World Defying Dan God - Volume 9 - Chapter 846
Although had been expelled by Ji Meixian, but Shen Xiang's still is very happy, but he now the winner, the Pill City main street and small alley is discussing his matter. Many people visit that prosperous pills shop, but in nobody, everyone guesses that obtained that named Li Renshan fellow to hide. Named Renshan, but actually wicked incomparable, the people who at this time these lose call Li Xiemo. First cloudy was not said that but second also dares to come, moreover makes two Dan King be caught, Peach Blossom Son of Heaven is also loses horrible to look, value five 100 billion one bottle of precious Peach Blossom Immortal Nectar such gave to others. In the views of many people, Duan Sanchang and Ji Meixian also lose are long, but they are the requests that Shen Xiang invited, afterward Shen Xiang not only will give back to them the thing, but also to them reward, if made others know, Duan Sanchang definitely will be chased down by others, but chased down anything, dug others ancestral tomb fellow regarding this, but was the piece of cake. I said Brother Shen, you were too bad, I think the person who now these lose, hides in the room falls the thing...... Ha Ha.” Duan Sanchang said with a smile, the Shen Xiang thing has given back to him completely, at this time they are drinking in the room. You had not seen after that three Dan King walked, complexion that called an ugliness, the whole body to belch smoke, Ha Ha......” Duan Sanchang drank, while was laughing, was choked several times. Shen Xiang takes the winner, is actually very calm, but in the heart is actually very excited. Hehe, here big fish also has, really wants to wash them!” Shen Xiang said with a smile. Later estimated difficultly, had learning from another's mistakes.” Duan Sanchang shakes the head to say. Shen Xiang does not believe that so long as the attraction is enough, he did not fear actually. Now many people are having your idea, you are more careful, although you in Pill City, but offended three Dan King, perhaps depending on these three Dan King that deep background and backgrounds, they will spread fight to your pills.” The Duan Sanchang urging said.

That pills shop is very big, inside has many pills, Shen Xiang has a person, is truly difficult to control, but Shen Xiang has tried to find the solution. You do not need to be worried, today in I can solve this matter.” A Shen Xiang face does not care. After Shen Xiang has fished a big ticket, vanishes without a trace, at this time many people in seeking, many big influences in secret are investigating him, but actually anything cannot look up, resembles this person suddenly to jump from the stone, then vanished. Looks for the Shen Xiang's person, the goal are many, some must know the Shen Xiang's whereabouts, when he goes out of town, then fight, some must win over, some discusses the business, wants to exchange something with him. Shen Xiang has given Duan Sanchang ten grains of Life Returning Pill, but he actually does not want, because Shen Xiang told him the grave of child of Devil God, made him benefit greatly. In that grave has many good things.” Duan Sanchang is placed these things in the ground completely, completely is the things that Devil Qi soars to the heavens, has the blade and so on weapon, some Devil World have the material that some devil art sutra, books, herbs. These things are very precious, especially these devil art, but Shen Xiang's devil art be better than these devil art, therefore he looks much, as for these weapon, is devil cultivator uses, he cannot use. These thing Brother Shen select casually.” Duan Sanchang said very much at will, then but actually liquor. He has not deceived you, in these things has well, conforms to the status of child of Devil God very much, but you use much, these herbs not suitable alchemy, only to be suitable to eat.” Bai Youyou said. Shen Xiang takes up a ash-gray iron rod, ten feet, sinks very much, is very firm, the feel is also good, this is in does not only have the Devil Qi thing. I want this, gives my young apprentice to use.” Shen Xiang said with a smile.

Xiao Chou is Herculean Clan, now Human Territory all Herculean Clan people gather completely together, that is also very formidable strength. Brother Shen, I returned to the family, the books that the child of this Devil God was buried along with the dead had to be valuable, I took to give these old fellow to study.” Duan Sanchang said. Has another chance to meet!” After Duan Sanchang walked, Shen Xiang goes to Danxiang Pavilion immediately, those who let his accident is, great person unexpectedly that Danxiang Taoyuan sends is Hua Xiangyue! Shen Xiang grasps pass on message that jade token sends out, directly passed to Dean, the Hua Xiangyue nature comes personally, having a look at oneself this young master to have anything to tell. She arrives heard matter that Li Tianjun successor, she can confirm immediately that made the talk of the town Li Xiemo is her young master. In a refined room, Shen Xiang comes to see Hua Xiangyue to wear a very fiery long skirt, is revealing the fragrant shoulder, partly is binding in snowy peaks, very deep gullies, dew of a slender beautiful white leg from the long skirt comes out, attractive incomparable. Hua Xiangyue beautiful eyes winked gently, is shivering the eyelash adds on that charming eyes, making her both eyes release two bewitching lightning glow probably, bewitches, making the person whole body weak. This charming such as water outstandingly beautiful female slave sees Shen Xiang to arrive, gently has stroked that attractive long hair, that incomparably charming moving appearance, causes the Shen Xiang breath shortness! Little Flower, I want dead you!” Shen Xiang bad said with an evil smile, restores the actually appearance, arrives at side Hua Xiangyue walk as if flying, closely holds in the arms the jade waist of beautiful female slave, that is only bad the hand to be away from that tissue silk skirt below slowly to move. Saw own young master to become young . Moreover the soft and fair skin, Hua Xiangyue stroked tenderly with a smile with the white hands: little rascal, you this, really want to eat you now!”

I want to eat you!” Shen Xiang holds in the arms Hua Xiangyue, bites that attractive red lips, is kissing Hua Xiangyue. „......” Hua Xiangyue has not thought that this young master is so anxious, is kissing her, while is peeling her clothes, she very much carefully has dressed up. On the bed, they are stark naked, kisses the wadding to entangle violently, hugs mutually tightly, the breath of beautiful woman is getting more and more rapid, fragrant even more rich, in addition gentle of that her fluttering flags, making the man be hard to dominate again, immediately pushes directly into, directly attack the root of the problem, along with a vocal cord excited being overwhelmed with emotion ** the junction cried, the live color unrefined resin, enthusiastic and boundless spring play of happy love started...... Room full room quality, Pill City above murderous aura covers, entire Pill City is filling in the depressing haze, Heavenspan Family came several great people, does not hesitate to consume the large amounts of resources, opens Teleportation Formation, from other source region, arrives at south Pill City. They come for that Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique, Duan Sanchang had said that long ago, some Heavenspan Family do not dare to practice, but will actually not practice on behalf of present Heavenspan Family. These Heavenspan Family come for Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique! Not was only Heavenspan Family expert came, Devil Territory and Demon Territory expert, Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique it is said in some ancient influences with them also had the connection, they also to seek for Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique came. Pill City is very big, must hide words of person is very difficult to find, but arrived at this place these Heavenspan Family to dispatch many people, sought for that little rascal that called Li Renshan. But what they do not know, that is only Shen Xiang another status, the person who now they must find just and ramble of his outstandingly beautiful female slave on the bed is merry!