World Defying Dan God - Volume 9 - Chapter 843
The heart of people mentioned on throat, anxiously and looks at Shen Xiang's alchemic furnace peacefully, lost crystal stones and magic treasure person a moment ago, at this time to rejoice in other people's misfortune, whom because no matter who loses to win, in their hearts will feel better very much. Two Dan King lost, then also same becomes the loser with them, moreover suffers a more disastrous defeat, if Shen Xiang lost, they will also think to dispel anger. Shen Xiang planned makes pill furnace sway, thinks one's old tricks heavy, but here person is not a fool, was played one time, definitely will not have the second time. With the discouraged law, makes the pill furnace cover open a fine drawn intentionally, making that tyrannical herbal Spirit Qi scatter.” Su Meiyao leaves the scheme to Shen Xiang, she is true Dan Immortal, ten Dan King cannot compare her. In Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace, that Snow Jade Grass melted, is burnt down with Universe Fire by Shen Xiang, separates inside herbal Spirit Qi and herbal powder. When he Snow Jade Grass fusion of herbal Spirit Qi and auxiliary herbs, will make pill furnace inside aura very tyrannical! To this step, basically already during Shen Xiang's controls, for also drags launching that Dan King finally, he according to does, making Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace furnace lid that Su Meiyao said open, reveals a very thin crack, but was only the flash is covered by him. In that instantaneous, wisp of herbal Spirit Qi scatters from inside, although only then a wisp, but these alchemy masters and Dan King can actually distinguish this wisp of herbal Spirit Qi to have many spirit herb to mix together. That two Dan King relaxed immediately, when they see the Shen Xiang's complexion to change, being sweating profusely time, in their hearts started to laugh. unexpectedly was discouraged, this is the alchemy big death anniversary, this Lu pill has ruined, dying Snow Jade Grass originally on few herbal Spirit Qi, but actually revealed one wisp, even if were Dan Immortal descends to earth is unable to save you.” Tan Zhongsen gloomy and cold said with a smile. alchemy time, pays great attention to herbal Spirit Qi very much, once lets its reveal little, was very difficult to succeed. That Su Meiyao teaches, made pills sway more effective, moreover can be persuasive, especially these Dan King, were having the smiling face including the eye at this time.

Big Sister Meixian , helping!” Shen Xiang suddenly to Ji Meixian sound transmission, Ji Meixian, although is his big foe, but their relationship is very strange at this time, Ji Meixian must protect him, sometimes must follow him. Ji Meixian also caught that herbal Spirit Qi a moment ago, but she actually feels furnace lid to open that instantaneous, pill furnace inside rich incomparable herbal Spirit Qi, although her not alchemy, but actually could see that pill furnace inside herbal Spirit Qi enough concentrates pill. She guessed correctly quickly that this is Shen Xiang intentionally makes others enter the method of pit, moreover shook pill furnace that move to be much wiser than before. I can help you drag launching these fellows, but you must give me that image crystal.” Ji Meixian responded with Divine Sense. That is considers as finished, that image crystal has compared with anything valuable!” Shen Xiang said with a smile. Good, if you give me five grains of Life Returning Pill, I help you drag down that Dan King together, as for other these mixed fish, look at them.” Ji Meixian said: I will make Mu Jialan also get rid, when the time comes you must grain of Life Returning Pill take the reward to her!” So long as has won, Shen Xiang can obtain 100 grains of Life Returning Pill from Tan Shang there, if can also multi- pit Dan King, then absolute value! Good, does not have the issue, but the premise was you must give the pit to be good that sly Dan King.” Shen Xiang complies, that and Dongfang Lingyun relationship very good Dan King, is aloof to the present, obviously is not good to cope. That must look that you touched him with anything.” Ji Meixian coldly snorted. They use Divine Sense to exchange, agrees to cooperate, because this is both has the matter of advantage to both sides. This Young Master, you are the Li Tianjun successor, thinks that revealed the herbal Spirit Qi minor matter not to delay a moment ago absolutely your right!” Ji Meixian takes off the mask, reveals a suffocating beautiful face, the eyes like the water, the sound tender sweet light and lively, is bringing charming, making many men look at the eye value.

Shen Xiang has squinted her eyes, said with a sneer: Naturally cannot delay me to congeal the pill success merit! What's wrong? White Sea does Daughter of Heaven want to chip in inadequately? Worthily is the woman, is careful enough, is discrete enough!” The Ji Meixian physique is graceful, the coquettish look like silk, the sound is tenderly sweet and charming, at this time her Yanran said with a smile: „Doesn't Young Master Li dare to make the girl join now? Was worried that the woman is unlucky?” Can lose to White Sea Daughter of Heaven this beautiful woman, I wish for earnestly. But I always am play in a big way, White Sea Daughter of Heaven was looking at the same time was so long, should be very clear!” The Shen Xiang sound is light, but he said that the forehead while sweats. Two 100 billion crystal stones! Does not know whether to satisfy the Young Master appetite?” The Ji Meixian white hands wield, unexpectedly has shot two 100 billion crystal stones. The people are all startled, especially that Peach Blossom Sacred Realm's Son of Heaven Jing Xingliang, similarly is Sacred Realm Heaven's Chosen Child, but one billion crystal stones on his limit, he has not thought that this Ji Meixian unexpectedly is so crazy, puts out two 100 billion all of a sudden! White Sea Daughter of Heaven has chipped, before remained unmoved, but now actually when is most essential, has gotten down a very big note, at this time many people vacillated! Young Master Li, the girl does not have Sister Meixian these many crystal stones, does not know that 2 billion whether to chip in?” The surface obstructs the Peach Blossom Daughter of Heaven inquiry of pink cloth and silk saying that if sound oriole, delightful intoxicant, the look such as deep autumn waters, as if can sink to the heart of man. Shen Xiang said with a smile: Beautiful woman, if can win me 2 billion, thinks for a lifetime on the heart? Even if I lost, can be inscribed for a lifetime that also value by so the beautiful woman!” Mu Jialan chuckle, tosses into storage pouch. Two Daughter of Heaven have both gotten rid, two 100 billion crystal stones, 2 billion, do not start at this time, when treats? One flock of draft animals in order to make two Daughter of Heaven take a liking to one, not awfully lost own family property.

In addition Ji Meixian that two 100 billion, in ground accumulated to 270 billion. „The Tianjun successor, is really uncommon, the old man wants to chip in very much, but does not know whether the little brother can put out the thing that is worth the old man getting rid of?” That Dan King finally start to talk! Shen Xiang cannot certainly disappoint this sly Dan King, otherwise can obtain this Dan King best thing? That must look that what thing Dan King Senior can put out?” Shen Xiang does not look at this Dan King intentionally, making people think that he does not want to make this Dan King participate. Is this, this Dan King more wants to join, now he confirmed that Shen Xiang this furnace pill must discard, because also had weak wisp of herbal Spirit Qi to reveal a moment ago. These Dan King know that this does not reveal absolutely intentionally, otherwise Shen Xiang is an idiot, will crack a joke with this matter, even if their these Dan King with best spirit herb alchemy, does not dare readily to make herbal Spirit Qi reveal. Especially fuses to 50% tyrannical herbal Spirit Qi, although is only one wisp, but the content are many, a wisp may create the mistake that is unable to make up for fully. The people wait for that sly Dan King to get rid, wants to have a look at him to put out anything to come and Shen Xiang gambling!