World Defying Dan God - Volume 9 - Chapter 847
In the morning, Shen Xiang and Hua Xiangyue merry a night, after they obtain some news, knows that Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique caused many disturbances, unexpectedly attracted more hidden world many years of ancient influence, Demon Territory and some Devil Territory many expert arrived. In Extreme Martial Sect's Huang Jintian, obtains the news earliest possible time immediately to rush to Pill City, those who most are worth many ancient influence paying attention, the Huang Jintian side follows four to wear the white robe, wear a look of the white hair person of White Jade mask, they, as soon as transmits Pill City, directly soars the prosperous pills shop, stands is waiting in the entrance. Huang Jintian guesses that obtains that alias is Li Renshan little rascal is the Shen Xiang institute, that anything Li Tianjun successor, is the matter of flickering person. little rascal, has such important matter, your unexpectedly did not tell me earlier!” Hua Xiangyue spat one gently, on the face also full is Hong Xia, Shen Xiang has moistened after a evening, this charming Little Flower is brighter. Shen Xiang curls the lip saying: Who makes you entice me.” He has put out the title deed of that prosperous pills shop, after he above contract is clear, gives Hua Xiangyue: „The prosperous pills shop now was your, you helped me manage well, perhaps later had big using.” Good, when the time comes others asked that I said that you sold to me at the high price.” Hua Xiangyue understands the Shen Xiang's intention. Shen Xiang thinks that continues saying: When the time comes you said that your Danxiang Taoyuan and some Li Tianjun origins, you said I once owed you a favour, therefore has forwarded to Danxiang Taoyuan this shop!” Hua Xiangyue nodded: You go out of town now, I attract their attention, all careful!” Shen Xiang only wants to find a safe place now, closes up understands that Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique, these many ancient influences sent out, is not certainly simple. Even if Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art has not caused such big turbulence. In prosperous pills shop massive pills and medicine field is very valuable, now is similar to around the mansion shop, is the people of major influences, they closely are staring at the prosperous pills shop, person who waits for that to obtain Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique. Shen Xiang turns into old man, is swaying in the city, he discovered that the entire city was sealed up, is many expert barrier that collaborates to arrange, these ancient Teleportation Formation restriction uses, can only transmit completely, cannot transmit.

Now links a fly unable to depart Pill City! Is quietly arranges such fierce barrier, is several Immortal collaborates mostly, what background does Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique have?” Shen Xiang somewhat worries, he discovered that was sealed including the ground stubbornly. We are not quite clear, should be very fierce cultivation technique of past ten days of world! Now the new world of this Human, Devil and Demon three realms fusion, was past strongest 10th-layer Heaven, these ancient influence is clearest.” Long Xueyi said. Shen Xiang had found Duan Sanchang, Duan Sanchang disguise change appearance, in a hotel near prosperous pills shop, is also staring at the entrance of that prosperous pills shop at this time. The prosperous pills shop is covering very depressing sad aura at this time, the entire mansion does not know that had been swept many by Divine Sense, but actually nobody dares to sneak into, because must ruin the large formation words, the entire mansion will be put down. Let alone also has Huang Jintian this old insane innertube the mysterious white robe people of four White Jade masks, defends in the entrance. Brother Shen, I had said that Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique is the hot potato, you almost pierced the day, if passed to Heaven World, not long, this world was Immortal randomly is flying.” Duan Sanchang is pacing up and down in the room, very worries, he sees Shen Xiang careless is drinking tea, wishes one could to kick his two feet. Ji Meixian also in the, where he naturally knows Shen Xiang, so long as Shen Xiang in her surrounding area thousand li(500 km), she can induce obtains, but she admires Shen Xiang's to be calm very much. Hua Xiangyue has not received the prosperous pills shop immediately, so long as she one, these ancient influence could not find him. Long Xueyi continuously with Hua Xiangyue, what makes his pleasantly surprised is, Hua Xiangyue unexpectedly is also having Dongfang Xinyue to meet with Liu Meng'er, their two also come. Dongfang Xinyue Dongfang family, is ancient influence, but declined, therefore she also knew that Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique matter. Brother Shen, who is the fellow? Some unexpectedly people dare swaggering to approach your Master this old lunatic!” Duan Sanchang hastily shouted.

Shen Xiang arrives by the window, sees heroic spirit threatening black clothed young people, cannot help but said with a smile: That is my big Martial Nephew, he broke through probably.” Gu Dongchen is that mysterious Ancient Spirit Clan, Huang Jintian makes him go back to have a look is, to make Gu Dongchen a true Ancient Spirit person, has been inherited, after obtaining the Ancient Spirit inheritance, he will be what kind, is unexpected Huang Jintian. Extreme Martial Sect, what meaning are you? To have sole possession of Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique?” Such as the lightning-like sound conveys, as if must raise strong winds rough seas to be ordinary, air/Qi of world withering, is only reverberating that sound. Huang Jintian sneers: Father sits in this entrance, can you manage? You have to plant also come to here to sit, nobody blocks you!” Spoke these words, really many person suddenly from all directions flew, stands on the avenue, everyone hid own true colors . Moreover the clothes that wears are also very ordinary. Shen Xiang can only see the person who these present, on the face is the stiff facial expressions, understood at a glance that is change appearance. This group of people appear on avenue, is 56 one group, obviously is expert of these big influences. Real his mother wants to kill by poison this group of bastards with one group of Devil Decaying Death Qi, that is the thing that father wins, unexpectedly wants to rob!” In the Shen Xiang heart was whispering secretly. He does not dare to give Huang Jintian sound transmission to explain now that he is worried about to be intercepted by these people of high skill. Chang Zi, why this will Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique initiate this matter? Exploded one crowd of Old Turtle!” Shen Xiang is very curious. Good, this sooner or later is not the secret, my Duan Family also belongs to Heavenspan Family, long ago, our Duan Family ancestor discovered the 1st Stage history is very fuzzy, possibly that is causes 10th-layer Heaven to degenerate into the Mortal World reason! Also, was analyzed each world, must be divided into Human, Devil and Demon three realms, each hundred thousand year three realms great war, this has strength to operate.”

Duan Sanchang sighed one , to continue saying: That Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique, it is said was past years makes a Great Emperor of Ten Heavens unify heaven and earth key be.” No wonder!” Shen Xiang murmured, this Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique is so fierce, cultivates also is very definitely difficult. Outside the prosperous pills shop avenue, suddenly presents three surface to obstruct white gauze, the stature graceful female, walks, the entire avenue braves the cold air, the ground to tie completely incorruptible. Feels that terrifying ice wind to assail, all people immediately make way, they know that these three look like the weak female is not definitely affable. Icewind Divine Art, really lives up to reputation, unexpectedly can make these many old fellow make way.” Duan Sanchang tut tut said. „Isn't this Icewind Divine Art? Comes the person is Chenwu Mainland's Liu Meng'er and Hua Xiangyue?” Person of coldly said, the sound fills murderous aura. Hua Xiangyue smiles charmingly: I am only the shop that received me just to purchase, has not thought that Senior such thought highly of the girl, welcome us with the so big ostentation!” What? Receive! The people who these come from far away were shocked, they think quickly, that Li Tianjun successor overnight the prosperous pills shop shifting! Your verbal statements are no guarantee, I looked that is your Chenwu Mainland wants to have sole possession.” old man walked, on the face full is the mean color.