World Defying Dan God - Volume 9 - Chapter 831
Shen Xiang is staring at these black boxes, these boxes had not explained that in has any herbs, but has a price, Shen Xiang sees value five hundred million crystal stones boxes! This box value did 500 million, say inside spirit herb value 500 million?” Shen Xiang asked that some boxes is much more expensive. These are herbs, regarding many alchemy masters, inside spirit herb resources are well used, our shop will not be black you, you opens the box and ensure will satisfy inside spirit herb, but we cannot tell in you to have any spirit herb now, this is a game, must maintain the pleasure, moreover can bring pleasantly surprised to you.” That female careful tunnel comes. Shen Xiang makes Long Xueyi spy on the box to think of anything, his Divine Sense cannot worm one's way into, but Long Xueyi actually. Is two spirit herb, but looks from the luster, these are barely alive that but is very rare, therefore also value that price.” Long Xueyi said that afterward told Su Meiyao that two spirit herb appearance carefully. Is Refining Spirit Golden Dan herbs, herbs is called Golden Peng Fruit, another type is called Soul Ginseng, although soon died, but is actually very precious, they should plant do not live, but you have Soul Creation Fluid, can plant to live absolutely.” Su Meiyao said that from her expression, is makes Shen Xiang take this box. Shen Xiang is holding this box, just wants to pay a bill, actually suddenly rushes a blue clothes man, very crude robs this box. „Do you do?” Shen Xiang knits the brows, a foot tramples to the abdomen of this men's, kicking out of the way. The blue clothes man is angry immediately: „Do you court death? This box I must decide, hurries to hand over!” Shen Xiang not saying anything further, arrives at the counter, gives the storekeeper in this shop five hundred million crystal stones storage pouch. I have bought.” Shen Xiang indifferently said. You know that who I am? In Pill City, few individuals dare to offend me, before this box me, had a liking, but my insufficient crystal stones, being tactful words, your obediently gave me at that time.” Blue clothes man straight eyebrows slanting upwards and outwards are but actually vertical, a face is cut-throat.

This blue clothes male Zichang has noble aura, soft and fair skin, moreover is very arbitrary, understood at a glance that he is special, but Shen Xiang most does not fear is this fellow. I have not known that who really you are, knows that I will not give your.” Shen Xiang were not many says anything, put in the box Hidden Jade Ring. My father is Pill Association inside Dan King.” The blue clothes man is angry, moved his father. Shen Xiang comes the Pill City goal, to hit the face of Pill Association that crowd of Dan King, he did not certainly fear. Does not make way, my fight, even if your father is Association Master, I do not give you.” Shen Xiang expression one cold, builds up Divine Pill also to be called Refining Spirit Golden Dan, can strengthen Divine Sense, if this herbs is not the type does not live, Heavenly Lightning Sect will not take to sell. Practices Divine Dao him in secret, most needed this pill, he will not sell. Counter- you, you offended my Tan Zhongsen words, certainly does not have the good fruit to eat, I asked again your, do you give me.” Tan Zhongsen is angry, is carrying the Shen Xiang's front piece. Shen Xiang has gotten angry, the words were not many said that the direct palm of the hand sent, the Shocking Heaven Palm palm strength was bringing enormous shake strength, attacked on the cheeks of Tan Zhongsen, stone brick of entire street was shaken to jump, the face of Tan Zhongsen was destroyed by that palm, the whole person was patted fell into the ground. His mother, must compel my fight.” Shen Xiang low coldly snorted, swaggers away, but the Tan Zhongsen whole person was patted ignorant. He is the Dan King son, unexpectedly is treated as the fly same to whip at will, moreover fires off descendant not to care, probably patted an irksome fly to be ordinary. Blocks him, blocks him quickly!” Tan Zhongsen responded that did not give a thought to own mouth pain, shouted.

Joins many people in to rejoice in other people's misfortune, Tan Zhongsen is truly arbitrary in Pill City, person but who does not have the strength to these, is a fellow of bullying the weak and fearing the strong, at this time nobody listens to his words. Was right, does your father name?” Shen Xiang suddenly turns the head, asks Dan King Tan Shang, you have to plant to leave the name, another day I will certainly ask.” Tan Zhongsen struggled to crawl. I? I am Extreme Martial Sect's, named Shen Xiang, later you must remember that Extreme Martial Sect asks me to revenge.” Shen Xiang waved, turns around to walk. Extreme Martial Sect's Shen Xiang! The street above person was shocked, but they carefully looked, but also thinks and posts a reward the bulletin above portrait really to look like very much, but the honorable person became young! Although Extreme Martial Sect has not placed, does not have Dan King in Pill Association, but is very famous, this because of Huang Jintian and Shen Xiang this master and apprentice two. Is Shen Xiang, I must make him pay the price, you planted, offended Feng Family and White Sea Sacred Realm, but also dares to come to here to court death!” Tan Zhongsen shouts that but Shen Xiang vanished in the end of street. Shen Xiang does not fear the exposed status, he has traded quickly facial features, then investigates this Dan King Tan Shang is any background. After one inquired that he knows this Tan Shang was one just joined Pill Association Dan King, because the strength was quite strong, therefore had very high prestige in Pill Association, meanwhile had a named prosperous pills shop! Dan King Tan Shang, must blame to blame your son Zikeng father, I will quickly look for your trouble.” In the Shen Xiang heart is calculating, he planned that the prosperous pills shop selects Heavenly Fate Box, then comes alchemy with inside thing, well knocks prosperous pills shop large sum of money! If can use Heavenly Fate Box inside spirit herb success alchemy, not only can return buys crystal stones of box, but can also obtain one with Heavenly Fate Box same spirit herb.

That that Heavenly Fate Box inside spirit herb quickly dies, wants refined into pill to be very difficult, if failed, will lose massive crystal stones, must know these Heavenly Fate Box prices not poor. I refined three Earth Level Middle-Grade Dan to say first again, must Pill City well well washed!” Shen Xiang decided that must dull a period of time, extinguish the Pill Association breeze here. Earth Level High-Grade Dan herbs he has, if grasps Earth Level Middle-Grade Dan, he can taste trial to make Earth Level High-Grade Dan, when the time comes inspects again, becomes Dan Ancestor! Now this world may be three realms great war so is not only simple, but also is hiding many secrets, that side Demon Territory and Devil Territory relative tranquility, but this is just the false appearance, the storm still in behind, Shen Xiang must speed up promoting the strength! Pill City is very big, establishes in King Continent, is south one of the maximum cities, because King Continent has Devil Subduing School and Fire God Palace's reason, therefore this giant land had many people. Shen Xiang appears in Pill City, but also has hit the Dan King Tan Shang son, this matter spreads, many people arrive at Pill City, catches Shen Xiang, can obtain 20 grains of Life Returning Pill, White Sea Sacred Realm and Feng Family will post a reward 20 grains! Perhaps I can change with 72 Transformations come, then I receive to post a reward with myself again, Ha Ha......” Shen Xiang has smiled secretly.