World Defying Dan God - Volume 9 - Chapter 837
Ji Meixian and Mu Jialan look in the Shen Xiang hand that ten grains of fluorescent sparkling White Jade Lotus Seed, in the heart slightly took a deep breath, they did not have on the Shen Xiang's pirate ship luckily. Shen Xiang looks to Peach Blossom Son of Heaven Jing Xingliang and child of Chu Quanfei Pill City City Lord, child of Ye He Association Master, that Tan Zhongsen, said with a smile: You do not need the same level value spirit herb, so long as one billion crystal stones that's alright.” Although these people have very abundant background, but one billion crystal stones for them is very heavy. Does not have the issue.” Jing Xingliang unemotionally, if has won, obtains grain of White Jade Lotus Seed to be also good. Chu Quanfei and Ye He are City Lord and Association Master son, they consider as finished secretly the complete net worth, reluctant value 1 billion, is nod of meat pain, although they may not lose, but they actually fear the eventuality, they will go when the time comes bankrupt. At this time several old man walked, White Jade Lotus Seed was also very precious regarding them, now some unexpectedly people dare to take the gambling, how could they let off, has put out one billion crystal stones. Altogether nine people and Shen Xiang bet, if Shen Xiang wins, can result in tens of billions, but in his opinion actually insufficient, he plans for a penny and for a pound. Naturally, he has the confidence to refine that Iron Bone Dan to come very much, the people do not understand why he has not opened the box, was self-confident, therefore the people think that Shen Xiang loses the probability very much to be big, they want to bet, but actually cannot follow. Shen Xiang to Duan Sanchang sound transmission, said: Chang Zi, I am Shen Xiang, I think that wins much, you help me!” Duan Sanchang that is watching the fun at the same time was shocked immediately, at present this white and tender xiaosheng, unexpectedly is Shen Xiang, he has robbed the grave of child of Devil God successfully, wants to thank Shen Xiang. But after he goes to Green Peak City, actually knew that Shen Xiang butchers two Son of Heaven there, but he also had a scare. He understands Shen Xiang, knows that Shen Xiang can look for the trouble of this prosperous pills shop, therefore he here has been waiting, now Shen Xiang really appears. Duan Sanchang inquired Shen Xiang: Brother Shen, do you have confidence to practice pill in that Heavenly Fate Box tattered herbs really?”

Has!” Shen Xiang said with the sound response. Good, I believe you!” Duan Sanchang suddenly said: Little brother, we also wants to bet, cannot follow, I have three hundred million crystal stones, you have won, 300 million give you, lost you to give me 300 million.” Ok!” The people who Shen Xiang indifferently said, has surrounded at this time are not calm, chips, but in addition is only 1 billion. Even if has won, but is 10 billion, Shen Xiang also thinks a little insufficient, he looks to Ji Meixian and Mu Jialan, said with a smile: Two Daughter of Heaven, here person participated, you cannot feel disappointed, if won?” Ji Meixian clenches teeth secretly, hates maliciously on Shen Xiang that smiling face steps on a foot, unexpectedly must drag launching her, he did not say that lost accidentally? Considering as finished little brother, the woman is such Aunt Grandma, do not pay attention to them, this is the game that the man plays, words that the woman participates , is very unlucky.” Duan Sanchang was taunting at the same time. Is this, Ji Meixian more does not play, a Mu Jialan face is aloof, treats as the neglected advice Shen Xiang and Duan Sanchang words, they want to take a look at the result here. Opens the box to have a look quickly, rubbish.” Tan Zhongsen somewhat could not wait. Shen Xiang opens Heavenly Fate Box, inside has one section like is the iron tree root, the stone like the black coal, lost life Qi/angry together. That tree root is Golden Iron Tree Root, stone is Golden Iron Tree Heart, is used to refine Iron Bone Dan.

Iron Bone Dan herbs, I refine the successful words, you will give me Iron Bone Dan good herbs, don't you have accidentally?” Shen Xiang asked. We have, you felt relieved.” Tan Zhongsen urged: Starts quickly.” Shen Xiang somewhat was worried that has taken down a dot tree root secretly, gives Su Meiyao, making her cultivate. The alchemy rule is very simple, built up pill to come that's alright with Heavenly Fate Box inside herbs, did not have the request of alchemic furnace. Shen Xiang puts out Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace, this pill furnace was changed the shape by him, changed the color, others cannot recognize. Knows some people in the prosperous pills shop unrestrained gambling, but also has put out ten grains of White Jade Lotus Seed, the nearby famous family juniors, catch up to watch the fun, because the Peach Blossom Son of Heaven also ginseng bet. Sees and has a group of people to come, Shen Xiang happily said with a smile: Friend who everybody just came, your does if wanted also play? Now the atmosphere is very good, naturally, in the pouch the shy words are understandable.” In pouch shy? These famous family juniors which are not small nouveau riche, they are extremely discontented with the Shen Xiang words. little rascal, you, since wants dead miserably, then I help you, five hundred million crystal stones!” I make up a foot, making him die is crisper, six hundred million crystal stones!” Snort, not to know the immensity of Heaven and Earth little rascal, hoping you to be able to repay, my four hundred million crystal stones!”

That group of people who just came had 20-30, in addition a moment ago these, altogether 20 billion, moreover these crystal stones were the net worth of many person famous family juniors, they naturally were think that Shen Xiang lost. In Heavenly Fate Box does not have auxiliary herbs, all auxiliary herbs want to prepare, but Shen Xiang's auxiliary herbs is Soul Creation Fluid planting and cultivation, that rich life Qi/angry, enough makes up for Golden Iron Tree Root and Golden Iron Tree Heart that soon died, therefore he has the self-confidence. Naturally, even if lost, he is not feeling well at most, regarding this pills wealthy and powerful family, that is nothing radically. The person who at this time surrounds are getting more and more, old man of other famous pills shops, this can also play the role of notarization, after these old man inspect Shen Xiang's pill furnace, hinted Shen Xiang to start. Duan Sanchang is somewhat disturbed at this time, two ten billion crystal stone regarding him is a large sum of money wealth. Shen Xiang the person who goes to Sacred Dan World to mix, has butchered Immortal on Sacred Dan World, the slaughter the dragon, resists with all one's strength with the above some situations, this scene could not affect him. After all herbs toss into pill furnace inside, the people start to wait for patiently, alchemy requires the time, but Iron Bone Dan is Earth Level Middle-Grade Dan, compared with is difficult to refine, if personally does not see, the people are hard to imagine, at present this little rascal unexpectedly understood refinement such high level pill, doubtable Shen Xiang was one has possibly eaten Rejuvenation Dan medicine old fellow. The Shen Xiang's flame aura is very special, under his control, actually has not left with ordinary flame anything, but when used to fight, actually becomes tyrannical incomparable, is full of the ruination, this is the Universe Fire Spirit fierce place. Iron Bone Dan, the 1st level refining simulation foot deals with, you use the 2nd level refining simulation success to refine over a hundred grains of Refining Spirit Golden Dan, you use 2nd level refining simulation to refine the Iron Bone Dan words, will be easier.” Su Meiyao said. After Shen Xiang eats up more than 100 grains of Refining Spirit Golden Dan, Divine Soul was more formidable, Divine Sense also became compares was fierce before, 2nd level Refining Simulation Technique was handy, at this time displayed is very relaxed.