World Defying Dan God - Volume 9 - Chapter 828
The people of other big influences also think fight, but this will offend Shen Xiang and these Heavenspan Family, therefore at the same time is watching changes quietly. You a bit faster decided that who comes first, I may not have the time and you mess about.” Shen Xiang is not feeling well very said that he with these Son of Heaven strengths, although has very big disparity, but he actually wants to dispute with them, moreover he has thought a series of forms of combat. Feng Wujun and Hai Weidong were still disputing, no one is willing to make concessions, because words that who got rid of first, who might take Shen Xiang, quite in obtaining a treasure house, but if collaborated, definitely will be laughed by others, will anger Extreme Martial Sect. Shen Xiang looks at Ji Meixian, he can see Ji Meixian not to have the meaning of fight. Ji Meixian had been coerced by Shen Xiang, if Shen Xiang puts here that image crystal inside content, her has ruined, she does not dare to take risk. Hits hits, do not think that I fear you!” Feng Wujun was provoked anger, was saying to Hai Weidong. Hai Weidong not saying anything further, a fist pounds, fist energy is similar to the mighty waves sea, raises the intermittent high sea, the big building of ground lifting. Gets rid is the vast sea fist of White Sea Sacred Realm, the might is terrorist, the aura that releases is similar to the strength of sea is common. At this moment, Feng Wujun has not kept hand, is similar to that a strength palm that the high sea raids goes red, immediately is blustery, has a greatest oppression, attacks the Hai Weidong vast sea fist strength. The wind and cloud and sea contend, is Feng Family and White Sea Sacred Realm Son of Heaven, can say that their strengths are well-matched. Now they urge to send out strongest True Qi, fist palm relative, is similar to two ominous birds and beasts beast of prey that wrestles mutually, no one is willing to make concessions. Two Son of Heaven True Qi are very strong, arouses the intermittent vast sound, the entire city covers in a very dignified atmosphere, all because of Shen Xiang.

suddenly, Shen Xiang long smiles one, saw only in his hand azure light to explode dodges, presented a very huge azure broadsword, as if can break out the mountain to be ordinary, was held up by Shen Xiang high, divided to chop to go toward distant place that two fist palm relative Son of Heaven. Simply I together solved you!” During the speeches, Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade has cut to fall, Dragon Force is steaming, such as the dragon howls, might such as the day, that pressure makes the person be similar to day ta gets down general. Divine Blade in trillion jin (0.5 kg) pound to fall, with Dragon Force, the great pressure that forms, tears into shreds the ground. The one who makes people be hard to withstand is Shen Xiang that incomparably boundless murderous aura, as if Evil God crawls to be the same from Hell, but this murderous aura, came from Shen Xiang's Slaughtering Heart and God Slaughtering Hand, the might that releases, making the Shen Xiang's strength promote several times. Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade increases along with the Shen Xiang regard changes is small, becomes by Shen Xiang is dozens zhang (3.33 m), chops to cut that two Son of Heaven. White Sea Son of Heaven and Feng Family Son of Heaven complexion big change, hastily receives the merit, wants to stop Divine Blade that Shen Xiang suddenly chops to chop to come. But when they stop work for the day, was actually recoiled by the skill, because they battled a moment ago time, has exhausted strength! Divine Blade falls, the ground split open, this is Shen Xiang's fully strikes, although two Son of Heaven responded, but is actually hard to resist at this time, Divine Blade in their top of the head when the time comes, they were restrained by force by that pressing spits blood, crashes in the ground. Naturally, if they have prepared, Shen Xiang will not be easy to go well, after all cultivation base of these two people are higher than him, they in the situation of not guarding against, but can also block this blade reluctantly, was very fierce. The people despise Shen Xiang secretly, unexpectedly suddenly are getting rid, but still shocks with that strange Divine Blade, unexpectedly can change such big, moreover that strength that produces, most is makes people panic-stricken. Shen Xiang receives Divine Blade, in the heart drinks: Water and soil Divine Dragon, gives me to tie down them stubbornly!”

Ground that fallen soil suddenly moved, moreover suddenly emits two huge water vine, in clay intrusion water vine, turns into Earth Dragon, twines two Son of Heaven. Shen Xiang, stops quickly!” Chilly loudly shout resounds together, this is the Feng Family Daughter of Heaven sound. However Shen Xiang actually dived, on two palms reappears two murderous aura dreadful huge tiger head, this is God Slaughtering Hand turns into, God Slaughtering Hand Four Beast's Divine Weapons is also very terrifying, because just murderous aura is too heavy, the Shen Xiang general few use, is coordinates Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade to cover these murderous aura. Two tiger head bite to two by Son of Heaven that Earth Dragon ties down, bites their arm stubbornly, Shen Xiang bellows, holds that two arms, in fierce flying upper air! „......” Two Son of Heaven called out pitifully, their arm unexpectedly had been ripped by Shen Xiang stiffly. Shen Xiang face murderous aura, two arms turn into one group of flame, was burnt down by him! I have said that wants to rob the person of my treasured sword, consequence ownself suffer!” Shen Xiang that such as the blade common sound reverberation, his suddenly dived. After Ji Meixian and Feng Family Daughter of Heaven sees, hastily dives, they cannot make Son of Heaven be killed before them, will otherwise be blamed. However, the Shen Xiang's speed unexpectedly extraordinary rapidness, is teleport is likely ordinary, arrives at that all of a sudden by two Son of Heaven that side Tu Dragon ties down, both hands glittering [say / way] Purple Lightning, his fist grasps, knocks out the fist to these two, turns into two were roaring great tiger, plunged two Son of Heaven. Meanwhile, Ji Meixian and Feng Family Daughter of Heaven hastily gets rid, the bang hits the great tiger that two wild lightning and murderous aura condense becomes, they exhaust attack fully, although the bang dispersed that two to the person in the great tiger of dying, but affected to two Son of Heaven. Twines two Son of Heaven Earth Dragon to be broken, two Son of Heaven were still seriously injured, suddenly, dragon roar suddenly transmits, Shen Xiang unexpectedly puts out Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, chops to chop to two Daughter of Heaven and Son of Heaven.

Vast Wave Cut!” Ten thousand dragons are uneven, twines together, forms the dreadful rough sea waves, from the sky direct impact, hits enormously and powerful to two Daughter of Heaven and two injured Son of Heaven. The people hold the breath that stares at this to shock at present, Shen Xiang unexpectedly want to kill two Son of Heaven and Daughter of Heaven at one fell swoop, each move very awfully! These are Shen Xiang's exhaust the full attack, after Vast Wave Cut makes, his True Qi has used most probably, had earth attribute True Qi and fire attribute available. But kills undying these two Son of Heaven! Although Shen Xiang unexpected attack, but the strength is very astonishing, if did not have two Daughter of Heaven to block a moment ago, perhaps that two Son of Heaven died. But looks like the unusual shame in this that two Son of Heaven eyes, they have disdained these Daughter of Heaven, but unexpectedly must depend upon them to be able now to maintain a livelihood! The distant place already some people of Feng Family and White Sea Sacred Realm elder flies, although is strengths of Nirvana tribulation two tribulations, but if besieges, the might is very big! This is the good opportunity, cannot butcher them, I must spend them!” Shen Xiang is gripping tightly Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, two emit the steaming flame, then eats up grain of Five Elements Profound Dan! Sees the Shen Xiang whole body spout the strong aura, the people startle greatly, Shen Xiang unexpectedly must get rid.