World Defying Dan God - Volume 9 - Chapter 834
Effect good of Refining Spirit Golden Dan, making Shen Xiang very satisfied. At this time his True Qi turned into unusual strength by efficacy, quenchings his Divine Soul, in Sea of Consciousness is transmitting a clear Golden Peng long and loud cry once for a while, making him feel that Divine Power suddenly fills top on, enabling him spiritually to obtain the incomparable comfort. Naturally, three grains of Refining Spirit Golden Dan regarding cultivating Divine Dao him, was too few, he cultivated to have Dragon Saliva Art luckily, can condense leave Soul Creation Fluid, otherwise was hard to fill this from Divine Soul above bottomless pit. His Divine Soul now is the maturity step, according to Long Xueyi said that the practice of Divine Soul first major part has, baby, child, adolescence, transformation, maturity, perfect these stages, approached late stage perfect, after Divine Soul perfect, will enter a higher level Realm! Nine Turn Dragon God Technique shows extraordinary strength at this moment, quick displays three grains of Refining Spirit Golden Dan efficacy perfect, making Shen Xiang's Divine Soul stronger. It seems like I must build up to be many some Refining Spirit Golden Dan to be used to break through, at least must enter maturity fifth layer!” Shen Xiang the condition is extremely good at this time, puts out Refining Spirit Golden Dan herbs, starts alchemy. Because Refining Spirit Golden Dan different Innate Nine Elemental Dan, therefore he when the solid 2nd level refining simulation foundation, he will not have attempted to carve into spirit pattern, although he does not lack spirit herb, but will not represent him to waste carelessly. One month passed by, after Shen Xiang since has hit a palm of the hand that Dan King Tan Shang son, has not appeared, this makes Dan King Tan Shang very angry. Some people mentioned this matter each time, raised to say this matter that making him not be feeling well. But this is grievances of junior, he naturally cannot go to Extreme Martial Sect to look for Shen Xiang, otherwise that from falling status. These to catch the Shen Xiang's people think that came in vain, they almost look everywhere entire Pill City, could not find Shen Xiang, but where actually the person knows Shen Xiang, is Ji Meixian. Ji Meixian looks for Shen Xiang to be very normal, initially she and Feng Family Daughter of Heaven was divided by Shen Xiang's Furious Dragon's Retribution flees in all directions, the face countenance damages greatly, they are look for Shen Xiang to revenge, the person who White Sea Sacred Realm and Feng Family come are most, Shen Xiang butchered their Son of Heaven, how could are they aloof? However Ji Meixian is only sets example, she cannot make Shen Xiang fall into others' hand, cannot make Shen Xiang die. Before Huang Jintian, has said that needs the ownself suffer consequence to the Shen Xiang fight person, currently has two Son of Heaven dead, lets these ancient influence Son of Heaven and Daughter of Heaven does not dare to act rashly.

Ji Meixian wears the White Sea Sacred Realm white long gown, appears noble solemn, she stands on a tall building, Shen Xiang is at that courtyard that from window overlook, congealing eyebrow low mumble: Heartless Lao Mo young apprentice is fierce Dan Immortal, but this brat shows so high alchemy talent young, he and does the young apprentice of heartless old demon have deep relationship?” However she is indefinite. Heartless old demon is missing, in Legend his two apprentices died, how to present Human World?” Ji Meixian shook the head. What she does not know, Shen Xiang and Su Meiyao's relationship is truly good, it can be said that the Shen Xiang's kind teacher, and has very deep sentiment with Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang does not know that Su Meiyao hides such deeply, unexpectedly is Dan Immortal, this character in Heaven World is not too many. Ji Meixian will not get rid to Shen Xiang, because she does not have the confidence to take Shen Xiang, especially after previous time has experienced Shen Xiang that terror Divine Art of Four Symbols, before her when to fighting Su Meiyao stronger is bigger, this is also because Shen Xiang cultivates Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art and uses some Four Beast's Divine Weapons reasons. In any event, this brat is my archenemy, unexpectedly makes that matter to come to me.” Ji Meixian arrives at Shen Xiang first at the evil matter that on her handles, cannot help but shames to be angry, wishes one could to fly now, strikes to Shen Xiang fatally. On the other hand, these entered the Savage Chaotic Mysterious Land elders to come out, including Duan Family that crowd of Tomb Raider, they received the wounds of varying degrees, at this time also arrived in Pill City, the alchemy masters of these big influences usually in this, they also transferred to here the industry, coming to here therapy should better. This matter causes not the small stir in Pill City, old fellow of these many big influences collaborate, unexpectedly cannot capture that Savage Chaotic Mysterious Land, obviously this Savage Chaotic Mysterious Land interior is how terrifying.

