arrives at Earth Level middle-grade pill, majority have pill not to be high. But he is maintaining his consistent attitude, must achieve most perfect! Three grains of Innate Nine Elemental Dan are excellent qualities, but stated differently, has in the pill pellet surface looks like the [gold/metal] white trace of having mystical powers rhyme, is in glittering weak light glow. Shen Xiang lets spirit pattern and spirit dan successfully fuses together, but he has not known that the effect is what kind. Because Innate Nine Elemental Dan was engraved spirit pattern, therefore appears very beautiful, these spirit pattern are full of the tone, looks like has the life to be the same, as if likely is the innate rare treasure that the nature breeds, at all likely is not the person refines. spirit pattern and spirit dan unified whole, seems is very attractive, making the person unable to bear attain carefully watches at present, Su Meiyao this fierce alchemy master sends out exclaimed in surprise again and again that Long Xueyi and Bai Youyou these laymen are look are lost in thought. little rascal, you are really fierce!” Long Xueyi was said by the praise of heart.

That is natural, I have used energy the painstaking care.” In the Shen Xiang hand is also unable to put down. Long Xueyi happily said with a smile: Then gives a try effect to be what kind on allows me to come!” Does not want, Hidden Jade Ring inside energy cannot by your extinction!” Su Meiyao hastily prevents. Hidden Jade Ring and outside ends is not connected, that Ji Meixian spirit awareness could not feel that inside world, Long Xueyi in the words that in Hidden Jade Ring eats, will only absorb the energy. The Long Xueyi smart-alecky spitting tongue, said: This pill like treasure, might as well be called Precious Pill, I think this pill not specific rank, if spirit pattern are more is fiercer, the effect will be perhaps stronger.” Shen Xiang nodded: Um, I give a try the effect to be what kind of first, if the effect is very good, I will try harder to study spirit pattern, refines Precious Pill that is appropriate you to eat to come.” He swallows grain of Innate Nine Elemental Dan, but just entered his within the body, completely turned into Qi mist, this with record was different, after normal Innate Nine Elemental Dan ate up, the efficacy has not consumed not to melt. When Shen Xiang sighed, making his pleasantly surprised matter appear, after that grain of Innate Nine Elemental Dan melted, but actually a stars circular in his dantian to Qi ball. This Qi ball is the lavender, has the walnut to be generally big, above these spirit pattern in glittering, entire Qi ball are revolving, has not diverged. He is the pills wealthy and powerful family, he is the first time encounters this situation! Innate Nine Elemental Dan inside energy already and these spirit pattern fused completely, is hard to dissipate!

At this time Innate Nine Elemental Dan that special energy is stimulating these spirit pattern strength, after he revolves cultivation technique, world Spirit Qi is similar to the Tsunami wells up generally toward him. The Innate Nine Elemental Dan efficacy can absorb Spirit Qi fast, person aptitude that if takes is very good, has fierce cultivation technique, can display not compared with the Heaven Level Low-Grade Dan bad efficacy. But at this time adds on Spirit Gathering Formation, the effect is better, is above the Shen Xiang's imagination! Shen Xiang is pleasantly surprised, he to test effect, has to enter the peak practice condition at this moment. If before is, absorbs Spirit Qi time, should better is also only the Qi mist condition, but rich Spirit Qi enters his body after now, turns into the liquid to be the same with the water completely, he has Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art and Fire God Art these two divine art auxiliary practice luckily, otherwise he is unable to build up that many Spirit Qi all of a sudden. If not fast, he thought that Spirit Qi might crystallize in his body, turns into crystal stones! Meanwhile, the people who in Green Peak City many cultivated are shouting'mother-fucker', because they cannot absorb Spirit Qi, was robbed completely. The sky of Shen Xiang that small house, all around Spirit Qi is similar to the Tornado same appearance, is seeping into his secret room unceasingly, making him absorb, this has been scared many people, they have not seen some people have absorbed Spirit Qi the time, unexpectedly like is the cow drinks water!