World Defying Dan God - Volume 9 - Chapter 833
Hundred heavy refining simulation! Shen Xiang thinks that thinks the headache, sometimes most basic 1st level refining simulation, made him unable to endure, let alone was hundred heavy. Then request very high to spirit, moreover must distinguish precisely from inside. It seems like is very difficult to operate!” Shen Xiang said after a sigh. This is natural, Refining Spirit Golden Dan only needs twofold refining simulation to succeed to refine, the 3rd level refining simulation words, that was the Earth Level High-Grade Dan category. You use 3rd level Refining Simulation Technique to refine the Refining Spirit Golden Dan words, the mistake that sees will be more, in other words you can see the farther future.” Su Meiyao said. Shen Xiang thinks that said: I try 2nd level Refining Simulation Technique with I most familiar pill first, after being familiar, tastes trial god [gold/metal] pill again!” If grasps 2nd level Refining Simulation Technique, later your alchemy is more relaxed.” Su Meiyao said. Shen Xiang starts to taste the trial system, what he refines is Nine Aperture Quenching Body Dan, this pill he refines to have many, majority sold to Gu Dongchen to receive in exchange for crystal stones using. Since Ji Meixian appears, Su Meiyao does not dare to leave Hidden Jade Ring, if by Ji Meixian were discovered she and Bai Youyou are helping the Shen Xiang's words secretly, then after Shen Xiang, can danger(ous). 2nd level Refining Simulation Technique, operates very difficultly, especially just started, even if some people direct are hard to cross the threshold, must comprehend knack by own perception, moreover this in instant. Shen Xiang also planned the one breath learns 3rd level refining simulation, but tries one after Nine Aperture Quenching Body Dan time, he knows difficulty is above his imagination, this makes him have to fall again first-level, practices with Profound Level High-Grade Dan. Tries is three days, moreover falls, until he uses Low-Grade Profound Level Dan to attempt the time, touches to a superficial knowledge, can correct refining simulation to the larger part. Multiple refining simulation most difficult is the multiple refining simulation scene in mind regards as 1st level, determines the correct deduction.

Refining Spirit Golden Dan refinement time, there is a variable of accident, needs to carry on multiple refining simulation to overcome, Low-Grade Profound Level Dan and Refining Spirit Golden Dan that therefore is used to practice acquiring a skill have very big difference. After Shen Xiang grasped slowly, discovered refinement time is more convenient, he can probably see any change that in pill furnace the future will have, naturally, this will be these pills itself does not have the reason of variable. Five days pass by, Shen Xiang has refined Earth Level middle-grade Innate Nine Elemental Dan with 2nd level Refining Simulation Technique successfully, the progress is so amazingly quick, making Su Meiyao exclaim in surprise again and again. If you grasp good 2nd level refining simulation, Earth Level Middle-Grade Dan basically can deal with comes, if wants on, you to study 3rd level refining simulation.” Su Meiyao said. Although 3rd level refining simulation are more than that 1st level 2nd level, but Shen Xiang has attempted, he thought that the difficulty continue compared with on 2nd level refining simulation difficult several times, after all that is Earth Level High-Grade Dan, Mortal World, is pill of very high standard. Good, now starts to refine Refining Spirit Golden Dan, if successful, I can create a disturbance Pill City!” In the Shen Xiang heart also keeps thinking about these Heavenly Fate Box, Long Xueyi can see in Heavenly Fate Box to have anything, when the time comes he goes to Feng Family and White Sea Sacred Realm specially chooses these best Heavenly Fate Box, then bets pill on the spot, practices spirit dan herbs that in Heavenly Fate Box these die quickly, lets these two influence massive hemorrhage! He thought that now Divine Sense is insufficient, especially must carry on 3rd level refining simulation time, no wonder many high level alchemy masters are old fellow, they carry on multiple refining simulation time, needs very formidable spirit to be good. But takes Refining Spirit Golden Dan, can let his Divine Sense fast enhancement! Refines Refining Spirit Golden Dan once more, his present confidence multiplies, in the mind presents two to simulate the alchemy scene, although is two, but in his heart is actually one, unites the two, completely understood that two different deduction scenes, hold variable, this can let carry on most correct refining simulation.

Before to these any pill of variable has not carried on 2nd level refining simulation had had enough to do, but now has the words of variable, was more strenuous, his Divine Sense was very strong, was so, others say nothing. alchemy master who also no wonder looks like this age, majority halt in Earth Level Low-Grade Dan, supports also to refine middle-grade, moreover that is minority, at least was known as that Human Territory most has Pill Association of alchemy master, does not have this character. Bang, Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace has shaken, although explode pill furnace, but this time he progressed, can enter to the second half stage, he is when minute pill made a mistake. This Refining Spirit Golden Dan is one grain, but he dies to branch out three grains, moreover he thinks this absolutely, but the difficulty will be bigger, but, he uses herbs to refine a furnace if successful, actually top others three herbs to refine three furnaces, high under stands sentences, this is also the road of alchemy he has insisted, this is one spirit! Su Meiyao was mumbling in Hidden Jade Ring: Refined two grains both not to say him, unexpectedly wants to refine three grains, thinks that was planting the cabbage?” high level pill supports to leave two grains, this is the limit of these topest alchemy master, in the normal situation, the alchemy master can leave one grain, when Sir was supplying. This time must succeed!” Shen Xiang deeply attracts several tones, after controls one's breathing, was been tranquil by oneself, perks up, placed by oneself the peak condition. As the time passes, Shen Xiang to get on soundings, arrived at the final moment quickly, is decided that pill many grains, whether decide to congeal the pill successful key! In pill furnace, the muddy golden cyclone is firm, but will actually be torn with Divine Sense by Shen Xiang, turns into three, if not divide, concentrates pill time is only in the cyclone the invoice, but outside these rich herbal Spirit Qi will disperse, quite in wasting. This time, he branches out three successfully, moreover carries on to reduce that three groups of cyclones with magic power, congealing will become pill pellet!

Succeeded!” The Shen Xiang whole face beads of sweat, the complexion is somewhat thin and pale, but thought that has the sense of achievement, because he refines three grains of Refining Spirit Golden Dan successfully! Refining Spirit Golden Dan herbs, a furnace leaves the pill three grains, moreover quality excellent, can definitely be scared Pill Association these old Dan King. Loyalty Golden Peng dance!” Shen Xiang looks at that thumb big or medium white pill pellet, inside unexpectedly has a very small Golden Peng bird, like is dancing in the air cheerfully, this is Refining Spirit Golden Dan! Monster!” The Su Meiyao whisper said that although she is not first time sees Shen Xiang to show this monstruous talent talent, but was attacked. Shen Xiang smiled, throws in the entrance to chew three grains of Refining Spirit Golden Dan, eats shelled peanut such likely, 2-3 have swallowed. Three grains of Refining Spirit Golden Dan eat together, efficacy is boundless, the average person is hard to withstand, but Shen Xiang has Nine Turn Dragon God Technique this Imperial Dragon Clan amends the divine art method, naturally is a cinch. The efficacy spreads, True Qi of inspiring within the body, blends with True Qi, turns into strange strength, nurturing the soul, direct impact Heavenly Spirit, enters in Divine Soul in his Sea of Consciousness.