World Defying Dan God - Volume 9 - Chapter 845
Sacred Realm and Heavenspan Family inside the matter of Son of Heaven Daughter of Heaven disagreement, already was not something new. This is the Peach Blossom Sacred Realm's larger part reserves!” Mu Jialan said that anything is useless, because Jing Xingliang has decided to bet, moreover he thought that will win. Shen Xiang thought that this big fish entered the net, now is also this draw in a net time, his magic power has put, coordinating vast Divine Sense suddenly spout from the forehead, pours into pill furnace directly, speeds up congealing pill speed! Must concentrate pill, complete did Divine Sense use? Divine Sense of high level alchemy master is really not a lid, is really fierce!” A young man said that he is a alchemy master, but is only low level. At this time all the people of chipping in thought that the heart soon stopped being same, the audience was peaceful, turned very quiet completely, line of sight condense of all people on Shen Xiang, making him feel not the small pressure. Especially these have gotten down the person of very big gambling stake, if lost, quite in losing everything, especially Dan King Tan Shang! If Shen Xiang is not one hits nouveau riche, ejects that multiple magnitudes the baits, fishes less than these many big fish absolutely. Shen Xiang at this time is also an anxiety, what are more is excited and excited, especially sees pill furnace inside pill pellet slowly condense forming time! Is about to succeed!” The Shen Xiang suddenly draw calms the mind, he cannot have problems in this crucial point, otherwise falls short. Shen Xiang this time mentality also makes many expert admire secretly, was not all people arrives at this time also to be calm, some alchemy Master Yidan were affected the mind, will be defeated, but Shen Xiang from beginning to end, was not only affected, but also talked with others. If not he declared that one is the Li Tianjun successor, many old fellow think that he was some old fellow feels rejuvenated! The moment passes by, but makes people think that waited for more than ten double-hour, seeing Shen Xiang to relax slowly, unemotionally, the people mood is various, because they have not known that now is succeeds or is defeated, Shen Xiang this fellow truly is also too calm excessively, finally came out, is still self-poise. Oh......” Shen Xiang has sighed deeply, the people expose the smiling face immediately, they think that Shen Xiang failed.

Everybody...... Very happy you can accompany the little brother to play such happily, even if lost, I will also be very happy! Now little brother is not careful wins.” Shen Xiang suddenly smiled, opened pill furnace. Snow white Beautiful Face Pill fluttered, making the person complexion that these chip in coagulate completely, when they see that two grains of snow white Beautiful Face Pill, as if thought that own world suddenly becomes dark, as if thought own suddenly falls into the abyss to be ordinary. Shen Xiang has succeeded, moreover is two grains, snow white busy two grains of Beautiful Face Pill, in person eyes that in these ginseng bet, seems two grains of acute poison incomparable toxicants, the Beautiful Face Pill that white cloud ray, making them feel evil incomparable. Because is these two grains of broken pill, making them lose as if falls into the abyss to be the same! Everybody, restrains your grief and accommodates change!” The Shen Xiang big hand wields, when people were attacked absent-minded, these things completely takes away, although 270 billion, but two 100 billion must give back to Ji Meixian, but can obtain Peach Blossom Son of Heaven that bottle of Peach Blossom Immortal Nectar, the value goes far beyond five 100 billion! Naturally, two other Dan King things, he makes Su Meiyao their have a good look look at that to record Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique stele at this time. Three Dan King are unbelievable, Shen Xiang revealed three wisps of herbal Spirit Qi obviously, but can also succeed, moreover is two grains of Beautiful Face Pill, seems from outside, is quality very good that. These three were attacked heavy old fellow, sway arrives at side Shen Xiang, carefully looks at these two grains of Beautiful Face Pill, truly just refined, but also is having warming up, a grain of quality is slightly worse, but excellent quality. These three Dan King suddenly thought that Shen Xiang is reveals to cheat herbal Spirit Qi intentionally, thinks of this, their intestines were green. At this time in the hall has the faces of many people are green, they are looking angrily at Shen Xiang, the look is similar to the sharp blade, wishes one could to hold several hundred blades Shen Xiang. If here person is not a little status, thinks that fight, that three Dan King, have wanted to write off Shen Xiang! Two Senior, you have not given me the thing!” Shen Xiang smilingly said.

Wish the gambling to concede, takes away!” Must Dan King very be actually straightforward steadily, throws to Shen Xiang storage pouch, 30 grains of Life Returning Pill, grain of Primordial Dan and Primordial Dan herbs. Father......” Tan Zhongsen is looking angrily at Shen Xiang, wishes one could one to cut piece by piece the Shen Xiang's meat. Tan Shang loses miserably, he must to Shen Xiang 100 grains of Life Returning Pill, two 100 billion crystal stones, the entire within prosperous pills shop, the words that but he wins, can obtain Heaven Level High-Grade Diamond Fruit! This is the gambling! Although Shen Xiang by another status, but unavoidably offends a big ticket person, currently has many people to think a homicide. This is 100 grains of Life Returning Pill, two 100 billion crystal stones!” The storekeepers in Tan Shang and several shops left a while, then comes back. Shen Xiang has swept with Divine Sense that storage pouch: Um, this pills shop?” After Tan Shang deeply has attracted several tones, puts out one to inscribe the character the jade board, in an above drop of hemolysis except for the contract, then gives Shen Xiang. This is the title deed of this pills shop, after the Shen Xiang drop blood, confirmed that this title deed is effective, then said with a smile: Many thanks!” Built up furnace Beautiful Face Pill, Shen Xiang has won these many, said that everybody will envy dead his. We walk!” The Tan Shang face darken, the hair is belching smoke, in the heart has angrily, wields the sleeve, has taken away all people in pills shop. Lost person, chatty period of time, nurses hatred to depart, after the person all walked, here is still remaining very rich resentment, making Shen Xiang think funny.

Ha Ha, was my!” Shen Xiang takes off the signboard of prosperous pills shop, sits is laughing in the entrance. This place is a very good road section . Moreover the shop is very big, decorates well, altogether five, behind also has to plant the herbs medicine fields and many gardens very much, entire pills paves probably is a mansion, this sells the pills place is only a facade. A Shen Xiang person could not certainly manage a such big pills shop, but he was actually not worried that after he front door closed, opening protects large formation, preventing others to come in secretly, then the shop that went to Danxiang Taoyuan's to open here. Shen Xiang changed the appearance, puts out Hua Xiangyue to his jade token, making the Danxiang Pavilion steward pass on message to Danxiang Taoyuan, making them send a Danxiang Taoyuan's great person to come. He not in Danxiang Pavilion , etc., but found Ji Meixian first, gives back to her her two 100 billion crystal stones, then has given her six grains of Life Returning Pill. Ji Meixian still lives on that tower. „Did you tell Peach Blossom Daughter of Heaven my matter?” Shen Xiang asked. No!” Ji Meixian coldly said: We cooperated, please leave.” Ji Meixian also very much envies Shen Xiang at this time, she worried that she will unable to bear fight, but she also knows that to Shen Xiang fight is the unwise procedure.