World Defying Dan God - Volume 9 - Chapter 852
Danxiang Taoyuan received the prosperous pills shop smoothly, has changed name is Danxiang Pavilion, Liu Meng'er and Dongfang Xinyue also goes back to continue to refine their formation plate. That formation plate very fierce thing, can create Mysterious Realm, but they only cause ordinary Mysterious Realm unwillingly, therefore they must use more time above, creates to be bigger, is stabler, Spirit Qi richer Mysterious Realm. But formation plate is only a foundation, in addition, they must carry on more projects, has utilized many resources. Pill City restored actually such, because Pill Association Dan King are more, this city will become safer, these Dan King pledged that will not have the previous that matter again, if some people of seal the city, their these Dan King must collaborate striking to kill again. Shen Xiang leaves the Pill City 15 day later, Pill City compared with martial stage, had great war, fight person unexpectedly is two females, one is to wear the white hair female of red splendor armor, another is Feng Family Daughter of Heaven, Feng Yuhe. That beautiful white hair female, is Shen Xiang's sworn sister, Leng Youlan! She knew after Shen Xiang and Feng Family Daughter of Heaven has fought, the earliest possible time of coming out, had found this woman, then meets! They just started to hit equally matched, but afterward Feng Yuhe actually does not know why ran away, being angry Leng Youlan almost enters that reconstruction the Feng Family pills shop, but was actually blocked by another female. In soon, White Sea Sacred Realm Ji Meixian was also challenged by a female in Pill City, Ji Meixian was very attractive, but actually also misses several points compared with that female. When she knew that present female named Xue Xianxian's time, in the Ji Meixian heart is very happy, because she knows that Xue Xianxian is the Shen Xiang's wife, she wants to coerce Shen Xiang with Xue Xianxian, but afterward she actually gave up this thought! Because Xue Xianxian is very strong, moreover understands Icewind Divine Art, is the Liu Meng'er's apprentice. What make her surprised is, Xue Xianxian looks like gentle and charming beautiful, good-hearted, does not dye pure Fairy of this world, the time of but hitting, unexpectedly is fiercer than Shen Xiang!

If were not Ji Meixian once is Heaven World strong side, has the fight experience of instruction, she already by the Xue Xianxian severe wound. The battlefield in Pill City, at this time many people are surrounding, great war between females, the youth who can also so Heaven-shaking, Earth-shattering, truly let many big influences blushes with shame! „To run?” Leng Youlan drinks one below coldly, in her hand is taking a red white big sword, a fiery red armor puts in her body, not only has not affected her beautiful physique, instead has increased the strange charm, along with white hair that dances in the air against the wind, making her look like wilder, is more aggressive! Ji Meixian corners of the mouth overflowing blood, she has not thought that the Xue Xianxian's strength probably be fiercer than Shen Xiang! But below that Shen Xiang's sworn sister, is a terrifying woman, many men looked that does not dare to visit her. Xue Xianxian and Leng Youlan crossed Second Tribulation, moreover their together transcends tribulation, that time they do not know that Nirvana Tribulation will have anything, does not have foreknowledge that Shen Xiang provides, but they crossed, Nirvana Tribulation that they withstand is also more terrorist, strength that therefore obtains is stronger. Liu Meng'er also waited for them to cross Second Tribulation to feel relieved, because Icewind Divine Art must cross Second Tribulation, can display true strength! After all they are the Shen Xiang very intimate person, Liu Meng'er worried that they will be caught to coerce Shen Xiang by others. However they crossed Second Tribulation, after having the Icewind Divine Art inside running away ability, can run away before very strong enemy with ease. Among us some misunderstanding!” Ji Meixian eyes glittering, do not look at her young beautiful appearance, she lived in Heaven World many years, is a living fossil, at this time she is having any idea. Misunderstanding? Your White Sea Sacred Realm must kill my husband, you as White Sea Daughter of Heaven, are my husband number one enemy. I have killed you, but to let my husband from now on few some troublesome.” The Xue Xianxian sound is light, the white clothing waves gently, the black hair flutters with the wind, unusual refined makings naturally form, but in her light words, is actually passing ice-cold murderous aura.

Ji Meixian is not common woman, although facing two powerful enemies, but she is experienced and careful, the words that must run away are not difficult, but that will be very ugly. Before that Feng Family Daughter of Heaven was hit by Leng Youlan escapes, the present is to scold sound one piece, affected the entire Feng Family reputation. I and your husband big enmity, I had not threatened that on the same day must kill him, do not rob his thing, in Green Peak City, I to rescue my White Sea Sacred Realm Son of Heaven gets rid!” Ji Meixian indifferently said, she knows Shen Xiang not in Pill City, if she and Xue Xianxian have Leng Youlan to do well relationship, then holds these two with the Shen Xiang relationship very good woman, is used to threaten Shen Xiang. You want to run a bit faster run, what to be wordy?” Leng Youlan shouted. Xue Xianxian had not said again that the jade palm makes, entire congeals compared with martial stage thick incorruptible, ices the cold air that the wind palm strength releases to be very intense, turns into innumerable Ice Sword, the thorn to Ji Meixian. „We have misunderstanding, everybody is a woman, should sit calm chatting well.” Ji Meixian clenches teeth, if no her Immortal Cloth to protect the body, perhaps she already ran, Icewind Divine Art is very strong, that cold air person virtually impossible to guard against, True Qi is very easy frozen. Good, you take the guarantee with thousand hundred million crystal stones, after I see my brother, if confirmed that has to misunderstand me to give back to you really again.” Leng Youlan said that she knows this Ji Meixian had chipped in two 100 billion, although lost, but actually showed that she is female nouveau riche. In the Ji Meixian heart is criticizing, Shen Xiang is one all day is thinking how to cheat the crystal stones fellow, has not thought that his sister is also damned type. Does not have the issue!” Ji Meixian complied, but Xue Xianxian also calls a halt, has not been attacking.

Ji Meixian relaxed, she thought that quick can become the friend with these two fearful women, so long as when the time comes held their that's alright with the scheme. The people are not feeling well secretly, has finally solved with crystal stones to unexpectedly, but on 100 billion crystal stones makes very surprised. Ji Meixian gives Xue Xianxian storage pouch: In this 100 billion crystal stones, as guarantee! When sees the Shen Xiang's time, you confirmed that's alright to him, if I deceived your you not to need to give back to me, but if I and his hatred, you should not give back to me! I believe that two both are the people of keeping one's word.” Xue Xianxian took inventory, confirmed after inside has 100 billion crystal stones, has shown very beautiful smiling face: Does not have the issue!” Ji Meixian has also smiled, said: Then we find a place, sits to chat well, everybody is a woman, does not need to solve the problem with the way of fight!!” Xue Xianxian jumps down from martial arts contest stage, throws to Leng Youlan that storage pouch, was saying with a smile to Ji Meixian: Had not confirmed before we are the enemy or the friend, we do not have anything to talk about.” Leng Youlan receives storage pouch, only walked with Xue Xianxian. The Ji Meixian smiling face coagulates, in heart secret cursed, she has not thought that these two woman unexpectedly are so discrete, 100 billion cannot make them put down the vigilant heart, took left! Shen Xiang built up to melt that half grain of Primordial Dan finally, true element grains in within the body shone the hundred thousand many grains, but has not actually been able to break through, he thought that at least must lighten three hundred thousand grains to be good, if he knows that Xue Xianxian and Leng Youlan also studied him to cheat everywhere, in his heart will be very definitely happy.