World Defying Dan God - Volume 9 - Chapter 855
Yun Xiaodao their several are not the affable people, even if the strength is inferior to the opposite party, they went all out also to with the opposite party go all out. Now is such stopped by calling by others, in their hearts the fire is big immediately, walks from Extreme Martial Sect, their moods arrive at the extreme on the difference, now some people dare such to provoke them, is challenging their withstanding bottom lines purely. brat, your his mother's what manner?” Yun Xiaodao turns around, coldly said. The group of people who flies, is not only Peach Blossom Son of Heaven they, other influences, obviously they toward that desert. Peach Blossom Son of Heaven is a very arrogant person, Yun Xiaodao their these people are at present distressed, naturally will not be paid attention to by him. What did you say a moment ago?” Jing Xingliang complexion sank, eye dew killing intent. brat, what manner is your his mother?” Yun Xiaodao also roared, was scared in Jing Xingliang behind people, some unexpectedly people dare such to bellow to yell to Son of Heaven, but also uses the so vulgar language. Jing Xingliang behind is some famous family juniors, several females, Peach Blossom Daughter of Heaven Mu Jialan also here, she look in the one side. country bumpkin, your courage is really big, you know that who he is? He is Peach Blossom Sacred Realm's Son of Heaven!” Jing Xingliang behind tall and thin youth said with a sneer. I, is Son of Heaven great? Feng Family Son of Heaven and White Sea Sacred Realm Son of Heaven had not been chopped, your this coquettish Peach Blossom Son of Heaven, which also very to goes.” Yun Xiaodao disdainfully said. The Jing Xingliang and the others complexion changes, some unexpectedly people so provoke they! Rubbish anything with them, wants fight to hurry fight, or hurries, the next wave must come.” Xiao Chou traces baldly, this time strength is also immeasurably deep, the meeting of Herculean Clan makes him benefit greatly. Jing Xingliang is gripping tightly the fist, must get rid, but Mu Jialan actually hastily stops him: I thought that we wait for Dean to go in again, front truly very danger(ous)!” At this moment, Teng Ying complexion big change, shouted: Run, here we go again!”

Hears these words, Zhu Rong they runs away, but front suddenly wells up flame storm, looks from afar that probably is the innumerable fiery red devils is making threatening gestures, roars to come, the passing over gently and swiftly place will be burnt down the sand dust. Terrorist heat, covers the world, all around turns into the drying furnace, Peach Blossom Son of Heaven they sees this, has to escape, they can feel clearly, if they move these flame, definitely will be fired the ashes. How these country bumpkin run such quickly!” Man who dashes about wildly in behind clenches teeth to scold, at this time he to the roasting results in the whole body guy by heat that the flame of that terror erupts, the blood in within the body must evaporation. At this time, Zhu Rong said while loudly laughing: I said that your Young Master elder brothers, a bit faster run, otherwise you will be burnt do not remain the dregs, Ha Ha......” Sees these backward fellow face dying embers, Yun Xiaodao to laugh: Makes your coquettish Peach Blossom Son of Heaven save you quickly, making him use Peach Blossom Immortal Nectar, Ha Ha......” Peach Blossom Immortal Nectar all fell!” Xu Weilong has supplemented one. Your other haughty!” Peach Blossom Son of Heaven also feels the fire to be big, now the extremely urgent matter, front that several fellow unexpectedly run such quickly, moreover there is thoughts to tease them. Mu Jialan definitely looks at front the youth of several being smiling to be uncommon, otherwise the speed so will not be certainly fast, must know that their these Son of Heaven Daughter of Heaven, crossed the Nirvana five tribulation six tribulations. Yun Xiaodao they just underwent very brutal training, the escape ability so is fierce, this is Wu Kaiming and Gu Dongchen to the result that they teach especially. In an instant passed for ten days, Xiao Chou they already has cast off that Son of Heaven and Daughter of Heaven by far, moreover they walk is not the same road. What happened as for that desert, they do not know, was the Teng Ying guess should be earth core had a gap, caused spout such terrifying flame. After passing through many dangers were difficult, Xiao Chou their group finally arrived at Pill City, enters the Extreme Martial Sect industry here, that is a quite crude hotel, they were arranged to cope with Demon and Devil, but after Huang Jintian comes out, Demon and Devil does not dare to act unreasonably, moreover discussed with. Therefore they accompany informed and experienced, coming Pill City to seek for Shen Xiang.

one billion crystal stones transmits one time, five people are 5 billion, his paternal grandmother, gained that crowd to be mixed up.” Zhu Rong life Qi/angry is nipping a pig's feet. We continually five hundred million crystal stones do not have now, but Big Brother Shen affirmed that is rich flows the oil.” Yun Xiaodao said. Right, we have also owed him large sum of money crystal stones.” Zhu Rong thinks of this, the whole face is depressed. Shen Xiang has given them many pills, that gives credit, but they also accumulated enough crystal stones, this time came to repay a debt. You also are really distressed, what happened on the road?” Wears the white long unlined close-fitting gown, surface such as the jade pendant adorning a hat student, grasps the folding fan, walks with smile on the face, this person Lian Mingdong. Dead student, you have a good father, naturally does not know the tribulation on our road undergoing.” A Yun Xiaodao face is not feeling well. Oh? you had any pain, mention have made me happy one happy!” Lian Mingdong said while loudly laughing. Xiao Chou carries a ready-to-cook dish, pounds toward Lian Mingdong, Lian Mingdong avoids, that snow white long unlined close-fitting gown full is the mixed dish and greasy dirt. Xu Weilong sees Lian Mingdong to be so natural, in his heart is not feeling well very much, now he smiled: Now I am more comfortable!” Exciting!” Yun Xiaodao said with a smile. Teng Ying shook the head, he does not understand that these humanity are making anything, wasted dish so to be happy, what letting him immediately was, that was sprinkled dish person unexpectedly is very happy. Lian Mingdong smiled: I heard that the Peach Blossom Son of Heaven person is looking for you, described according to them, your several offended him!” How many crystal stones do they leave to post a reward us?” Zhu Rong at present one bright, hastily asked.

hundred thousand crystal stones!” The Lian Mingdong words make Yun Xiaodao their face not be feeling well. Student, he now where? Several of us go to punch him, hits remnantly him, making his Peach Blossom Sacred Realm pay the high price, then you coordinate us to go to the pit their crystal stones, what kind of?” Zhu Rong said with a smile cloudy. This idea is good, I approved!” The Yun Xiaodao nod said. Lian Mingdong shakes the head smiles: You were also too poor, but greatly gains an opportunity now, in a mountain scene forest outside city, presented many rare and precious Demon Beast, was fire attribute!” Hits Demon Beast to sell crystal stones, this method was too slow!” Zhu Rong shakes the head. But in has Demon Beast to be very precious, it is said in value 100 billion!” The Lian Mingdong words are startled Zhu Rong they almost to stare the eyeball. Lian Mingdong then said: Because earth core presented the change, spout a huge portion terror the flame, that place turned into very terrifying Danger Zone now, named earth core fire territory, many fire attribute Demon Beast hide the forest near that region, absorbs earth core fire Qi to practice.” Damn, with is the same, is really the earth core issue that the condor said that our poor lives almost lost there!” Yun Xiaodao sucked in a cold breath. Shen Xiang now in that piece approaches in the earth core fire territory forest to refine Iron Bone Dan, he has refined continuously for five months!