World Defying Dan God - Volume 9 - Chapter 836
Thinks that Peach Blossom Daughter of Heaven for Shen Xiang comes, thinks really does not understand why two Son of Heaven will be put to death by him again and again. If were bumped into by me, I personally the homicide, seized certainly his Immortal Blade, although I had the good treasured sword, but non- full weight!” The person of speech is a skin color is fair, looks like the scholarly refined thin man, he spoke, ray that the binocular hair two were absorbing the person heart and soul, whole body inexplicable sending out an arrogance. He also arrives at the corridor, what character everyone wants to have a look is, gives up buys Heavenly Fate Box with one billion crystal stones. Peach Blossom Son of Heaven, you well hide when your Peach Blossom red light district, when you personally see the Shen Xiang that brat strength, can frighten the urine you.” The ridicule sound that this taunted was very loathful, but Shen Xiang actually very much liked listening . Moreover the person who spoke was his Tomb Raider good friend, Duan Sanchang! Duan Sanchang is representative of Duan Family one generation of young outstanding, in these ancient influence eyes is one in the disaster of adolescence, when the ghost will know this fellow their ancestor's grave dig out. I just came back from tomb of child of Devil God, this was also lucky that Brother Shen told me the position, made me have very big harvest. Hehe, who disrespects to him, is disrespects to me, Peach Blossom Son of Heaven, best not to keep thinking about my Brother Shen thing.” The Duan Sanchang sound is bringing ice-cold, is full of the warning. Peach Blossom Son of Heaven gets angry slightly, just wants to say anything, but was actually stared one by nearby Mu Jialan, no longer spoke, Shen Xiang had the graciousness to Peach Blossom Sacred Realm, this Peach Blossom Son of Heaven unexpectedly also had his idea, in nearby he has included in this Peach Blossom Son of Heaven his blacklist. Only then Ji Meixian knows that at present that white and tender youngster is Shen Xiang, she is only in the heart sneers, the Shen Xiang's strength is truly terrorist, but if these Son of Heaven and Daughter of Heaven with every effort and Shen Xiang fight, the victory and loss were also very difficult to say. Little brother, these in eight hundred million Heavenly Fate Box of crystal stones to one billion crystal stones, you well choose, our prosperous pills shop will not cheat absolutely, inside spirit herb is in the market condition the valuable thing of valuable non- city, which Heavenly Fate Box regardless of you buy, you will not be disappointed.” That old man draws Shen Xiang to arrive in front of several boxes. At this time that was hit Tan Zhongsen of palm of the hand also to walk by Shen Xiang, if Shen Xiang bought Heavenly Fate Box, their prosperous pills shop greatly gained certainly, spirit herb that because these died quickly although was rare and precious, but was very difficult to be used for alchemy, only if were very wise alchemy master, but was Dan King is disinclined to build up, because Dan King cannot guarantee that can succeed. Long Xueyi's Divine Sense can seep in these specially-made Heavenly Fate Box, then 11 told Su Meiyao inside spirit herb, in each Heavenly Fate Box was pill's herbs, wanted had several types, therefore from some perspective, was the correlative value. Iron Bone Dan, Earth Level middle-grade, specifically is used to quenching the skeleton, is good pills of calcining bone. main herbs is Golden Iron Tree Root and Golden Iron Tree Heart! Is that 950 million box, takes!” Su Meiyao said.

