World Defying Dan God - Volume 9 - Chapter 838
On the scene watches the Shen Xiang alchemy person, there are much is the alchemy master, the high level alchemy master also has. Even if not the person of alchemy master is also gentle, had known about the alchemy aspect. This brat flame is ordinary, does not have Fire Spirit, is not multi- Fire Vein, but the flame is very fierce, this what's the matter?” old man, doubts low mumble. Although Shen Xiang has concealed the aura of flame vigorously, but was induced to the flame very sensitive person of high skill to difference. Old Wang, is this flame very fierce? I cannot look, thinks actually very weak, I think that he should still exhaust burns down Golden Iron Tree Root and Golden Iron Tree Heart fully, although these two taste herbs soon died, but actually will be no one can build up easily.” Tan Zhongsen said that he is the child of Dan King, is a alchemy master. That Old Wang shakes the head saying: „ This little brother is the alchemy expert, obviously has very solid foundation of basic skills, be fiercer than you! The fierce alchemy master when alchemy, was controlled by the alchemy master accurate, is fire Qi is reserved, burns down herbs fully, thus forms a potential! Some nine levels of alchemy masters, being hard lets the flame has invisible potential.” Hears this old man words, people slightly one startled, nine levels of alchemy masters, on the scene has several, can refine three Earth Level High-Grade Dan alchemy masters, has the one pace from Dan King, on the scene has two, that Old Wang is. At least I cannot achieve!” Another humpbacked yellow-haired old man sighed one lightly. Said that he was nine levels of alchemy masters?” Ji Meixian asked that in heart surprised incomparable, since the Shen Xiang bar on, she looked up about the Shen Xiang's matter, knows that Shen Xiang was young, did not have hundred years old. That old man shakes the head saying: Is indefinite, he does not have to inspect, this was very difficult saying that if he can refine Iron Bone Dan this type Earth Level Middle-Grade Dan that was difficult to build up, at least was eight levels of alchemy masters!” Eight levels of alchemy masters, after Tan Zhongsen hear authority's speech, the complexion is somewhat ugly. Controls fire skill to be important to the alchemy master, concentrates pill's key to be at successfully, but at present this little rascal controls the hot ability, unexpectedly is wiser than nine levels of alchemy masters! These got down the person of big gambling stake, where the complexion very to went, can the waste herbs refined into pill's person, controls the hot ability very strong alchemy master generally. The control of Shen Xiang to flame, it may be said that is handy, and controls own hands and feet to be equally relaxed simply, this and he cultivates Divine Dao, cultivates Fire God Art, has Universe Fire Spirit to have big relationship.

Golden Iron Tree Root and Golden Iron Tree Heart are truly difficult to burn down, accelerates with the time in Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace, coordinates intense Universe Fire again, was cremated very much with ease. But actually at this time, Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace suddenly swayed, shook very fiercely, Shen Xiang was also sweating profusely, after the person who these chipped in saw, in the heart was wild with joy, wished one could to laugh several, because they know that Shen Xiang must be on one's last legs. „Does Chang Zi, on you have crystal stones?” Shen Xiang suddenly gives Duan Sanchang sound transmission with Divine Sense. After Duan Sanchang sees Shen Xiang's alchemic furnace vibrates, the back is sweating, if Shen Xiang lost, that is 200 hundred million crystal stones! „, Do you want to do?” Duan Sanchang suddenly does not think right. You hurry to chip, I intentionally do now to others looked that making others think I lost.” Shen Xiang gives Duan Sanchang sound transmission. In the Duan Sanchang heart sighed, Shen Xiang this fellow was really the moon, he secret one happy, immediately said: „Does little brother, you also accept to chip in now? Since is the gambling, that jumps over danger(ous) more exciting, although I am not a gambler, but that type felt that I have experienced.” The people despise Duan Sanchang secretly, others soon were defeated, unexpectedly also chips , doesn't this want to make Shen Xiang suffer a more disastrous defeat? Shen Xiang has opened the eye, said with a sneer: You think really I will lose? Good, you chip in freely, whom looks is the final winner!” The people immediately in an uproar, alchemic furnace quickly shook to explode, unexpectedly also accepted to chip. Duan Sanchang laughs: This little brother is really straightforward, this is five hundred million crystal stones!” Duan Sanchang ejected storage pouch, loses in the ground, in these storage pouch has crystal stones, sweeps with Divine Sense, can see inside depositing crystal stones, at this time the ground has a big pile, is the gambling stakes under other people.

Increases the gambling stake in Duan Sanchang later, some also in abundance completely throw their pulling down goods. Here hundred million crystal stones, this little brother is painful, I help him.” I also come, I also 200 million, this is final!” 300 million, have spelled, kills this brat!” „......” And also many old fellow, even also some people treasure sword anything lost. At this time, adds completely, accumulated three ten billion crystal stone! In the Shen Xiang heart laughs, he truly intentionally makes alchemic furnace vibrate, for completely squeezes the wealth of this group of people. Ji Meixian has still not chipped, she was excited, because she also wants to make Shen Xiang lose very ugly, but she knows the Shen Xiang's status, knows that Duan Sanchang is the Shen Xiang's friend, she sees Duan Sanchang to work as the request at the same time, knows has the trick. Peach Blossom Daughter of Heaven Mu Jialan, looks completely relaxed, beautiful eyes is limpid, Jing Jing (quietly) watches the matter that has at present, she is not person of the liking to gamble, does not struggle the fame and fortune, therefore had not been enticed by Shen Xiang. alchemic furnace shook more and more fiercely, probably momentarily could split open then explode, the people also hid by far, is worried to be hit by the alchemic furnace fragment. The prosperous pills shop was very big, gathered many people, moreover was quite famous, Shen Xiang these days, the matter has spread over the entire street, some famous family juniors of liking to gamble, have caught up, encircled in the spacious hall.

They inquired Shen Xiang, knew that can also chip, without hesitation throws down crystal stones. Quick, the gambling stake of people accumulated to four ten billion crystal stone! „The prosperous pills shop starts doing business is so long, is the first time has been so lively, I also think which Dan King holds my gathering place, has not thought that some people gambl in this.” The old sound, conveys together slowly. Father!” Tan Zhongsen hastily walked, comes person Dan King Tan Shang. unexpectedly has brought in Dan King, the people secretly are also surprised, some people have not thought that can witness the Dan King elegant demeanor fortunately. Dan King Tan Shang, this is one makes the person look like very pleasing to the eyes old man, although is the old man appearance, but the sound is having an imposing manner, he does not put on luxuriously, but actually the scholarly, decorates very appropriately, has a Immortal flavor. Little brother, you get rid is ten grains of White Jade Lotus Seed, and has purchased so precious Heavenly Fate Box, thinks that you have certain background, does not know that you also do accept to chip at this time?” The Tan Shang clear and resonant voice said. Can make Dan King enter wrap, in the Shen Xiang heart blossomed happily, he said with a smile: Naturally accepts, has Dan King to accept this invite to support, even if lost, I will also be very happy!”