World Defying Dan God - Volume 9 - Chapter 851
Heavenspan Family now is not only that ten, left ten, the east , south , west , north and middle, these five side regions were wrested away by these powerful since time immemorial influences at this time, the overlords in these places, were more depressed at this time, because this new world many good places or are small sect, by these ancient influence wresting away. These ancient influence are that 10th-layer Heaven inherits, but has hidden in Mysterious Realm, regarding these influences, many people are not very clear. However this to martial artist is the good matter, because these ancient influence are recruiting the disciple, moreover time that later Devil Territory and Demon Territory hit, there are these fierce ancient influence, all will not be extinguished. Pill City at this time became bigger, in many ancient influence sent out Dan King, joined in Pill Association, such one, they can also open the pills shop in Pill City. Chenwu Mainland, Extreme Martial Mysterious Realm, after Huang Jintian comes out now, all day directs some elders to practice, occasionally also will teach in Extreme Martial Sect's plaza, to let Extreme Martial Sect's overall powerful gets up, Huang Jintian uses Heaven's Divination Technique unceasingly, making many elders cross Nirvana Tribulation. Master Ancestor, our Chenwu Mainland does not have ancient influence, moreover here approaches Devil Territory and Demon Territory, should be attacked frequently.” Gu Dongchen sighed. Huang Jintian said with a smile: Little Featherhead, you are Ancient Spirit Clan, your Ancient Spirit Clan may be much more ancient than these anything Heavenspan Family, they also relieves the seal now!” Gu Dongchen laughed: Master Ancestor thinks that is also ancient influence one.” Oh, Shen Xiang this little rascal, made that big matter in Pill City, unexpectedly does not come back to say one with us, now the matter passed, but also was rambling at the same time!” Huang Jintian feels the beard, the whole face is disgruntled. Sees the Huang Jintian's complexion, after Gu Dongchen to see Shen Xiang comes back, by the appearance of Huang Jintian lesson. Master Ancestor, what method has Young Martial Uncle used? unexpectedly has assassinated more than 100 ancient influence expert, if were known by these influences, our Extreme Martial Sect troubled.” Gu Dongchen has doubts very much.

I do not clarify, even if I am dark is coming, will be very difficult to achieve to be quietly is discovered by others, moreover was an evening killed more than 100, this brat was very weird, although I was his Master, but his concrete strength I could not completely understand.” Huang Jintian knits the brows, shook the head. This young bastard owes to hit very much, dares to receive including Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique this thing! When he comes back, I must pull out him to be good maliciously.” In the Gu Dongchen heart is darkly crisp, but Shen Xiang the pit his many crystal stones, having made him bear a grudge, but after him, by pit fiercely, because pills month of high level in Shen Xiang, moreover is a wicker basket wicker basket. This but actually is also, he did not know fierce of that Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique at that time, but he should know that thing now fearfully!” After Gu Dongchen goes back Ancient Spirit Clan, had known many matters, has about that Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique. Savage Chaotic Mysterious Land, Great Emperor of Ten Heavens is buried in inside, it seems like, the Demon and Devil two territories will collaborate not long, captures Savage Chaotic Mysterious Land once more!” The Huang Jintian facial color is dignified: But if studies Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique, then can relaxed going in inside!” The Gu Dongchen nod said: Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique, enters the map of grave of Great Emperor, Great Emperor of Ten Heavens grave, even if the Heaven World above person can be crazy!” I do not hope that Shen Xiang this young bastard goes, even if he studies Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique, goes in very danger(ous), in the past that many years, what change had, who knows?” Huang Jintian shakes the head. Shen Xiang in practice, has not known that this Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique genuine attractive place, can enter the Great Emperor of Ten Heavens grave! Duan Sanchang naturally knows that this matter, he did not tell Shen Xiang, for did not make Shen Xiang take risk, his Duan Family people suffered a loss in inside, he thought that Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique was not reasonable. Ji Meixian also knows that she conceals this matter, is worried about the Shen Xiang society, goes in her undergarment attains, when the time comes can be used to threaten her, during she plans, she must wait to be formidable, then detains Shen Xiang to go to take.

Savage Chaotic Mysterious Land had determined that is Great Emperor of Ten Heavens tomb, these Sacred Realm and Heavenspan Family have attacked one time, is still unable to shake, perhaps many people attack together, is the similar result, ancient influence that therefore these hide at the same time silently pays attention, but is now different, Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique appeared! This is equal to a key, a map, can enter Great Emperor of Ten Heavens tomb safely, can open the tomb front door with ease, going in inside seeks for the inheritance of Great Emperor of Ten Heavens! „Before this Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique is very long, not in the hand of Heavenspan Family?” Gu Dongchen has doubts very: Why he does not learn, then enters Great Emperor of Ten Heavens tomb?” In the past this world was separated, that Savage Chaotic Mysterious Land is also Mysterious Realm, now comes, moreover that Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique easily does not study, can learn except for Great Emperor of Ten Heavens, always nobody can grasp!” Huang Jintian sighed: Because must learn Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique, first Slaughtering Heart, has enough Slaughter Qi!” Gu Dongchen sucked in a cold breath: No wonder many ancient influence do not dare to touch, perhaps attains this thing person, majority will turn into homicidal maniac! Perhaps does not have refined into Slaughtering Heart, had been murdered to control the soul, turns incarnation that slaughters!” Here, Gu Dongchen lightly smiled: Young Martial Uncle murderous aura is very heavy, but he well, has not actually lost the spirit wisdom!” Yes, but must certain Slaughter Qi to be good, I think insufficient, is worried about him, perhaps on that day he continually killed more than hundred expert, to practice this devil art.” The Huang Jintian whole face worried. Shen Xiang does not know this, he only knows person who study is very suitable to have Slaughtering Heart, this was Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou's Master said that otherwise initially their Master will not seek for many years. Originally Shen Xiang's Slaughter Qi truly also insufficient, but the mistakes arising out of chance circumstances, have also given him on that day an exceedingly good opportunity, making him butcher more than 100 formidable hidden world expert, his Slaughtering Heart was getting more and more intrepid. Because he cultivates White Tiger divine art to suppress Slaughter Qi, the White Tiger Divine Art fierce place, murdering to change into strength!

Young Martial Uncle is insincere, has given Junior Sister that prosperous pills shop!” Gu Dongchen was mumbling. To little girl is the best choice, she after is alchemy, controls the pills industry to be very experienced, words as the matter stands, later that little rascal does not dare to open the high price, you go to little girl there low price to buy directly.” Huang Jintian said with a smile. Master Ancestor, is inferior to this, later you make Young Martial Uncle sell pills to my time convenient some.” Gu Dongchen said silently. A Huang Jintian face despises visits him: He can sell to you to be good, his pills, some people high prices buy could not have bought!” Young Martial Uncle is really a big sinister stuff, he bet pill to win these many in Pill City, is not thinking Extreme Martial Sect, how was only thinking the pit I!” Gu Dongchen is heaving a deep sigh. If known by Shen Xiang, the later initial price is perhaps higher.