In the Iron Bone Dan market condition sells, especially Tempering Realm person need, because can strengthen fleshly body, Shen Xiang's fleshly body was very strong, pill of this rank does not have the obvious help to him. Iron Bone Dan, although does not have the remarkable results to you, but you can carry on the multiple smeltings, melts a refined into grain of pill 100 1000 herbs, the effect is very terrifying.” Su Meiyao said. The people like looking at idiot look at Shen Xiang, if old man purchases perhaps differently, because that is very likely a fierce alchemy master, but youngster, that is delivers crystal stones radically. Ji Meixian beautiful eyes glittering, she does not know that Shen Xiang is having any idea. Was this, I wanted!” Shen Xiang excited is holding a wooden box, then arrives at the counter, that old man has shown very happy smiling face immediately, shamelessly is similar to the chrysanthemum blooms. „Does he buy to do? With alchemy? About 1 billion Heavenly Fate Box, at least are also in Earth Level High-Grade herbs.” Mu Jialan is very puzzled. After Shen Xiang pays a bill, inquired: If I use this inside herbs to refine a furnace pill to come, you will draw back 900 million five ten millions crystal stones to me, then gives same good herbs of one in the box?” People hearing this, on the face is the surprised color, this looks like young little rascal, unexpectedly must bet pill! Right, but if your alchemy were defeated, you must give us again 900 million five ten millions crystal stones, this bets pill's custom.” After that storekeeper has been startled, replied. Ji Meixian had guessed correctly faintly Shen Xiang was having any idea, his unexpectedly must in this manner, put in order a pills shop, but she does not believe that Shen Xiang can practice pill that Heavenly Fate Box herbs.

The people do not believe. little rascal, you go home to play the silt, your family has crystal stones is not such colored!” An attire magnificent and expensive man jokes. This is really brat the ruined family, brain has the issue? Bought a broken box with almost one billion crystal stones, unexpectedly has also wanted to bet pill.” A jade surface man also jokes. In Shen Xiang heart one happy, he most liked is the cloudy this fellow, he said with a smile: Two, your does if wanted also come to bet with me? But if you do not have many crystal stones, do not participate, I always am play in a big way.” Compared with the wealth, said the exaggerating point, entire Pill City old fellow must kneel to lick to Shen Xiang, these Heaven Level herbs that he grasps, Immortal Level herbs, Sacred Level herbs, attains on Heaven World, can make him rich, let alone this Mortal World? Shen Xiang looked at Peach Blossom Sacred Realm's Son of Heaven and Daughter of Heaven, said with a smile: I looked that everybody is gentle, the meet is predestined friends, your does if wanted also participate?” Duan Sanchang is a very vigilant person, he thought has the trick, immediately rejected. Ji Meixian said with a sneer: You just spent almost one billion crystal stones to buy Heavenly Fate Box, but must hand over one billion crystal stones and prosperous pills shop takes the gambling stake, do you want to play now in a big way with us? Can you repay?” Shen Xiang said while loudly laughing: I worried actually you cannot follow, isn't trivial 1 billion?” His crystal stones are not many, but big pile of high level herbs are actually used to make the mortgage, these rare and precious herbs, may be more valuable than crystal stones!

In Heavenly Fate Box herbs that quickly dies, no one believes that this little rascal can practice pill these herbs, let alone value 1 billion Heavenly Fate Box, that is high level pill, the refinement difficulty is very bigger. Your what gambling stake? I with!” Peach Blossom Son of Heaven Jing Xingliang indifferently said. I also with!” Ridiculed Shen Xiang that magnificently dressed man said with a sneer a moment ago, his named Chu Quanfei, is the Pill City City Lord son, was very good with Tan Zhongsen relationship. In his nearby man also with shouted: How I must have a look at him dead but actually!” This person is child of Ye He Pill Association Association Master. Shen Xiang looks at Ji Meixian and Mu Jialan, his unexpectedly wants to drag down these two Daughter of Heaven, moreover he also to placing old man of Heavenly Fate Box that corridor throws the meaningful glance. Here has ten White Jade Lotus Seed, this is refines Life Returning Pill most important main herbs, the value 1.00001 billion grains, does not have the city valuably!” Shen Xiang put out ten grains has been similar to White Jade general lotus seed, felt the air/Qi of that spirit rhyme, knows that this was White Jade Lotus Seed of genuine goods at reasonable prices! People took a deep breath, before they were still ridiculing him unable to repay, but can now with a matter!