World Defying Dan God - Volume 9 - Chapter 832
On King Continent had came from the person in each place, Devil Territory devil cultivator, Demon Territory demon cultivator has many, but they had not been discovered. But now knew that Shen Xiang appears in Pill City, in abundance rushes to Pill City from King Continent, but Shen Xiang resembles the evaporation to be the same, has hit after that Dan King Tan Shang son, vanishes without a trace. Shen Xiang also in Pill City, just his concealment ability very outstanding, grasps can change the appearance Divine Ability, only then the Ji Meixian this inborn mystical spirit awareness person can find him. Pill City seeks the backyard of medium inn, Shen Xiang in inside room alchemy, this room was arranged various full formation by him, when prevents alchemy exits the aura class. Refining Spirit Golden Dan, although is only Earth Level middle-grade, but is precious. Because in Earth Level High-Grade Dan not to Divine Sense helpful pills, but the Refining Spirit Golden Dan efficacy is very strong, especially regarding cultivating the Divine Sense person, even if many old fellow cultivates Divine Sense to rely on this pill. Heavenly Lightning Sect is really not specialized tosses about pills, Golden Peng Fruit well was tossed about this by them!” In the Shen Xiang palm has one is very long thinks the small fruit of golden Péng bird, but the color is now gloomy, without any life Qi/angry. Golden Peng Fruit is spirit fruit of strong soul strong soul, because looks like Golden Peng, therefore therefore acquires fame, can eat to promote Divine Sense directly, formidable soul. Soul Ginseng is also about dead, this is the reason that Spirit Qi is insufficient, it seems like takes care of these spirit herb people careless, unexpectedly is planting the place practice of spirit herb, the Spirit Qi complete extinction, spirit herb inside Spirit Qi does not let off.” Su Meiyao coldly snorted. Soul Ginseng is a thumb big or medium ginseng, very small, but is actually wrapping light Qi mist outside, this is one type the thing that is similar to the soul energy, this Soul Ginseng can breed the special soul strength, being helpful to the person strengthening Divine Sense. Shen Xiang is unable to put down to these two strange spirit herb, dripped into Soul Creation Fluid above respectively.

Soon, Golden Peng Fruit from glows dazzling golden light newly, looks like a small Golden Peng bird, lifelike, making the person acclaim the work of the Gods of world, unexpectedly breeds the so attractive fruit. But thumb big Soul Ginseng, outside is winding around at this time a light multi-colored sunlight, has the fist general size, these two came to the verge of death spirit herb to restore the full of vitality once more, then Shen Xiang must cut them, then made the massive copies with Soul Creation Fluid. He cuts in half Golden Peng Fruit, then drips into certain Soul Creation Fluid above, this was divided into that half that two halves Golden Peng Fruit slowly grows to lack quickly, turned into two Golden Peng Fruit. Now after he enters into Nirvana Realm, every day condense Soul Creation Fluid were more, but wants the quantity of high level spirit herb absorption to be very big, therefore he cannot waste. Quite a while passes, he uses big bottle of Soul Creation Fluid to duplicate ten to build up Divine Pill main herbs, as for auxiliary herbs, Hidden Jade Ring inside has is. Starts to refine Refining Spirit Golden Dan time, Shen Xiang is thinking what spirit pattern must the quarter into this pill, practicing will become Precious Pill, but will not allow him to think that the first furnace failed! This lets his unusual surprise, because refines time, the difference of pill furnace inside changing condition and his refining simulation, he acted according to his experience to refine to carry on is smooth, but in Refining Simulation Technique adjusts, actually caused explode pill furnace. This situation he is the first time has met, even if before is, uses Refining Simulation Technique to cause alchemy to be defeated, are majority the Refining Simulation Technique issues. Regarding his Refining Simulation Technique, he has the self-confidence, his Refining Simulation Technique foundation can say is very solid, starts to utilize compared with most alchemy masters, he has the massive high level pill medicines, when refinement is to use Refining Simulation Technique, thus he builds very solid foundation.

But now refining simulation presented very big mistake! What's all this about?” Shen Xiang knits the brows, then also from the new refinement, his Soul Creation Fluid also has many, Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou they can duplicate many herbs in inside. This time with was the same a moment ago, was was just melting all primary and secondary herbs, wanted all herbal Spirit Qi and herbal powder reconciled to present the mistake, then explode pill furnace! Unreasonable, wrong one time , can't Refining Spirit Golden Dan use Refining Simulation Technique to deduce?” Shen Xiang murmured. Su Meiyao knows where the issue emerges, but she has not actually dispelled doubt to Shen Xiang, but said: You must learn itself to find problem, I can teach you for a while, but could not teach your first, the road of your Pill Dao was very long, sooner or later will surmount my!” Shen Xiang nodded, before presented the mistake, was Su Meiyao reminds him, this no doubt can make him find the problem quickly, but actually cannot exercise him to find the problem the ability, will make him lose the ability in this aspect gradually, or was makes the ability in this aspect weaken. Su Meiyao must make Shen Xiang weaken to her dependent heart, develops for a long time to Shen Xiang is not the good matter, early stage not to have what issue actually, the Shen Xiang present foundation was very solid, when alchemy, the performance in various aspects stems from her anticipation, even is the pupil surpasses the teacher. Shen Xiang now refinement Refining Spirit Golden Dan silently, moreover proceeding more earnest, he and Su Meiyao together is so long, naturally knows Su Meiyao at this time the regard. Third time failed! In the explode pill furnace instant, his as if catch to anything, but is actually very fuzzy, therefore he has attempted, confirmed that in the heart thinks.

I understood, other when Refining Spirit Golden Dan and pill are different, refines this pill, the variable are too many, pure Refining Simulation Technique is unable to deduce mistake.” Shen Xiang eyes glittering light glow. Hidden Jade Ring inside Su Meiyao is surprised unable to speak, initially she was also when refined Refining Spirit Golden Dan to be caught, when that could be said as her alchemy profession the first Dakan, has been stranded her several years, she thinks to feel that now sobbed. But Shen Xiang this freak, unexpectedly is only the short half of the day, understood the difficulty to be. „Did you understand really?” Su Meiyao asked with the surprised expression. Um, I think in my mind, only then a refining simulation scene is obviously insufficient, I thought that at least must simulate three alchemy scenes to succeed to refine this Refining Spirit Golden Dan!” Shen Xiang earnestly said: I understand now, why before me, refines Life Returning Pill to be defeated that miserably, actually is in this regard.” Su Meiyao once again by the Shen Xiang's monstruous talent talent attacking, her had used several years to comprehend this point in the past, teaches her alchemy Master also like her now, to Shen Xiang any prompt, not making her find that the problem is. But Shen Xiang is defeated four furnaces, can judge to have problems to be, moreover can find out the method of solving the problem. Right, this in the world of high level alchemy master, was called Multiple Refining Simulation Technique, Dan Immortal rank that alchemy master, it is said can carry on hundred heavy refining simulation, but must fuse together hundred heavy refining simulation, then distinguishes most accurate mistake, with the aim of being used to correct the mistake in reality.” Su Meiyao answered.