World Defying Dan God - Volume 9 - Chapter 835
Ji Meixian cannot at this time to Shen Xiang fight , the exposed Shen Xiang's whereabouts, otherwise she will not harm Shen Xiang to be grasped, when she only then strength enough time looks for Shen Xiang again, making Shen Xiang lead her to seek for that undergarment. Sees Ji Meixian so, in the Shen Xiang heart secretly titter, Ji Meixian is a very formidable enemy, previous time his to rely on Long Xueyi's strength, almost cannot hit, but now Ji Meixian awakens her soul to remember that the strength becomes stronger. Must exit to stroll!” Shen Xiang arrives in the courtyard, just about to pushes the door to leave, Ji Meixian immediately gives him sound transmission, ** is bringing severely: „Do you exit to do now? You do not know that outside many people are looking for you?” You such cared that I do do?” Shen Xiang smiled: I think that here the person like you will not be many, some people will not discover my, only if you inform.” Ji Meixian thinks that Shen Xiang hid for one month to lie low until something blows over, but now the crest of wave must pass immediately, Shen Xiang actually came out at this time, she hopes that Shen Xiang can wait for a period of time again. Shen Xiang leaves that inn, his present appearance is delicate youngster, a face human and animals harmless smiling face, probably was that type just pure Young Master Brother such that came out from the aristocratic family Ji Meixian sees Shen Xiang to disregard her warning, in the heart angry incomparable, said that she was also a beauty, usually many people want to flatter her not to have the opportunity, but this little rascal, actually wishes one could to hide her at present by far, but also wants to be mad her. Was right, you must protect one to touch the man of your body now, is very helpless?” Shen Xiang inquired with Divine Sense. The Ji Meixian tender body trembles slightly, immediately emits one such as cold frost general murderous aura, making Shen Xiang all over the body live coldly, arrives at the sole coolly, he also no longer touches the Ji Meixian bottom line, but Ji Meixian with him, he was actually worried that Ji Meixian discovers Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou in Hidden Jade Ring. After Shen Xiang came out, heard many big news, what surprising him was quite, old fellow of these ancient big influences arrived at Pill City, this made him compare to dread.

Make him feel what is funny, that Dan King Tan Shang son, maliciously had been hit Tan Zhongsen of mouth, unexpectedly is also posting a reward his whereabouts, wants to ask him to revenge. Really is fellow who has not planted, said that makes him go to Extreme Martial Sect to look for me, unexpectedly does not dare to leave Pill City.” Shen Xiang shakes the head smiles, he also hears that Dan King Tan Shang to say the ruthless words, said that anything must teach him well. Therefore, he first arrived at the Dan King Tan Shang pills shop, this pills shop is named, in Pill City also calculates that is very famous, after all Tan Shang is here quite fierce Dan King, even if these ancient influence expert, seeing him to give precedence out of courtesy three points. Shen Xiang walks on the street, suddenly presented a long body to be handsome, the personal appearance graceful white skirt female, on her face was bringing a silver mask, the long hair danced in the air, the white clothing was floating, the whole body sent out one to pass the fragrance of will of the people spleen. Shen Xiang is fragrant depending on her body, who recognizes this female is, she is White Sea Sacred Realm Daughter of Heaven, Ji Meixian, her unexpectedly followed. Ji Meixian once was Heaven World's strong side, with the character of Su Meiyao Bai Youyou's Master same time, the knowledge was vast, but she actually first time saw Shen Xiang that type to change the appearance at will the ability, let her curiously. „Do you want to do? Pill City inside present gathers many expert, moreover you on the storm mouth, you should better give my honest going on living.” Ji Meixian to Shen Xiang sound transmission, is full of dignity, like the order, truly has unsurpassed expert might. I did not fear that what you do fear?” Shen Xiang is very speechless, he was not worried that this woman is actually worried. Do not feign ignorance, if you hand over crystal, tells me the position that my undergarment falls again, I can massacre you immediately.” Ji Meixian anger sound track. Shen Xiang shrugs, has not paid attention to her again, walks into the prosperous pills shop, Ji Meixian clenches jaws, in the heart scolded several lowly, goes.

White Sea Daughter of Heaven, I am come to here to stir up trouble, you do not fear the exposed status, then by others was said you and I do collaborate? I kill White Sea Son of Heaven murderer, your present unexpectedly looks but not see me, you did not fear that is known by White Sea Sacred Realm?” The Shen Xiang's sound is having a happy expression of pondering. Except for you, nobody can recognize me.” Ji Meixian is self-confident. The prosperous pills shop has Dan King to assume personal command worthily, the store front is lordly broadly, inside decorative style also very atmosphere . Moreover the person are many, majority are some nouveau riche or is hair gray old fellow. Here Heavenly Fate Box are also many, was placed on a corridor, several old man watchmen, Shen Xiang walked, carefully looks at these Heavenly Fate Box, most expensive unexpectedly has several one billion crystal stones, most convenient also in ten millions crystal stones this price. These Heavenly Fate Box inside spirit herb soon lose plant, is used for the alchemy words, the failure rate will be higher, these pills shops to reduce the risk simultaneously want to sell a good price, makes regional alchemy masters try one's luck with this way.” Ji Meixian gives Shen Xiang sound transmission: Although many alchemy masters refine precious pills with these Heavenly Fate Box inside spirit herb successfully, but that is only minority, you should not be will make this foolish matter?” Shen Xiang white her eyes: I said that you have not to end, even if will be my wife will not talk incessantly like you, but your reversed image with lord relationship accompanying, always very responsible reminder master.” Ji Meixian snort|hum, wishes one could a palm of the hand to pull out angrily Shen Xiang, if not for were coerced by Shen Xiang, she will not pay attention to the Shen Xiang's life. Little brother, looked that your facial expression is good, shape of the honored person, can definitely good transport today greatly. Selects Heavenly Fate Box, can perhaps spend few crystal stones to buy rare and precious spirit herb, then can also build up pill to come successfully.” old man smilingly walked. Ji Meixian also planned how has a look at Shen Xiang to come to here is to stir up trouble, she guessed that Shen Xiang possibly is creates a disturbance anything. But who knows that Shen Xiang unexpectedly smilingly inquired that old man: Old Mister, my body has one billion crystal stones, with such that you said that I thought today my luck is good, therefore tries. Which about does Heavenly Fate Box in one billion crystal stones have?”

one billion crystal stones Heavenly Fate Box! This is a large sum of money business, this quick has raised a small storm in the prosperous pills shop, all around person has encircled. That old man deferred to the convention, sells Heavenly Fate Box, has not thought that at present this young idiot unexpectedly also is really a fool, regarding such person, they always does not butcher does not butcher in vain! Sister Meixian, you also here? Right, heard a moment ago some people must purchase value one billion crystal stones Heavenly Fate Box, does not know that is which?” The sound is interesting to listen, this person is Peach Blossom Sacred Realm's Daughter of Heaven, is only Sacred Realm Daughter of Heaven that the same day Shen Xiang shows good will, her named Mu Jialan. The Mu Jialan still surface obstructs the pink cloth and silk, wears the pink Peach Blossom long skirt, solemn graceful, has air/Qi of handsome spirit rhyme, the sound is always bringing the amiable gentleness, where such woman arrives at is very popular. This made Shen Xiang remember Sacred Dan World Yan Zilan, this Mu Jialan very much looked like Yan Zilan. Ji Meixian nodded, if not she is bringing the mask, everybody will see her double cheek micro red, because she added except for Shen Xiang a moment ago, nobody will recognize her. In this prosperous pills shop, unexpectedly has many young expert here, this is also that Tan Zhongsen invitation comes.