World Defying Dan God - Volume 9 - Chapter 842
Now the people believe in firmly to the status that Shen Xiang's pretends, in their opinion, has the Li Tianjun successor some these many rare and precious spirit herb. That must Dan King look that steadily that bead Transcend Nine Deaths Flower is in a daze, was shaken including him. Senior, a bit faster makes the decision, or I gave others.” Shen Xiang said with a smile. That Tan Shang adds on massive crystal stones also to have the entire within prosperous pills shop to take the gambling stake with 100 grains of Life Returning Pill, although that Transcend Nine Deaths Flower is Heaven Level low-grade, but if contrasts, the value is actually not the least bit off, was located in Heaven Level low-grade, because is quite easy to refine. Good Fortune Fruit......” must old man say steadily. Shen Xiang shakes the head: Good Fortune Fruit I have, does not have the attraction to me.” Must old man long sigh steadily, makes a very significant decision likely, said: „The Life Returning Pill 30 grains, a Primordial Dan grain, adds Primordial Dan herbs again!” The people hold breath immediately cold air, Primordial Dan, although compared with many Primordial Diamond Dan, but actually is also Heaven Level Low-Grade Dan, is Nirvana Realm old fellow promotion strength easiest-to-use one pill. But 30 grains of Life Returning Pill , is very precious, now the people know these Dan King foundation, each Dan King many Life Returning Pill in side. Good!” Shen Xiang urgently needed promotes cultivation base now, that five beast image of his dantian is a bottomless pit, only then can fill with this high level pill fast. This old fellow, loses definitely will cry.” Su Meiyao said with a smile tenderly. Here Dan King, he had not planned that at this time must with the Shen Xiang gambling, he watch in the one side, obviously is having the scruples, is a very sly fellow.

Shen Xiang has recognized this Dan King, this Dan King and Dongfang Lingyun relationship is very good, because of him, Dongfang Lingyun can hide in Pill Association. Those who make Shen Xiang somewhat depressed is, he planned waited for that Pill Association Association Master and Pill City City Lord comes, but that two brat went such for a long time not to invite their fathers, instead came two people to pass on to here person, making them not need again, Association Master and City Lord does not come. Shen Xiang one hear, knows that Association Master and City Lord intentionally do not come, he also thought that somewhat was a pity, can now with two Dan King to the gambling, calculated well. Before having, that time, many people become very honest, does not have the blind joining gambling house. After having inspected pill furnace, two Dan King stand in the side, carefully looks at Shen Xiang alchemy, their this cannot attempt to pervert for Shen Xiang. These Son of Heaven Daughter of Heaven stand on one side to watch, because these time was bigger than the gambling stake, how they also want to take a look at the result, after all was the Li Tianjun successor, perhaps from now on will blossom in radiant splendor in young one generation, they sooner or later must encounter. Reason that Shen Xiang has big confidence , because he has these auxiliary herbs that uses Soul Creation Fluid to train, is some year very big ginsengs, spirit mushroom and so on thing. These auxiliary herbs can provide very rich special life Yuan Qi, so long as permeates to Snow Jade Grass that in that soon dies massively, can make that Snow Jade Grass die and be reborn. herbs wants is complete herbs, grasped depending on him has refined the Refining Spirit Golden Dan foundation, so long as were Earth Level Middle-Grade Dan, for him was a cinch! Shen Xiang puts in dying Snow Jade Grass pill furnace, with big pile of auxiliary herbs together, as he puts produce fire flame burning down, auxiliary herbs releases massive rich life Yuan Qi, these life Yuan Qi are Soul Creation Fluid unique, quick by that Snow Jade Grass absorption, being made Snow Jade Grass restore vigorously the vitality.

Had anything in alchemic furnace, no one can see, naturally does not know this divine tool one, otherwise no one is willing with the Shen Xiang gambling. Like before, Shen Xiang was calm, controls the flame earnestly, was burning down inside herbs. That must Dan King say steadily, that Snow Jade Grass is very difficult to burn down, moreover oneself also has a very fierce ice cold strength, can resist the flame invasion, firm such as diamond is ordinary, is hard to cremate. Even if he has Universe Fire Spirit, can release Universe Fire, facing Snow Jade Grass, is very hard to attack and capture, his Refining Simulation Technique grasps luckily well, even if first time burns down Snow Jade Grass, he can touch clearly this herbs characteristics, then makes him display 2nd level Refining Simulation Technique. This Snow Jade Grass looks like probably burns is not friendly is the same , but once arrives at certain time, actually meets suddenly to explode, if grasps to the flame in that instantaneously not well, the Snow Jade Grass evaporation of water. This Snow Jade Grass has the multiple variables, therefore needs 2nd level Refining Simulation Technique, even if so, must grasp the instance that Snow Jade Grass suddenly melts, but must depend upon the feeling of alchemy master, that inherent, has the ability that feels keenly to the herbs change! These are refine the Beautiful Face Pill difficulty, Su Meiyao and Shen Xiang have mentioned. Beforehand Iron Bone Dan does not need 2nd level Refining Simulation Technique . Moreover the herbs characteristics are temperate, not like this Snow Jade Grass so cunning and unreasonable, is hard to serve, therefore these alchemy masters think that Shen Xiang can build up Iron Bone Dan successfully, includes very big luck in inside, has again is the pressure. When many alchemy masters, through attending some competition congresses, use competition that atmosphere comes to bring the invisible pressure to oneself, stimulates own potential, was quite broken through by oneself, the audiences alchemy master thinks that Shen Xiang may is this situation. These Dan King did not speak, was Jing Jing (quietly) looks that they have gotten down the person of big gambling stake, if lost, lost seriously, especially that Dan King Tan Shang, the complete net worth detained!

Heaven Level pill is also very precious in Heaven World, that Diamond Fruit makes Ji Meixian excited, but she actually knows that wants words that snatches from Shen Xiang, ascending to heaven is much more difficult, perhaps also to meet Shen Xiang making a false countercharge maliciously, she personally has experienced. Ruxue jade common grass, in Shen Xiang has burnt down a double-hour after the raging fire, finally has the sign of melting, in that instantaneous, he receives the flame suddenly, boils down with the supple fire slowly, so long as has the change slightly, he can control that gentle flame immediately. Feels fire intensity suddenly restraining that pill furnace releases, that two Dan King complexions are dignified, Shen Xiang's controls fire skill is very excellent, arrived at having one's wish Realm, feels ashamed of one's inferiority including them. They thought has 80% place assurances to win, but they are cloudy the face not to speak at this time, that appearance probably immediately was dying was the same, a face was dark. In the people heart was rejoicing secretly has not chipped , will otherwise be buried along with the dead to these two Dan King! Must the Dan King complexion be slightly more attractive steadily, even if lost, he is loses a grain of pill and herbs, although is very precious, but has not actually vacillated his attack. However Tan Shang is different, not only lost the family property, but also lost face! Tan Zhongsen is gripping tightly the fist, wishes one could to fight with the fists to explode Shen Xiang that steadily such as mountain pill furnace, if his father lost, the owner in this prosperous pills shop must change the name, later can he gain ground?