World Defying Dan God - Volume 9 - Chapter 840
Shen Xiang pretends to be Li Tianjun grand disciple, on the one hand is makes the person not suspect White Jade Lotus Seed and excellent alchemy technique that his grasps, moreover is makes others dread him . Moreover the person who will not win over by these harasses him. Although Shen Xiang has not seen Li Tianjun, but actually very feels grateful Li Tianjun, medicine garden that because Li Tianjun leaves behind, making him benefit greatly, moreover obtained that mysterious divine book from Li Tianjun Refiners Scroll, above has innumerable mysterious fierce large formation and spirit pattern. Does not know that the little brother is willing to become the alchemy master in head store? As for treatment, definitely said.” Tan Shang unexpectedly wants to gather Li Tianjun grand disciple. Does not use, I like a person coming and going freely, I dull will not be long in Pill City, my these time comes out is mainly comes out to travel, the matters of line of Renshan, the development field of vision, enhances the mood.” Shen Xiang is smiling shaking the head. Tan Shang fell five one billion crystal stones by a little rascal pit, in the heart very much has not certainly been feeling well, at this time sees Shen Xiang not to join his prosperous pills shop, he sets firm resolve, well a moment ago must make Shen Xiang win spits. Must know that Li Tianjun is one generation of famous Dan King, that first Mysterious Realm that he leaves behind although had been discovered that being well-known entire Human Territory, but actually few people can inquire about the thing in inside . Moreover the people who Heaven World gets down died in inside, there also became Danger Zone. But the Li Tianjun successor, gets rid is ten grains of White Jade Lotus Seed, rare and precious herbs that obviously carries along are many. Little brother is really a free and easy person, does not know that you are also willing to bet with the old man? A moment ago was just I small has played, has not enjoyed oneself to the full!” Tan Shang also smilingly said. Shen Xiang smiles heroically: Naturally accompanies, but must play plays in a big way!” People one startled, this Li Xiemo unexpectedly also wants to end is bigger, but Dan King also earnest, these definitely was Pill City most greatly gambls! Duan Sanchang said with a smile intentionally cloudy: Little brother good boldness, to be straightforward enough, unexpectedly you want to play in a big way, was inferior that my half double-hour, I go to spread over Pill City the news, allowing more people to participate to chip, but the premise is you must be able to repay.” In Pill City everybody is true nouveau riche, words that draws completely, these time perhaps is the new world in history has gambled most greatly, if Shen Xiang loses, will suffer a more disastrous defeat, the people very anticipate this occurrence. This does not need to alarm the entire city, if the little brother wants to play a happiness, the old man accompanies your that's it.” Tan Shang calm and composed, waved, said: Little brother, bet in the way, you can choose Heavenly Fate Box, but you must choose one billion crystal stones above Heavenly Fate Box to be good.”

Shen Xiang sets firm resolve, must make this old fellow lose spits blood, afterward arrives by these Heavenly Fate Box, starts to choose. Tan Shang has certainly more than enough the dark move, therefore he also plans the try one's chance, he bets Shen Xiang unable to build up pill once more successfully. At present these Heavenly Fate Box inside herbs, are Earth Level middle-grade is in the majority, many are the side door, is very difficult to refine, needs 2nd level Refining Simulation Technique to be good. Shen Xiang chooses main herbs to be few as far as possible, moreover quite useful pill comes, this needs Long Xueyi and Su Meiyao coordinates, can help him make the best choice. Beautiful Face Pill, after eating up, can let some old fellow reduction wrinkles, can make the flesh of old fellow is the same with the young people, but must eat is good, regarding person who these care about the appearance very much, this pill is important.” Su Meiyao said. main herbs , is same, is Snow Jade Grass, compared with difficult refinement is this herbs is very difficult to melt, once melts, will be easy to evaporate like the water.” one billion crystal stones, only then same herbs so was precious, obviously this Beautiful Face Pill is popular, takes away the auction, can on to two one billion crystal stones, but eats one grain to be useless, must eat many grains to have the effect. Many old fellow can also maintain the young appearances, depends upon this pill. Shen Xiang has bought this Heavenly Fate Box, after opening looked, many alchemy masters in abundance shake the head. Little brother's luck is good, unexpectedly can choose Snow Jade Grass!” Tan Shang said with a smile. Oh, this pill, even if nine levels of alchemy masters is ten builds up nine defeats, needs 2nd level Refining Simulation Technique to refine successfully.” old man sighed. What has regarding Heavenly Fate Box, Dan King is clearest, that is Snow Jade Grass, even if he, does not have the perfect assurance to build up, let alone is little rascal?

Since is Dan King must play in a big way with me, that for everybody is happy, I no longer was hiding that thing.” Shen Xiang has not cared about that Beautiful Face Pill to have is difficult to refine, is he intentionally chose, he has certainly to build up self-confidently! He has put out a shining fruit, seems like a [gold/metal] apple, but glittering golden light, is actually puncturing the person unfamiliar pain, understood at a glance that this fruit is very uncommon, moreover is pasting indistinctly light immortal tool. Diamond Fruit!” Ji Meixian and Dan King Tan Shang simultaneously shouted, but this type of fruit existence of close Immortal Fruit, refines Primordial Diamond Dan main herbs. Even if Heaven World is difficult to seek, but Shen Xiang has this type of thing unexpectedly, Ji Meixian is secret, Shen Xiang imagines her is much more mystical. Two good eyes, you, since knows that I did not need me to say.” Shen Xiang laughed, this Diamond Fruit he does not dare to eat carelessly, this is Quenching Body Heaven Level High-Grade herbs, his present fleshly body cannot withstand Diamond Fruit strength. Heaven Level High-Grade herbs, can refine Heaven Level High-Grade Dan, even if Dan King may not refine. Tan Shang as Dan King, if he can have this type of thing, the prestige can definitely promote many, now no one dares to regard as an idiot Shen Xiang, will an idiot have the thing that this close Immortal Fruit has? 50 grains of Life Returning Pill......” Dan King, do not crack a joke!” Shen Xiang he he smiles, received Diamond Fruit. Dan King Tan Shang naturally knows one is a little poor, moreover he wants to make Shen Xiang open the gambling as soon as possible, otherwise was known by other old fellow troubled. You said!” Tan Shang said.

100 grains of Life Returning Pill, two 100 billion crystal stones, in addition your this prosperous pills shop, in all pills including pills shop!” Shen Xiang said with a smile. In the people heart in great surprise, this Evil Devil youngster unexpectedly wants to make others lose all the family property at present. You are lion big start to talk!” Tan Zhongsen immediately shouted. Shen Xiang lightly smiled, was saying to Duan Sanchang: This you, has work you to ask in the city these Dan King to come, I think that perhaps they link the underpants to detain!” Worthily is the Li Tianjun successor, since you put out Diamond Fruit this type of thing to bet, then the old man also naturally must accompany! Did not need to ask others to come, I and you bet!” Tan Shang took a deep breath, categorical shouted: 100 grains of Life Returning Pill, two 100 billion crystal stones, with my prosperous pills shop!” The audience are at a loss for words immediately, this was detains the complete net worth! Heaven Level High-Grade herbs, ten thousand years rare one presently, although Heaven Level low-grade has many, but has missed two ranks eventually! Must play plays in a big way, bets with the Heaven Level High-Grade fruit, another must certainly pay the same level price to be good!