World Defying Dan God - Volume 9 - Chapter 848
Shen Xiang at the same time is certainly not looking that he puts out Demanding Life Devil Bow, pours into Devil Decaying Death Qi, can project dozens arrows one time, can kill these to want their fight the person instantaneously to Liu Meng'er. Even if exposed have Devil Decaying Death Qi, he refuses to balk, he can see Huang Jintian now some pressures, if necessary, he will not hesitate all, slaughters unclear expert of entire street, protects Huang Jintian they. Hua Xiangyue has put out that title deed, the sound becomes somewhat cold: Pill City City Lord and Association Master think that recognizes this thing, Dan King that then loses the shop should also in the nearby.” This is false!” That old man speech at the same time, puts out a hand to grasp to that title deed. In the instance that this old man just got rid, earth suddenly sways, Huang Jintian appeared in front of Hua Xiangyue, that old man grasping child by invisible Qi Energy that he releases shaking blood fog. What thing are you? Does unexpectedly dare to start to my grand disciple?” Huang Jintian is angry, waves a racket, that strength is similar to Heavenly Thunder is ordinary, the bang hits above the cheeks of that old man, sticks out suddenly shakes the white light, that old man turned into white smoke. Hua Xiangyue unexpectedly is Huang Jintian's grand disciple, many think a moment ago the fight person restrains now, a Huang Jintian palm crossing old man of nine tribulations cranked up the smog, if this fellow went crazy, that entire city must be destroyed completely! At this time murderous aura was more dignified. Huang Jintian, your what meaning?” A middle age has stood, big angrily said. old man companion who he was patted a moment ago. „Can't you understand my words? She is my grand disciple, your person gets rid to her, can I sit by and do nothing?” The Huang Jintian sound sinks coldly, takes a fast look around person who these want to get rid. actually Danxiang Taoyuan's Dean unexpectedly is Extreme Martial Sect's Elder Dan, no wonder Elder Dan has mysteriously appeared and disappeared, but Danxiang Taoyuan and Extreme Martial Sect's relationship is also much better.” The sound conveys together leisurely, this unexpectedly is a voice of middle-aged female, the person, although not here, but is having from the sound imposing manner, is very formidable. young woman, you understand well, 20,000 years ago you were broken two arms by me, now I am also same can extinguish you!” The Huang Jintian response said.

If cannot obtain satisfactory answer today, I think fellow friends who we come from far away perhaps will not depart.” The voice of that middle-aged female conveys. Huang Jintian suddenly roars, sees only his arm suddenly to dodge the five colors multi-colored sunlight, the arm above full is five colors glittering dragon scales, he puts out a hand to grasp void, only hears severe Jiao, a hair is dishevelled, clothes tattered female suddenly had been grasped by him. A Huang Jintian's arm turned into dragon claw, five colors glittering dragon scales, especially dazzling, that terrifying Dragon Force, making the entire city shiver. young woman, my grand disciple receives this shop justifiablily, who dares to create a scene, I butchered him!” Huang Jintian wields conveniently, gives to abandon that middle-aged female, the arm restores the actually appearance. This is the Huang Jintian's method, this cultivates Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art Immortal, powerful incomparable, even if and his same level expert, only then by share of his second of killing. Your Master definitely has many secrets, his transcend perhaps is not the day of! He has five colors dragon scales, explained that he cultivates together five colors Dragon Spirit, this is very fierce!” Long Xueyi is surprised, because such matter unexpectedly appears on a humanity, even if their Imperial Dragon Clan, little has five colors Dragon Spirit. That is Five Elements Dragon Spirit, that is very strong Martial Spirit! Shen Xiang present Fire Dragon Martial Spirit also in breeding stage. Hua Xiangyue does not want to be noisy the matter, immediately said: „The Li Tianjun successor and some Danxiang Taoyuan origins, his successor once owed me a favour, he will forward to me the prosperous pills shop, I know that this is the hot potato, therefore asked my Master Ancestor to come out to level.” Shen Xiang lies in the window looks, Demanding Life Devil Bow in hand momentarily can have dozens to bring the Devil Decaying Death Qi poison-tipped arrow, so long as this group of people clash together, he will shoot dead their chaotic arrow! Was one group of idiots, unexpectedly by little rascal playing, if you made again, perhaps can also become enemies with Huang Jintian, you lived these many years, couldn't have looked?” Puts on old man suddenly of black robe to float, on the old man face is having the light ridicule, although in daytime, but that eye is very bright, his whole body is lending a very old aura.

Is the old gentleman!” Duan Sanchang said with a smile: Old gentleman does not want that Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique, he wishes one could to be far away from that thing, but he will not make others obtain.” That black robe old man was Duan Family Patriarch Duan Kong, Shen Xiang once had met with him, although the Duan Family juniors were few, moreover frequently by bewildered seal, but they never gave up robbing a grave, sought for that phase of mysterious history! He should be this morning the handing over shop, that brat still in the city , to continue seal the city!” old man said that flies in a direction. What meaning? Doesn't ask us to leave?” Gu Dongchen rises with a spring, blocks that old man. You must walk to leave at any time, we do not stop, you can use Teleportation Formation to leave, or goes out of the city gate.” That old man eyes glittering looks at Gu Dongchen, at present this handsome young people, making him feel that the pressure is not small. If I do want to fly away?” Gu Dongchen knows certainly that Shen Xiang also in city, now seals such deadly, Shen Xiang is very difficult. Do not say the Pill City banned fly with me, you sky over Pill City do not know that flew many times.” Gu Dongchen sneers. Young people, do not think that you are Extreme Martial Sect's Dean can be very rampant, we do not fear your Extreme Martial Sect! You must leave Pill City, only then two roads, transmit, or from city gate!” That old man sound is cold, although he knows that Gu Dongchen young is not small, but compares to him to come is actually little rascal. The people look at airborne Gu Dongchen and that old man, seeing that old man to lose one's temper, the people are secret the heart to be startled. Although these people are ancient influence of hidden world, but they actually know about outside very much, especially Huang Jintian Extreme Martial Sect, because Extreme Martial Sect in their eyes is the poison fang! Gu Dongchen cold sound track: I also give you two roads, either stops seal Pill City, either dies!”

Hides after these people in Pill City edge hear, secretly was exclaiming in surprise the Extreme Martial Sect's powerful, unexpectedly dares to say such words to come, must know seal the city may be some old fellow. Pill City inside many person very repugnant seal the city, person who because or has the status except for these expert can the freedom initially enter, they are not good. little rascal, you also......” That old man has not said that Gu Dongchen fierce kicks a foot, that strength is very formidable, as if must kick the broken space to be ordinary, making very firm space swing the dimple. This foot from bottom to top, kicks in the chin of that old man, the speed is quick, strength is very fierce, kicks that old man airborne, hits on that barrier. Powerful impact, but also is bringing Gu Dongchen that wrapped in a shroud of obscurity strange strength, hits that barrier to sway does not listen, because when that old man also hit strength that arouses, the whole body was pinched the powder. The Gu Dongchen strength is very strong, that old man was not a moment ago weak, those present can see, but was actually extinguished by a Gu Dongchen foot!