World Defying Dan God - Volume 9 - Chapter 839
Really straightforward, I trust you, here is five one billion crystal stones. I also come small gambling, the rare prosperous pills shop is so lively!” Tan Shang said with a smile, waved to shoot storage pouch, people Divine Sense sweeps, discovered that in truly has five one billion crystal stones, was similar to the hill piles in inside space generally. Are 5 billion only small gambling? If the big gambling? Worthily is Dan King, gets rid to scare to death a big piece of gambler casually. It looks like in Shen Xiang, this Dan King was too stingy, 5 billion? He thought how to say must 50 billion! Dan King Tan Shang has chipped, moreover is so big, the people had recognized that now Shen Xiang must lose, they lose everything, must chip, at this time the ground were also many many good magic treasure weapon anything, altogether accumulated 50 billion! The heart of Duan Sanchang has jumped crazily, if Shen Xiang wins, but the pit died many people, had been knocked the black stick including Dan King by him. Tan Shang naturally does not favor Shen Xiang, at this time he sees Shen Xiang to be stern-faced, moreover pills sways to keep, has to explode the sign of furnace, the success ratio is extremely low, let alone itself these herbs were more rotten, he has not grasped to build up, let alone is little rascal. In the Shen Xiang heart the sinister smile, he was thinking that now has developed similarly, sees only that is swaying alchemic furnace suddenly to stand firm, is similar to great mountain steady deciding there. In the original conscience very happy these people, were fantasizing after this has won one, must make anything, but at this time their complexion slaughter person becomes very ugly, so long as not the silly person, can guess correctly that Shen Xiang is intentionally! Ji Meixian has watched, she already knows that Shen Xiang and Duan Sanchang their coordination with each other, in her heart has been criticizing. One by being struck by lightning Tomb Raider, one young bastard who is to let her hates to the marrow of the bones, they collaborate, grinningly jumps in them to dig in the good fiery pit including Dan King. The Dan King complexion is also very ugly, he does not have to think one lived was so long, unexpectedly for a while, was given by little rascal silly cloudy. Naturally, he cannot say anything, because Shen Xiang has not violated the rule. But some alchemy masters were admire Shen Xiang very much, unexpectedly must refine Iron Bone Dan! Shen Xiang built up more than double-hour, has been using dual Refining Simulation Technique, at this time has congealed pill, if not herbs is too disappointing, he must certainly build up two grains. However herbs has come to the verge of death, herbal Spirit Qi vanished, he can succeed to refine one grain is good, after all Iron Bone Dan is in itself only pill one grain.

The moment passes by, Shen Xiang said with a smile: Made disappointed!” Presents most people's complexion is the same, like the water, wishes one could to rip the fragment Shen Xiang gloomy, unexpectedly lets in their one after another plunging into snares. For Duan Sanchang is not doubtable, low coldly snorted: Damn young bastard, this account I will certainly remember!” Shen Xiang lightly smiled, opens furnace lid, sees only the golden color and black Qi mist fills the air, grain of glossy black pill pellet reappears all over the body, outside is pasting faint trace golden Qi mist. [gold/metal] Qi twines, understands at a glance is Iron Bone Dan, moreover excellent quality! Sees this grain of quality so high Iron Bone Dan, the alchemy master on the scene includes Dan King, cannot help but changes countenance. Dan King Tan Shang ta comes, waves, making Iron Bone Dan float on his palm, making him carefully watch. Truly is Iron Bone Dan, the quality excellent!” Tan Shang in the heart also has to acclaim high of Shen Xiang's alchemy technique at this time, unexpectedly can build up quality excellent pill with waste herbs. Other alchemy masters also in abundance encircle carefully to look! Shen Xiang said with a smile: Then these things were my!” Then, Shen Xiang under the vision that the people torch, smilingly packs crystal stones storage pouch these and in some magic treasure anything's total revenue Hidden Jade Ring, making Su Meiyao they take inventory in inside. In many person hearts in drop blood, even some people want to cry, that was they saved for a long time wealth, even though they were gentle, but also used many painstaking care to save these many crystal stones, but actually completely has lost to little rascal now!

Only then these old fellow also calculate the comparison to see through, but these young people, basically lose the wool not to remain, gave their magic treasure and weapon including family sect loses! Many people are criticizing that Dan King Tan Shang, if not Tan Shang walks, loses into five one billion crystal stones conveniently, they will not press the complete net worth! Damn young bastard, my crystal stones, my treasure sword, my treasure armor......” These had been finished, goes back definitely to be scolded by the father, anything lost! Do I want to go back? The expense that now transmits is much higher!” „To butcher this little rascal really!” „The young bastard of day killing, a person has eaten up 50 billion, he did not fear that is supporting?” In the prosperous pills shop is depressed, the person who Ji Meixian and Mu Jialan escape death by a hair's breadth only, in their hearts to rejoice in other people's misfortune! Although Peach Blossom Son of Heaven unemotionally, but in heart has actually despised at present this little rascal! Child of City Lord and Association Master is also so, this not only lost crystal stones, but also lost face, before they also in every possible way ridiculed Shen Xiang. Father, is this really Iron Bone Dan?” Tan Zhongsen is hard to accept at present the fact, he also lost one billion crystal stones, for him is not the small number, although his father is Dan King, but casually will actually not give him crystal stones. Quality excellent Iron Bone Dan!” Dan King Tan Shang very earnestly said, making people lose. Ha Ha...... Was embarrassed, this is the luck, I am only the luck good to build up. Let you lose has selected crystal stones also really to feel sorry, next time will have the opportunity we to play a happiness again!” The Shen Xiang's words are especially grating, making people wish one could to gang up to surround and beat up his.

Luck? Goes to his mother's luck!” A guy said: Feels sorry, gives back to us crystal stones!” Shen Xiang said with a smile: Everybody is the hero who is willing the gambling to concede, if I give back to everybody crystal stones, that is equal to insulting everybody's personality, tramples everybody's dignity, the little brother cannot make this injustice the matter!” Nonsense dignity, nonsense personality, value several crystal stones?” In the people heart scolded together. Shen Xiang smilingly arrives at the counter: I Heavenly Fate Box inside herbs refined into Iron Bone Dan, according to the rule, you must return purchase Heavenly Fate Box crystal stones to me, but must to me Iron Bone Dan herbs, this was before reaches an agreement!” Tan Shang nodded to that storekeeper, then walked, gives back to Shen Xiang Iron Bone Dan. Little brother, who your is Master? Can teach that your such disciple, your Master should not be the obscure individual is right!” Tan Shang asked that presented many people also to know that which old son of a bitch was, taught such cloudy little rascal. Shen Xiang said with a smile: My Master is also is really the obscure individual, but my founder is actually not, my founder named Li Tianjun.” Dan King Li Tianjun! This is many years ago on the famous person, heard Li Tianjun these three characters, the alchemy masters on the scene were scared, no wonder will have such small monstruous talent, unexpectedly obtains transiting the discipling from Li Tianjun! Little brother's name is......” in the Tan Shang heart has mixed emotions, Li Tianjun unexpectedly also has the successor! Li Renshan, benevolent Renyi kernel, good friendliness!” Shen Xiang is smiling, while received Iron Bone Dan herbs and 900 million five ten millions crystal stones that storekeeper hands over. In the people heart scolded lowly, this where was Renshan? They thought that should be called Li Xiemo to be right, Duan Sanchang thought Shen Xiang clearly blind this name.