World Defying Dan God - Volume 9 - Chapter 854
Smelts many herbs, this need very strong Divine Sense suppresses these herbal Spirit Qi, because when the time comes herbal Spirit Qi will be more! After 20 Iron Bone Dan herbs he builds up the fusion, but must unceasingly with the flame heat up, making these herbal Spirit Qi momentarily maintain at the active condition, does not let its coagulation, then he continues to increase 20 herbs, builds up these 20 again, lets it before builds up herbal Spirit Qi fuses together, then compresses, making these herbal Spirit Qi qualities higher. This process continuously, before the Shen Xiang alchemy time was very short, but actually needs to be very long now, he estimated at least also more than half a year, because compressed to late stage herbal Spirit Qi to the certain extent time, a need longer time suppressed. ----- Human Territory, on a south desert, several men are treading on the burning hot sandy soil, the step is slow, is sweating profusely. Has not thought that father unexpectedly of Lian Mingdong this fellow is Lotus Island's Island Master, now he was made, is Lotus Island's Young Master!” The Zhu Rong class perspiration are most, like this fatty, not only perspires, but also in class oil. Zhu Rong sighed: This fellow owed to punch, I have thought he was the pitiful poor and pedantic scholar, has not thought that unexpectedly was small nouveau riche, early knew me not to his many preferential benefits.” Yun Xiaodao looks at the sky fierce positive: Dead fatty, blames that broken map that you buy, where had a look to lead us, we quickly were been hot!” Yun Xiaodao takes off the clothes of upper body, has revealed the dark colored capable muscle. Xu Weilong is silent all the way, he was only coldly stared Zhu Rong one. Yun Xiaodao, Xu Weilong and Zhu Rong these three people, with the Huang Jintian's instruction and help, success Nirvana, they now are going to that beforehand King Continent, was too expensive because of the ancient Teleportation Formation expense, they abandon do not obtain, has the walk in the past. Besides them, this pedestrian also has Shen Xiang's apprentice Xiao Chou, as well as that was joined Extreme Martial Sect's antique strange species Qilin Thunder Hawk by the Shen Xiang direction, named Teng Ying. Xiao Chou is a bald youngster appearance, is red the body, the grass that in the mouth is nipping losing plant.

Teng Ying is antique strange species, after transform into human, is handsome youngster, now links him unable to withstand at this time this terrifying heat. I said Teng Ying, do not put on that armor, I look hotly!” Zhu Rong was mumbling, a Teng Ying blue armor, looks at this time uncomfortably, was so hot he also to put on such thick. „Does dead fatty, what others put on to close your trifling thing? Also isn't you harms? Your this stingy ghost, has bought an expired map, asking us to leave such laboriously!” Yun Xiaodao white his eyes. little rascal Yun, this cannot blame me, must blame to blame that stingy Dean, unexpectedly to make us walk Pill City, his paternal grandmother, but also the travel expense does not give.” Zhu Rong clenches teeth to say. Xiao Chou looks at Teng Ying, said with a smile: Condor, can you turn into main body, then we ride you to go, quick can go out of this damn desert!” Teng Ying flipped the supercilious look: Old lunatic did not say, I cannot change the main body, was discovered has troubled, my one was the treasure, before!” Qilin Thunder Hawk truly one is the treasure, Zhu Rong all day keeps thinking about his these scales. Now is so grave as to affect a human life, you turn into Qilin Thunder Hawk, quick can fly, when the time comes again changed that's alright, the place that this bird did not defecate, will not have any expert to come.” Zhu Rong also persuaded, thinks can ride antique strange species, that was the what kind eye-catching matter. Teng Ying already mixed with these fellows ripe, Yun Xiaodao they are not one time have his idea twice, facing this situation, he is the decisive rejections. Dead fatty, you wants not to think that this is the road that you bring, this is you harms!” Teng Ying coldly snorted. Limitless burning hot desert, fierce Yang Penfa an intermittent terror burns the heat breath, making this desert be similar to a giant steamer is ordinary, heat is steaming. This desert has the strangeness, our good and bad was also Nirvana, unexpectedly was hot puts on despicable airs!” Xu Weilong works on silt, eye is staring at the sand of palm slantingly.

squinted dragon, your words said people who dozens, the brain did not have the problem can see that this desert has the strangeness, does not want you to remind.” Zhu Rong shoulders sand with the foot, sighed reluctantly. Teng Ying has pondered the moment, said: I think that a possibility, is this below has fierce flame strength, perhaps is earth core in Legend is erupting the quantity of heat!” Zhu Rong claps the palm of the hand, said: Right, is very likely will form in the near future, we walked here for one month, should be about to pass through, this is not the mistake of my map, but was here just turned into this!” Teng Ying complexion suddenly becomes very ugly: „If earth core is unstable, perhaps here will erupt a stronger quantity of heat, earth core was known as that can burn down the Fire Dragon place.” Yun Xiaodao yelled one: If we a bit faster do not walk, then our very danger(ous)?” Condor, you also waits for anything, quick change body!” Xiao Chou shouts. Here was away from Pill City to be very near, Danxiang Taoyuan in Pill City was very competent, you did not need to worry that was grasped.” Zhu Rong also urged: quick change body!” Suddenly turns about, the Teng Ying body erupts a blue light, arouses a wild aura, was blown to fly in his person completely, immediately the sand dust was billowing, has raised sand storm. Afterward, a whole body skin dark blue scales, build such as likely general huge, has Qilin of pair of blue steel wing to appear. The blue flame spout in his body surface, but does not have the quantity of heat, his flutter that to the vigorous and healthy powerful steel wing, was roaring! Has not come up quickly!” Teng Ying gives Yun Xiaodao their several sound transmission. Teng Ying suddenly changes the body, making Yun Xiaodao they eat many sand, but they have not said anything at this time, four people of hastily jumped to the back of Teng Ying.

The Teng Ying flutter wing, flies to rush to upper air, flies toward the front with the quickest speed. Already such words, we already arrived at Pill City, real his mother crisp, if I have such antique strange beast, when the mount words, Hehe......” Zhu Rong in the air is blowing the cool wind, said with a laugh. Teng Ying roared, indicated the disaffection. My that pitiful black hawk, does not know where died.” Yun Xiaodao sighed that he just entered the Extreme Martial Sect's time, caught a black hawk, that time was he and Shen Xiang inspected together the time. Has only used for two days, they have flown from the terror desert, now they are shuttling back and forth in piece of beautiful mountain forest. In them , in the soaking-bath, scalding hot storm suddenly, has blown this mountain scene forest time, the entire mountain scene forest was dried, then burns. His mother, is really bad luck!” Yun Xiaodao jumps from the basin, the clothes do not put on, dashes about wildly. Other people are also so, the words that does not walk, they will be given the burn by that terrifying heat. They dashed about wildly continuously for ten days, goes to a quite safe place, at this time, they saw one group of people to fly toward them. Halts, something asked you!” A look delicate man they drinks one to Yun Xiaodao coldly, this person Peach Blossom Sacred Realm's Son of Heaven, Jing Xingliang.