World Defying Dan God - Volume 9 - Chapter 849
Three days later, we certainly remove barrier. Huang Jintian, you had known about us that thinks you do not want the conflict with us now, Devil Territory and Demon Territory are hoping our Human Territory massacres mutually!” The person of speech is old man, but his old sound appears has strength very much, making the person sound is very delightful. You, if dares to move my Extreme Martial Sect's person, the consequence you are responsible for!” Huang Jintian said that bringing Gu Dongchen to leave, but followed the mysterious white robe person of his four White Jade masks, unexpectedly unknowingly vanishes. Hua Xiangyue, Liu Meng'er and Dongfang Xinyue entered the prosperous pills shop, Shen Xiang guessed that the mysterious white robe person of four disappearance should protect Liu Meng'er in the prosperous pills shop they, that was the person who Huang Jintian brought, was very mystical. That four fellows are very strange, is very formidable! Your Master is very mysterious!” Long Xueyi is very curious, at this time is her Divine Sense does not dare to fly randomly. Bai Youyou coldly said: You now are best not to go to see Hua Xiangyue they, they definitely will be staring! You must in these three days, as far as possible kills some these ancient influence people, making them know that is Li Shanren does!” This mysterious female demon murderous-looking , to continue to say at this time: These people are not the good things, they to obtain Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique, resorting to all means will cope with you, naturally they do not know your real status now! You give them a lesson, lets their long memory! Must obtain Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique, must pay very big price.” Brother Shen, you hide to be better, I see my Duan Family old gentleman!” Duan Sanchang leaves hurriedly. Shen Xiang turns into a middle-aged man of undistinguished appearance, very vigilant walking on avenue, even if Bai Youyou did not say that he also plans to kill some ancient influence people, makes a move. Ji Meixian this woman is tracking me, was too repugnant!” Shen Xiang can feel Ji Meixian in not far away. Does not get rid of Ji Meixian, Shen Xiang cannot move, if by Ji Meixian were discovered he uses Devil Decaying Death Qi to assassinate these expert in all directions, he will be coerced by Ji Meixian. Pill City came many White Sea Sacred Realm hostile forces, I must leave with our elders, your if wanted and do I walk together?” Ji Meixian gives Shen Xiang sound transmission. White Sea Sacred Realm expert will certainly not withdraw, but the junior is different, at this time Pill City is these ancient influence is controlling, looks like very tranquil, but everywhere is hiding invisible killing intent.

Does not use!” The Shen Xiang rejection, he does not believe Ji Meixian. You put best into it, do not die!” Ji Meixian coldly urged, then left. She was not worried about Shen Xiang. Stirs earth-shaking little rascal the new world, now also shakes on the avenue, is all over the world difficult to seek second. Ji Meixian will not supply Shen Xiang, Shen Xiang has her handle, she cannot withstand that consequence. She walked, steps into ancient Teleportation Formation with the White Sea Sacred Realm person.” Long Xueyi said. Present Teleportation Formation is these ancient Teleportation Formation, the material that the transmission needs is not only crystal stones, other materials, therefore transmits a time expense to be very expensive, a person needs one billion crystal stones. This is not the average person can bear, moreover Teleportation Formation there is also defending some people. Late at night, Pill City is still brilliantly illuminated, many people are seeking for that nihility Li Renshan, Shen Xiang flickered many old fellow miserably. During the dark night, he turns into one in the winged insect that the night can see frequently, displays hidden world expert that secret technique seeks for these to complete the order form according to Long Xueyi. This old fellow just crossed eight tribulation this, from his True Qi, practice cultivation technique is very good, should be a person of ancient big influence.” Su Meiyao has made the judgment, must kill kills the big influence, can cause the stir. Good, has a look at me to kill many tonight, quick dawn time sews persons head of these fellows on the city wall again.” Shen Xiang turned into a child appearance, stands on the roof, Long Xueyi displays Nine Heavens Mental Exploration, is divided into dozens Divine Sense, all around examines, to guard expert to hide. He puts out Demanding Life Devil Bow, stimulates to movement right amount of Devil Decaying Death Qi, condense becomes a crossbow arrow, so long as Devil Decaying Death Qi moves the skin, in permeating human body that can be quietly, only if there is a Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor this type of thing to protect the body, otherwise has at death's door one.

The Devil Decaying Death Qi most terrorist place, is the toxicity is not only formidable, but also colorless is tasteless, without any aura, is hard to induce obtains, only then enters of within the body to detect instantaneously. If discovered, cannot transport the merit to resist that strange and formidable toxin invasion immediately, poisonously will send dead, turns into one pile of sloughs. Shen Xiang has aimed at the nostril of that old man, emits an arrow, in he uses under the mysterious technique control, has not aroused including the wind, hits on the nostril of that old man. That old man discovered quickly that he complexion big change, is used to resist the toxin all True Qi immediately. After he bellows, Shen Xiang suddenly appears in that him behind. Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade was called by him, hides the threatening multi-colored sunlight and aura, a blade, falls on the neck of that old man vigorously, cuts off the head of that old man, after obtaining persons head, Shen Xiang fast the corpse burns, big soils receive in Hidden Jade Ring. Then scatters remaining soul with Grasping Soul Devil Curse, in order to avoid being used secret method to call back from the dead by opposite party! Shen Xiang just walked, came several old man, their complexions are ugly. Neat, has not left behind any clue, was these killer families appears?” A old man facial color is dignified, is wrinkling the old eyebrow, looks all around. We must be careful, this killer is very fearful!” Another old man said: Best not to separate!” that was close, my cloth next sound-insulated barrier, blocks the sound luckily, blocks his Divine Sense to spread.” Long Xueyi has a lingering fear: It seems like next time carefully, after arranging is complete, can fight!” Knew, since they want to rob my Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique, makes them know that what price must pay!” Shen Xiang like the water , to continue to seek for the next goal gloomy! Shen Xiang more does is crazier, the industry of White Sea Sacred Realm and Feng Family has had it all, sets on fire to burn down Feng Family and White Sea Sacred Realm many shops, kills their several elders, what is more important, he also leaves his trace, showing is his Shen Xiang does!

Overnight, Shen Xiang used Li Renshan to cut to kill more than hundred expert, instantaneously struck to kill completely, burns down, beheads, this was adept. More than hundred expert persons head, are placed in plaza, suspends one in a big way Li character, making many people look fearful and apprehensive, absolutely terrified! These expert, are lifts in hands the overwhelming character, but was killed overnight. Naturally, another news similarly is also shocking, the Huang Jintian's young apprentice also came, but also seizes the opportunity his personal enemy, industry of White Sea Sacred Realm and Feng Family burning. Shen Xiang does not fear exposed, no matter his which status, sooner or later will stare by these people. More than hundred expert overnight, were massacred silently, understood at a glance that is the Li Tianjun successor does, young, actually dares to carry Diamond Fruit along, the fellow who Transcend Nine Deaths Flower this precious herbs gambls, how possibly is the ordinary goods? Others are looking for him, but he in secret is actually killing these hidden world influences expert, kills is 100, but also is placed persons head in plaza! The Pill City chaos, many people want a bit faster to flee this to fill killing intent Pill City, this is the city of life-saving, because here many precious pills sells! At this moment, Pill Association these Dan King have to act, the words that does not prevent, this Pill City must be done smelly.