World Defying Dan God - Volume 9 - Chapter 830
Entire Green Peak City vibrates, before keeps aloof in two that the Green Peak City high-sounding talk presented that honored incomparable Son of Heaven, their persons head is hit to fly now, inlays in the city wall, died a tragic death! Heavenspan Family and Sacred Realm Son of Heaven what kind strength, young all crossed the characters of Nirvana several tribulations, after can say had boundless prospects, the back had such formidable influence, their transcends tribulation without cause for grief, can not hinder transcend, but now actually die. Although before Shen Xiang, sneak attacks, the strength that but shows is still formidable, unexpectedly forcing two Daughter of Heaven and Son of Heaven, this lets other Son of Heaven and Daughter of Heaven that secret vigilant Shen Xiang these have observed, they also had to rob Shen Xiang that the Divine Blade thought that the words that but they must get rid of now, must think over. Has misjudged, if we do not protect that two waste, can strike to kill Shen Xiang absolutely!” Feng Family Daughter of Heaven over the face scowl, she, although is covered with the veil, in hearsay she is also stunning beauty, at this time appears somewhat distressed, but actually does not lose the light dust refined flavor. Ji Meixian does not think that she cannot make Shen Xiang die, only then Shen Xiang is living, she can retrieve that undergarment. Regret also useless!” Ji Meixian looks at the distant place, the direction that Shen Xiang flees, Shen Xiang ran away outside the city with Earth Escape, she can feel the Shen Xiang's aura clearly. Because Shen Xiang calculates that these two Daughter of Heaven not to his fight, the attack that he dares to leave no ground, even if Feng Family Daughter of Heaven wants to kill him, Ji Meixian will not make him die. Feng Family after the White Sea Sacred Realm elders come back, definitely will spit blood, their haughty Son of Heaven unexpectedly had been cut, moreover dies very aggrievedly, the opportunity of continually hitting back does not have, was treated as don't hit a person when he's down same to beat severely by others lethal. Great Elder, I made contribution!” Feng Family Daughter of Heaven arrives at old man, sighed. Feng Family Great Elder sighed: I know that you rest well, this matter gives me to process!”

In Heavenspan Family and Sacred Realm, part of Daughter of Heaven and Son of Heaven of not with, because they are in the influence the most outstanding young people, later will have a war. Two Son of Heaven die, moreover before , how Son of Heaven shouts must Shen Xiang, this matter spreads, shock entire Human Territory, was regarded also the laughingstock, because these two Son of Heaven must with Shen Xiang fight time, unexpectedly the internal strife, then had an opportunity by Shen Xiang first, destroys. ----- Master Ancestor, Feng Family does old fellow want to Young Martial Uncle fight, we to a little act?” Wu Kaiming said that he heard Shen Xiang ran away in fear by Feng Family Great Elder, otherwise must open to that two Daughter of Heaven kills. Gu Dongchen returned to Ancient Spirit Earth to go, before he was very long, picked up, there was his family, the thing was handled by Wu Kaiming and Huang Jintian. Huang Jintian hey smiles, traces bald of Wu Kaiming: Little Bald, you send for killing two Feng Family old fellow, does attractively, do not leave the trace, but makes them know that is our Extreme Martial Sect does.” Shen Xiang this little rascal head, but also really does attractively, such quickly ran from that place, moreover killed two Son of Heaven, after having a look, who dares to provoke him?” Wu Kaiming smiles bitterly, this to master and apprentice is such crazy, he has complied with one, then drew back. In Icewind Valley, after Xue Xianxian and Leng Youlan know this matter, is the exclamation again and again, they crossed a Nirvana tribulation, has Divine Veins and studies the divine art person, Leng Youlan has formidable and mysterious White Dragon Bloodline, but they have not been able to leave Icewind Valley now, Liu Meng'er made them stay here saying that had the important matter. Master is really, what important matter has? I want to have a look at the new world, I must look for these Daughter of Heaven to challenge, unexpectedly wants to snatch my brother's thing!” A Leng Youlan white hair dances in the breeze, sends the silk to wind around the strange energy, seems containing very formidable strength.

Xue Xianxian wears the white clothing, although is not the most magnificent most and expensive clothes, but actually Immortal Qi floating, the air/Qi of unusual conditions immortal rhyme, do not eat the world smoke and fire. Her beautiful eyes is gentle, beautiful smile: Youlan, must calm down, Master makes us do definitely is good to us, perhaps really has the important matter?” Icewind Valley is very mystical, little person can go, but Icewind Valley's forbidden land is so, but two females year to year here, the strength promote the rapidness, moreover here also has natural time formation, even if these Daughter of Heaven, not such good practice environment. Shen Xiang kills two Son of Heaven, is struck by lightning the Daughter of Heaven matter, passed on noisily, ancient influence also constructs these ancient Teleportation Formation at this time, the news passed on rapidness. Feng Family and White Sea Sacred Realm increase post a reward volume to post a reward Shen Xiang, has killed their Son of Heaven, this is digs their ancestral tomb equally serious matter. 20 grains of Life Returning Pill?” Shen Xiang looks at his portrait, somewhat is not feeling well said: I was also unworthy, it seems like killed many several their important personages to be good!” Shen Xiang in King Continent's Pill City, here has the pills industry of Feng Family and White Sea Sacred Realm now, these two influences anger him thoroughly, starts to him again and again, he for a penny and for a pound, was determined that must go all out a ticket. This Pill Association now definitely has controlled by these Sacred Realm and Heavenspan Family, influence that these inherit ancient, Dan King are definitely many.” Su Meiyao said. This is best, I already could not get used to seeing this nonsense Pill Association, unexpectedly gives shelter to Dongfang Lingyun this fellow, since I come here, I must make them suffer a loss.” In the Shen Xiang heart sneers, Pill Association is in Human Territory the biggest pills organization, if can maliciously slap in the face here, that definitely will cause a stir in entire Human Territory. Shen Xiang after lively Pill City strolled, discovers many big influence here very dignified stores, moreover some very amusing activities.

Now, Shen Xiang in the Heavenly Lightning Sect pills shop, he arrives at one to place the places of many black boxes specially. „Are these boxes do do?” Shen Xiang inquired. A female of professional smile, walks wear a look of immediately, including saying with a smile: These are called Heavenly Fate Box, in each box some herbs, above is marking the price, you can try the luck at games of chance, if the luck is good, can buy some precious spirit herb!” If you is a alchemy master, after purchasing the box opens, you can choose inside herbs refined into pill, if builds up successfully, we not only do not gather crystal stones, but also bestows same herbs of one in Heavenly Fate Box! But if cannot build up, you must give us the shop and crystal stones of Heavenly Fate Box same level value.” „Isn't Oh? this equal to and your shop gambling?” Shen Xiang said with a smile. Right, is our shop gambling, here has the alchemy master to try one's luck frequently, the victory and loss has.” The female said with a smile sweetly.