World Defying Dan God - Volume 9 - Chapter 850
last night, was not only Shen Xiang implements the assassination, has many in the person who the night moved, was the hidden world influences that these had a grudge mutually, if continued again, Pill City definitely will be ruined by this group of people. In his hand has many fierce treasure armor, is kills these hidden world expert to obtain, their fleshly body by Shen Xiang's Universe Fire burning down time, treasure armor had not been burnt down. Because at that time these expert in using True Qi resisted the toxin, when treasure armor not any protection strength, facing fierce formidable flame, is unable to resist. If Shen Xiang takes away the auction these dozens treasure armor, certainly can sell the high price. After these Dan King get rid, the situation became well, at least many people did not dare unscrupulous fight, does not dare the sky in the city to fly randomly, but still continued seal the city to search for that Li Renshan. Shen Xiang has been hiding, he must in the night fight, but after dying more than hundred hidden world expert, making many people be vigilant that is goes hand in hand, does not dare the go it alone. seal the city next noon, the Teleportation Formation that side has transmitted a very formidable aura, feels that very vastly such as the aura of sea, knows that the person is White Sea Sacred Realm expert. White Sea Sacred Realm is the loss is also serious, that is similar to the mansion general pills shop is burnt down, protects expert that bewilderedly to be assassinated in inside completely, burns down massive pills, these are planting the medicine field completely was also burnt down. Originally luxurious shop, after fire, turned into stretch of ruins, this is Shen Xiang does! Huang Jintian had already warned them, annoyed the wool Shen Xiang, the consequence needs to be responsible, their White Sea Sacred Realm person chased down Shen Xiang again and again, wants to rob the Shen Xiang's blade and divine art, Shen Xiang comes this's goal, must extinguish White Sea Sacred Realm and Feng Family. What Shen Xiang does not know, when he assassinates these two expert, there are many are the important personages, does not only pass attacks Savage Chaotic Mysterious Land the time was seriously injured, makes him easier to go well. A bit faster leaves here, these once stood erect in 10th-layer Heaven ancient influence, has any method we unclear.” Long Xueyi said that must know 10th-layer Heaven in the past powerful time, their Imperial Dragon Clan has not been born.

The worries in some Shen Xiang also this aspects, but he immediately has not actually left, but sought for ten completing the order form expert, coordinates Demanding Life Devil Bow with Devil Decaying Death Qi, the light vehicle route cuts to kill them ripe, cuts persons head, peels off their treasure armor. Some expert have not put on treasure armor, or is places in storage ring, but storage ring of these fellows only then they can open, if were opened by others forcefully, automatically will destroy. Finally, after dying more than ten expert, seal the city barrier vanished, reached an agreement is three days, but actually has been ahead of time now for-and-a-half days. After Pill City unsealed, many people in abundance are far away from this city, was worried that which day inside old fellow hits to be brought disaster to by them. Shen Xiang mixes in the crowd leaves, this time arrives at Pill City, his harvest is very big, not only has won the lots, but also obtains that to let entire Human Territory for it crazy Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique. After going out of town, he rushes to a distant place cover mountain forest, that mountain scene forest is also quite famous danger(ous) region, but regarding Shen Xiang is actually safest. Some people fight in inside!” Shen Xiang sees the front to transmit an intermittent aura to fluctuate, is very intense, starts intermittent strong winds from inside, blows in mountain forest many fallen leaves outside. Shen Xiang wants to have a look, but he acts according to the aura that these lend to judge, that inside two strength of fight is very strong, he also detoured. However curious Long Xueyi actually displays Nine Heavens Mental Exploration, is examining with Divine Sense. Quick, she had result, she somewhat surprised said: Is Peach Blossom Sacred Realm's Son of Heaven, this fellow lost one billion crystal stones and one bottle of Peach Blossom Immortal Nectar to you, has not thought that currently also such has the mood fight.”

What Oh? and this fellow fight is who?” Shen Xiang is startled to ask. Does not know, but evidently first is bloodlines martial artist, from that aura, likely is Blue Blood Clan, is young people.” Long Xueyi is speculating the status of that person. I will sooner or later deal with this fellow, so long as staring my Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade person, I will not let off them!” Shen Xiang clenches teeth secretly, the previous time when the prosperous pills shop, that Jing Xingliang had said that must rob his Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade. Eats up Primordial Dan, the refortify fleshly body words, should be able to defeat that fellow.” Su Meiyao said. Iron Bone Dan is best Body Quenching Pill that he can refine at present, but actually by far insufficient, this pill eats, does not have many functions to him, but can actually carry on the fusion refinement, melts a refined into grain of pill many herbs, is equal to compressing True Qi such, can make True Qi stronger. Is very strong with that bloodlines martial artist that Peach Blossom Son of Heaven hits, has not thought that Human King Clan is so fierce!” Long Xueyi exclaims. Hopes that Peach Blossom Son of Heaven to live, I want to tidy up him personally!” Shen Xiang enters turns into the bird, flies into a mountain scene forest, now he as well as has stopped at nothing, even if his present cultivation base good to be very low, but actually cannot let others bullying again and again. The person who especially robs his thing, most makes him feel disgusting, these fellows snatch the thing time added that a big pile of truth, must make others feel that he snatches the thing is very reasonable matter. Shen Xiang hides in a cave, under the cloth some formation, after making the cave very safe, starts to practice. If broke through, but must transcends tribulation!” Shen Xiang thinks that terror Nirvana Tribulation, has a lingering fear, if previous time his transcends tribulation were not being protected by one crowd of old fellow, is not absolutely relaxed.

However he also wants to try quite normal Nirvana Tribulation, previous his First Tribulation is 2000 people of great tribulation. Primordial Dan is Heaven Level Low-Grade Dan, Shen Xiang does not dare to eat up one entire grain, but lets Su Meiyao with the special method, is divided into two halves this grain of pill. Primordial Dan inside is compressing massive pure True Qi, after eating up, can open his dantian inside true element grains quickly. After eating up half grain of pill, Shen Xiang feels in the body to have energy suddenly to erupt, but that energy is very gentle, walks randomly in the big or medium meridians of his body. Shen Xiang cultivates, while condense Soul Creation Fluid, he needs massive herbs to refine Iron Bone Dan. In a flash on the past ten days, Shen Xiang has still been practicing, is only half grain of Primordial Dan, sufficed him to digest a while. But in Pill City returns to once again normal, many hidden worlds the people of ancient influence in abundance leave, only keeps some people here, along with disturbance that Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique arouses, more ancient aristocratic family and sect influence appears, is that ten big Heavenspan Family and Sacred Realm strength is equally matched.