World Defying Dan God - Volume 9 - Chapter 829
Shen Xiang, stops quickly! You such do will be only thorough and our two become enemies.” Ji Meixian shouted, two Son of Heaven both already the severe wound, she and Feng Family Daughter of Heaven must guarantee these two Son of Heaven at this time, if Son of Heaven died in this, Feng Family and White Sea Sacred Realm lose the big face today. little bastard, stops to me!” The elder who Feng Family flies exclaimed, emitted treasure sword, punctured toward Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang, you must die today, unexpectedly severe wound our Son of Heaven.” White Sea Sacred Realm elder coldly said. You have been unable to escape even with wings, is without a fight.” Shen Xiang looks at Ji Meixian said while loudly laughing: Makes me stop? Gave up any idea of that you have a look at White Sea Sacred Realm and Feng Family person, I must butcher that two Son of Heaven today in any event!” His body shakes, a naked eye obvious fiery red aura is similar to the tide generally spout from his body, the scalding hot aura emerges, all around temperature rises dramatically crazily, many person aware being far away, they worried that will be involved. Behind Shen Xiang presents condense to leave pair of very huge Vermillion Bird Fire Wings, launches has more than 30 zhang (3.33 m). Vermillion Bird Fire Wings! In Ji Meixian heart one startled, this is incomparable looking familiar, in her mind reappears Su Meiyao that charming graceful physique, she saw Su Meiyao to use! Purgatory Tornado!” The Shen Xiang's body revolves suddenly, body is burning the raging flame, spout the innumerable [say / way] such as the dragon common flame. Huge fire wings revolves, releases the innumerable raging fire long lines, the long line revolves along with fire wings, forms one group huge Qi ball that becomes by the innumerable Fire Dragon windings.

Purgatory Tornado that at this time Shen Xiang displays fierce, each wind turns into the raging fire big dragon that roared. That stands erect in earth fiery red Tornado, looks like looks like the innumerable angry dragons circles angry roar. White Sea Sacred Realm and Feng Family elder, they attacked the Shen Xiang's weapon to be attracted completely, that formidable suction that at this time had, these elders thought very terroristly, making their hearts live the fear, but they regretted that they had been inhaled in Tornado without enough time! Two Son of Heaven and two Daughter of Heaven in the eye of wind, at this time two Daughter of Heaven both release they strongest strength, protects them with that two Son of Heaven. If to not protect two Son of Heaven, they already passed toward the Shen Xiang rush! Shen Xiang puts out Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, making Divine Blade turn into ten zhang (3.33 m), along with Vermillion Bird Fire Wings crazy revolving, but also erupts intermittent lightning and blade shade. Two elders incautiously were twisted two, then melts in Fire Tornado thoroughly! The person who surrounds in the distant place has a lingering fear, if they had not left a moment ago promptly, now perhaps already died, on the scene has the disciples of many big influences, after they see the Shen Xiang's strength, the complexion is various, because they have thought Shen Xiang to be mediocre, but looking back now, this radically is a monster, arrives at the extreme arbitrarily, who angers him, he reckless cutting will kill. Feng Family and White Sea Sacred Realm ten elders, had been strangled to death torn to pieces by Shen Xiang's Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, some by the part of flame incinerator, had not been flung completely, making the person look at creepy feeling. Purgatory Fire Tornado all around house, already turned into the ashes, now only then two Daughter of Heaven are supporting in by strenuous efforts, they think very much, no matter that two Son of Heaven, attack Shen Xiang first, but they will be worried about when the time comes Shen Xiang killing two Son of Heaven. Snort, you want dead do not blame me!” The Shen Xiang double fist dodges, golden light inspires greatly, God Slaughtering Hand spout together golden light glow, sees only on the innumerable only white great tiger White Tiger gauntlet (glove) to fly to shoot, ten thousand tigers gallops, wallops from the upper air with the spiral-shaped path, the place of long jab eye of wind!

