World Defying Dan God - Volume 9 - Chapter 841
After Tan Shang makes the decision decisively, came two hair gray old man, knows Diamond Fruit to appear, they disregard Pill City directly bans the spatial rule, sharply flies. However, finally they are disappointed, because they came late, the gambling stake that otherwise they opened, can certainly move Shen Xiang, this made them envy dead Tan Shang. At this time has three Dan King on the spot, many alchemy masters and famous family juniors, this scene little has appeared in Pill City. Beautiful Face Pill that Shen Xiang must refine, difficulty not only big, but also the market is limited, regarding these young people, Beautiful Face Pill is the waste, but in these old fellow eyes, is actually very valuable. brat, you lost, this broken herbs, you gave up any idea of that built up Beautiful Face Pill to come.” Must old man shake the head to sigh steadily was saying. Shen Xiang looks at that Heavenly Fate Box Snow Jade Grass, is only lightly smiled, this Snow Jade Grass lost the vitality, looks like death Qi heavy, although the surface is sending out the weak cold air, but the grass does not have the snow jade to be like that beautiful, instead also somewhat turns yellow. Complete Snow Jade Grass, seems the ice myo- beautiful white skin of young girl, plays musical instruments to break, is very beautiful, so long as is understands to select the pills people to know that bead Snow Jade Grass in Shen Xiang can only swallow to display the biggest use directly, depending on the rare and precious degree, pours also value ** hundred million crystal stones. This arrogant little rascal, was the luck was before good, how this time looked at his cause of death?” Pill Association Association Master son, Ye He said with a sneer. His diehards Chu Quanfei then said: Diamond Fruit, this black sheep of the family this time will definitely lose is a mass of cuts and bruises! This time he will not be successful, even if Pill Association Association Master comes not the absolute assurance.” Shen Xiang smiles lightly: Gambling is this, no one has the perfect assurance, will therefore have the division of victory and loss, this natural trying one's luck! If you do not dare to bet, let alone this words.” little rascal, do you dare to accept us to chip in again!” The Duan Sanchang sound is intentionally virulent, the sinister woods asked. Has what does not dare? However I remember that you must lose all probably!” Shen Xiang intentionally ironic [say / way].

Duan Sanchang laughs: little rascal that your this has not seen the world, you do not certainly know what my name is Duan is what background?” Sees Shen Xiang to be so self-confident at this time, Duan Sanchang knows that this such does, Dan King that two just came dragging launching, not only so, he must drag more person launching, making a Shen Xiang ticket gain overturns the heavens. I do not know your anything background, words that but you do not chip, don't at the same time wordy.” Duan Sanchang sneers, puts out a palm of the hand big sapphire, this jade most special place, is above has many spirit pattern. Knows that what this is?” Duan Sanchang raises that sapphire, asked. Three Dan King on the scene look dignified, tightens the old eyebrow, is staring at that sapphire. Is it possible that is this Heavenspan Ancient Jade? It is said such jade in the side, can cross Nirvana Tribulation successfully!” Tan Shang took a deep breath, said. The Mu Jialan nod said: Right, is Heavenspan Family mysterious ancient jade, from this jade above spirit pattern, should be a Nirvana tribulation.” Ji Meixian then said: in other words, so long as there is this jade on the body, crosses a Nirvana tribulation time can undying, is specifically what kind, only then Heavenspan Family these fellows know! However heard, only then the bloodlines of Heavenspan Family can use, the words that others use, the Nirvana Tribulation might was weaken.” This jade, is absolutely priceless, if an influence obtains, can be easier to train one to cross martial artist of Nirvana tribulation in large numbers. Must know that many influence many disciples stay in the Tempering Realm peak, does not dare Nirvana!

Now the people also understand that Heavenspan Family so will be why formidable, because they have this mysterious and strange Heavenspan Ancient Jade, can train massive Nirvana expert! „When is the person use of Heavenspan Family, transcends tribulation same profits infinitely, although did not guarantee to cross, but the Nirvana Tribulation might will reduce most! This thing little said that also value three four 100 billion, can you also bet?” Duan Sanchang said with a sneer. The people criticize Duan Sanchang this fellow, unexpectedly are returning the ruined family compared with Shen Xiang, puts out this Patriarch supreme treasure to bet. Only then Ji Meixian knows that Duan Sanchang and Shen Xiang are one group, therefore Duan Sanchang dares to chip in this treasure! If I lost, I give you six 100 billion!” Shen Xiang said indifferently. At this time Duan Sanchang said to that Chu Quanfei and Ye He: Two, this little rascal family property is very thick, perhaps can also knock a point anything to come, might as well goes to call your fathers, making them also join in the fun!” After Chu Quanfei and Ye He hear, nodded. Waiting, us is urging to go faster returns!” Tan Shang now is not anxious, because Shen Xiang and he has bet, that Diamond Fruit is his, that Association Master and City Lord came , can only worry dry, moreover how he also wants to have a look at the complexion of two. Ji Meixian wants to pierce Shen Xiang and Duan Sanchang plot at this time very much, but she does not dare, otherwise Shen Xiang will certainly put that image crystal inside content, but looks that these Dan King plunge into the fiery pit, makes her feel very satisfying, heart cannot help but acclaimed Shen Xiang and Duan Sanchang these two bastards. At this time, that must Dan King arrive around Shen Xiang steadily, said with a smile: Little brother, heard that you are the Li Tianjun successor, you can with obtaining Diamond Fruit, confirmed that you said not false! You and your founder are equally straightforward, really inherits, does not know that you can make the old man also play a happiness?”

This afterward Dan King, unexpectedly also cancould help chipping, but crystal stones could not entice him, what he needed was Diamond Fruit this Heaven Level High-Grade herbs. This must Dan King clearly know the probability that steadily others win is not big, reminded others a moment ago, now unexpectedly must bet with others, this clarifies settles on high rank herbs that others Li Tianjun inherits. Shen Xiang was very happy that these Dan King court death, therefore he is glad to accept them to join very much, he said with a smile: brat also Transcend Nine Deaths Flower, although is inferior to that Diamond Fruit, but also is the rare and precious thing, does not know whether Senior can put out to let the brat satisfied thing!” During the speeches, Shen Xiang has put out a thumb big black floret, feels strange energy that this flower releases, in the people heart feels pressure from mind. So long as had heard Transcend Nine Deaths Flower person, at this moment the whole face is astonished, the complete delay, looks at that black floret stubbornly! Transcend Nine Deaths Flower, refines the Transcend Dan thing, can have very big assurance to cross Nirvana Ninth Tribulation! Also several Nirvana eight tribulations old man on the scene, they at this time excitedly look at this flower. Transcend Dan regarding them, be more precious than that Diamond Fruit! They are not the Heavenspan Family people, facing Nirvana Ninth Tribulation when is a narrow escape.