Great Emperor of Ten Heavens, Celestial Emperor of various first unified world clans, can his grave can it be that these young mortals shake? Really overestimate one's capabilities, that damn young bastard, unexpectedly can see Lion Mountain actually, but also my......” Ji Meixian stamping the feet maliciously, no longer continues to get down, otherwise she will unable to bear attack Shen Xiang. Ji Meixian also really thinks that own undergarment was lost by Shen Xiang in inside, thinks of this, she almost loses heart, after all there is a very danger(ous) place, even if her heyday does not dare to burst in that place. alchemy one month of Shen Xiang nest in room, but outside many people go crazy seek for him in this, has not pulled out to empty Pill City under on the difference. That woman is monitoring you, her spirit awareness is really fierce.” Long Xueyi said that she is not bad, she displays Nine Heavens Mental Exploration also to monitor Ji Meixian, had not been discovered by Ji Meixian. She suspected that you and Sister Meiyao have relationship, it seems like later wanted more careful.” Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou hear, in heart inexplicable worries, Ji Meixian is number one enemy in her enemy, is powerful, they collaborate to be nasty, to see generally Ji Meixian will choose to escape. Relax, I sooner or later make her turn into my female slave, lets her obediently gang Sister Meiyao and Sister Youyou washing foot.” If the Shen Xiang's words were heard by Ji Meixian, Ji Meixian definitely killed like Devil God. Makes Jade Immortal Woman help us wash foot, this idea is good.” Bai Youyou that ice-cold like frost, but actually does not lose on the jade face of rhyme beautiful, reveals a beautiful moving smiling face, was only a pity that Shen Xiang cannot see. little rascal, if makes Heaven World these pursue jade hear according to the day Ji's fellow, has you to receive!” Su Meiyao giggle said with a smile tenderly.

Shen Xiang laughs: Relax, I will not make them hear, but makes them see!” Finally can exit to stretch the physique, Divine Soul to maturity step six!” Shen Xiang has eaten over a hundred grains of Refining Spirit Golden Dan, his Divine Sense puts, flutters toward tall tower, enters a window, seeing that noble simple and beautiful Ji Meixian to sit in soft collapsing above closed eyes maintains mental tranquility. But she has discovered quickly anything, the fierce opening eye, only hears the Shen Xiang's big laughter to remember in her ear afterward. White Sea Daughter of Heaven, long time does not see, is that bright-colored photo person! I said you, the nose is how fiercer than the dog, where always knows me, moreover is staring at me at the same time.” Shen Xiang distant uses Divine Sense sound transmission. Hears this saying, the Ji Meixian tender body trembles, but quick calms down: Young bastard, you sooner or later knows that offends my consequence miserably!” Hehe, do not forget, your image crystal in my hands, whose consequence is more miserable has not known! If I am not happy, may put out to come to see, from watches the White Sea Daughter of Heaven moving elegant demeanor newly!” Shen Xiang said with an evil smile: Although missed a little compared with my female slave, but sufficed to look reluctantly!” Ji Meixian no longer and Shen Xiang talked, that was the gas location receives purely, how she was curious Shen Xiang to discover her, moreover Divine Sense so was formidable!