World Defying Dan God - Volume 9 - Chapter 853
Iron Bone Dan herbs now how many shares?” Shen Xiang for serveral days, condense left many Soul Creation Fluid to come. 150, but is insufficient, because you will possibly be defeated, you should better or eat up remaining half grain of his Primordial Dan.” Su Meiyao said. Shen Xiang is helpless, he cultivates, must practice fleshly body, but his Heaven's Crown Gate probably during the self- repair, was unable to use now, otherwise he goes to the earth core practice the words, the effect will be better. Now Demon and Devil World fused, the earth core temperature is higher, he estimated that has Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor, possibly is unable to enter in earth core with ease, at most in passage. Shen Xiang is being wrapped by one group of Qi mist now, after eating up that half grain of Primordial Dan, he entered the practice condition fast. For half a month passes, although he built up to melt entire grain of Primordial Dan, but also has the 1st Stage distance from the breakthrough, even if so, he feels to that Primordial Dan very surprisedly, is only one grain, makes him almost break through Realm in Nirvana Realm, this speed is very astonishing. Grain of Primordial Dan, I can cross Nirvana two to plunder again.” Shen Xiang this time condition has, energetic. „It is not good, your fleshly body does not practice, your transcends tribulation will possibly have danger(ous).” Su Meiyao seriously said. Shen Xiang has put out two Iron Bone Dan herbs, he must practice a grain of process highly compression these two herbs Iron Bone Dan, this can improve the quality. Many alchemy masters such will little do, because they do not have enough herbs to attempt, moreover does this is very easy to be defeated, but Shen Xiang is different. First attempts with two, if you thought that then tries ten, then 100!” Su Meiyao said. This Iron Bone Dan also calculates quite easily, does not need dual Refining Simulation Technique, if must simultaneously refine 100 herbs, only needed enough flame and Divine Sense that's alright, he had magic power to be auxiliary, will be more relaxed.

But he such refines, the difficulty has, but he also will be regarded as for the present refines Earth Level High-Grade Dan to prepare. Depends on your present fleshly body, Immortal compares you, I thought that 100 herbs smelt Iron Bone Dan that becomes, but also hardly could not satisfy you, at least took 1000!” The Su Meiyao's words had a scare Shen Xiang. 1000 herbs, how long can this build up? Moreover can succeed? Must enhance Iron Bone Dan rank , can only such do, after all he better quicker Quenching Body means that only cannot depend upon pills now, but Iron Bone Dan is also a best choice. Does not waste any herbal Spirit Qi, compresses a grain of pill 1000 herbs, here pill's quality will be very definitely high, should in Heaven Level High-Grade this!” Su Meiyao said. Shen Xiang is somewhat excited: Then, can I refine Heaven Level pill?” rank can arrive at that situation, but does not represent you to be able Heaven Level herbs to practice Heaven Level pill, you are only massive Earth Level herbs practice Heaven Level pill. Therefore you have not calculated that can build up Heaven Level Dan King.” Su Meiyao said. Shen Xiang in two Iron Bone Dan alchemic furnace of herbs investment, starts his plan. Refines Iron Bone Dan for him is not the difficult matter, he grasped dual Refining Simulation Technique now, copes with this 1st level Refining Simulation Technique pill to have more than enough to spare, even if tattered herbs he can succeed, let alone this time complete herbs. Quick, two herbs were practiced a grain of pill by him, the quality is very high, if according to usually refines, he can refine 56 grains, but this grain of Iron Bone Dan truly 56 grains fuse together now, after compression, quality also high several times. If 1000 herbs compressions fuses together, the quality is not only higher than thousand times, but are more, because reduced the time quality becomes higher, Su Meiyao estimated that at least is also about ten thousand times!

This grain of pill was swallowed by Shen Xiang directly, although the quality is very high, but to fleshly body of his bottomless pit, does not have any function. The Shen Xiang's body like a pond, a grain of pebble throws down, the pond will swing at most the wave, quick vanished, therefore ordinary Iron Bone Dan has not affected for him. Now how many Iron Bone Dan herbs?” Shen Xiang tosses into pill furnace ten herbs, this time he starts to try ten. 300, you, if thought that can control 1000 herbs, you build up this furnace, practices Soul Creation Fluid on start to condense.” Su Meiyao is processing herbs with Bai Youyou at this time, they have not made Long Xueyi join, the mouth of this small greedy dragon is very dishonest, Iron Bone Dan herbs is not freely delicious, to her does not have what use, but she is very difficult to provide lodging her mouth. When Shen Xiang now through refining these ten herbs, how judges 1000 the general need controls, he grasped 2nd level Refining Simulation Technique, at this time must judge not to be difficult, he can carry on refining simulation slightly, can obtain ** does not leave ten results. If not Shen Xiang has the solid foundation, he does not dare to have such a plan now. Five double-hour pass by, the Shen Xiang one breath refines successfully, that quality, approached Earth Level High-Grade Dan! What kind of?” Su Meiyao inquired, sees Shen Xiang now the full guy, she somewhat worried. Shen Xiang implored the one breath, said: Also good, but consumes Divine Sense to be many, it seems like takes some pills to supplement in the process of refinement!” „The Refining Spirit Golden Dan also more than 20 grains, should enough you be used to restore! As for True Qi, Five Elements Profound Dan should not have issue.” Su Meiyao said.

Refining Spirit Golden Dan cultivates Divine Soul, is mainly is used for the strong soul strong soul, Divine Sense and magic power consumes the massive words, will cause the Divine Soul dispirited, after taking Refining Spirit Golden Dan, making Divine Soul restore to come, can use Divine Sense and magic power once again! My start to condense Soul Creation Fluid!” Shen Xiang closes the eye, took a deep breath, revolution Dragon Saliva Art. Soul Creation Fluid only needs to absorb world Spirit Qi, coordinates Universe Fire of his within the body, then refines Azure Dragon True Qi, makes these three strength blend with the mysterious method, can produce Soul Creation Fluid, that mysterious process, Shen Xiang still does not have the ravelling principle. He does not do other matters now, is only wholly-absorbed concise Soul Creation Fluid, has only used for five days, is concise to come massively, enough duplicates over a thousand Iron Bone Dan herbs. Refines 1000 herbs, you should know how to build up?” Su Meiyao asked that previous time she borrowed the Shen Xiang's body, fused the together refinement Devil Decaying Death Qi and Soul Eroding Powder, built up was very long. Knows that increases herbs at different times, I thought that can increase 20 this each time.” Shen Xiang already had one set of plan, his brains rapidly revolved before, refining simulation process. After being ready, he has put in 20 herbs toward alchemic furnace, in this Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace is in has the universe, inside space is very big, can put in many herbs.