Ji Meixian has Immortal Cloth to protect the body, will be naturally more relaxed, but Feng Family Daughter of Heaven is not good, at this time she felt the pressure, because she must branch out half strength to protect Feng Family Son of Heaven, otherwise that Feng Family Son of Heaven will enter in Tornado, was suppressed by the Shen Xiang's blade kills. Slaughter God Purgatory, enjoys you well!” Shen Xiang said with a sneer, with White Tiger that murderous aura and White Tiger True Qi condense comes out, continuously, attacks toward four people of below eye of wind. Two Daughter of Heaven can only brace oneself, trying attack these murderous-looking White Tiger, but each White Tiger was struck kills, will blow out a golden energy, shakes their vitality tuck dive, that two barely alive Son of Heaven spat up blood again and again. In the sky, the dark cloud tuck dive, entire Green Peak City covers in dim immediately, this time sky is fermenting heavy rain probably, lightning flash thunder cry, the thunderclap is being billowing, lightning like dragon. Under the dim sky, Purgatory Fire Tornado appears is that bright, fiery red light glow illuminates the sky, Fire Dragon are lifelike, angry roar again and again, making Tornado appear scarier, Son of Heaven and Daughter of Heaven being stranded stubbornly in inside! Along with a threatening pressure drop, people suddenly thinks this not in the fermentation heavy rain, but is fermenting a very formidable energy, looks that Purgatory Fire Tornado above suddenly presents a huge black cyclone, the people are all startled, cannot help but the fine hair raises up, because this time situation was really too scary, making people think that the airborne that huge cyclone must emit an ominous beast to be common! The Ji Meixian jade face is dignified, in heart is very surprised: This unexpectedly is Imperial Dragon Clan Heavenly Dragon Seal, the words that I have not remembered incorrectly, this move should be called Furious Dragon's Retribution! This brat what background? Obtained Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art not saying that unexpectedly also obtained the inheritance of Imperial Dragon Clan!” Her complexion one cold, looked at that to be torn up Hai Weidong of arm, saw his to be barely alive, a face frightened appearance, she was cruel-hearted. Shen Xiang, White Sea Sacred Realm and you have not ended!” Ji Meixian abandons these words, exhausts strength, opens a road, leaves this terrifying Purgatory Fire Tornado! At this time the Feng Family Daughter of Heaven pressure is bigger, she has not thought that Ji Meixian greeting did not hit walked, now she is also hard to resist that inexhaustible murdering to fight the tiger to pounce upon suddenly, she bit the jade tooth, abandoned several ruthless words, put aside Feng Wujun, opened a road to walk.

„To walk?” Shen Xiang laughs, sees only black vortex suddenly in sky to be torn, a white big dragon, the whole body is winding around the white great thunder, fierce breaking in ground. Angry dragon wild cry, Heaven-shaking, Earth-shattering, the deafening sound vault of heaven, Dragon Leiru the sudden downpour crashes generally, that hugest lightning White Dragon, bangs into the eye of wind, the people only hear two pitiful yells to transmit in the rumbled thunderclap! Daughter of Heaven that two just flew to run away, was locked by Furious Dragon's Retribution, dodges the thunder unceasing bang to hit them, they resists, while is far away from the region that lightning explosion hits suddenly. Hai Weidong and Feng Wujun these two barely alive Son of Heaven, were hit later unexpectedly not dead, but was actually involved in Fire Tornado, the body was cut broken by Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, only the remaining two heads fly, has inlaid in the city wall! This is Shen Xiang puts intentionally, after killing two Son of Heaven, he almost consumes all strength, has earth attribute not to use. Young animal, comes with the life!” The distant place transmits angry old loudly shout. old fellow, I will sooner or later deliver you to start off, making you teach them under well!” Shen Xiang crashes in the ground, drills into soil, has displayed Earth Escape. The Earth Escape distance is limited, but actually enough he shunts Feng Family and White Sea Sacred Realm elders chases down, at this time but where Ji Meixian can still induce to Shen Xiang.