World Defying Dan God - Volume 9 - Chapter 856
Shen Xiang has hidden alchemy over six months, but these ancient influences are still seeking for his trail, now the appearance of earth core fire territory, makes large quantities of expert appear in Pill City again. Reason that earth core fire territory will appear , because the quantity of heat in earth core has surpassed the limit, bulge broken hole, erupts the intense flame from earth core. The region that covers, there are several King Continent to be so big. City Lord that these already the discovery did not suit, before fire territory has not formed, migrates on the entire city, avoids a tribulation. But many cities have not escaped, is reduced to ashes in sea of fire. Although earth core fire territory is an unusual danger(ous) place, but inside contains the gem to be innumerable, erupts from earth core, these gems can not be melted in that burning hot earth core, obviously thermal stability is how strong. Moreover there is a hearsay, said that under earth core also erupts some fire attribute herbs! Can in earth core survival herbs, anything, is very precious thing, especially cultivates the fire attribute person to these. In addition, rare and precious fire attribute beasts, in abundance rush to earth core fire territory nearby forest, absorbs fire Qi that earth core fire territory erupts in the forest, is used to practice. More formidable Demon Beast, is enters in earth core fire territory, it is said at this time in earth core fire territory has many Shapeshift Demon Beast, is good at controlling the flame fire attribute Demon Beast. Shen Xiang also near that forest, in the half year comes, he in wholly-absorbed alchemy, but actually can also feel outside change, the place that he is at luckily is away from earth core fire territory is not very near, otherwise here will certainly turn into piece of sea of fire. Long Xueyi is responsible for standing sentry, after she discovers exceptionally, displays Nine Heavens Mental Exploration to fly a farther place, has nosed, she judges that immediately is earth core initiates, but this has not affected to Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang has refined together over a thousand Iron Bone Dan herbs, this so massive herbal Spirit Qi, were used powerful magic power to compress actually by him, condense becomes one slightly rolls Qi mist, at this time Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace when shivering of keeping, but True Qi that he consumes are also getting more and more, the temperature that because he must release a fiercer flame to maintain to congeal pill needs. At this time the pill furnace inside herbal Spirit Qi quality is high, if Shen Xiang does not have magic power to support, is unable to suppress this vast herbal Spirit Qi.

If not as a last resort, he does not want to use this alchemy way again, because was extremely strenuous, if not he eats up massive pills to restore True Qi and magic power every day, he is unable to support is so long. But the effect has, especially that is higher much the quality, although has not congealed now the pill success merit, but in pill furnace that herbal Spirit Qi makes him feel excited. The mountain scene forest that Shen Xiang is at is also very strange, although approaches that earth core fire territory, but here trees hotly had not actually died because of that temperature, instead can also release some cool energies, covers sky over this mountain scene forest, can feel very coolly in this. Therefore, in this is also many Demon Beast best habitats, these Demon Beast have the special method, absorbs mountain forest outside that earth core fire territory fire Qi. Yun Xiaodao, Xiao Chou, Teng Ying, Xu Weilong, Zhu Rong and Lian Mingdong, their six people also seek for that strange beast in this mountain scene forest, so long as catches, can sell in 100 billion crystal stones. Here is not only they in seeking for that strange beast, many people are, especially Yun Xiaodao they, if they do not have enough crystal stones, they must return to Extreme Martial Sect also to walk, after presenting earth core fire territory, they must wind a great-circle! In the cave, Shen Xiang to has congealed finally pill's stage! Finally the moment, must insist!” Su Meiyao saw the Shen Xiang whole face perspiration, some complexion blanches, hastily to drink one. Must concentrate this grain of super Iron Bone Dan not to be relaxed successfully, at this time True Qi of Shen Xiang whole body fast is draining, Universe Fire that five elements of True Qi forms , can only support reluctantly. He cultivates Divine Dao luckily, has that strange magic power, regarding suppressing these tyrannical herbal Spirit Qi is very effective. alchemic furnace of crazy vibration, has several thousand jin (0.5 kg) at this time, that grain of super Iron Bone Dan is thousand herbs refinements, at this time extrudes together completely, forms presses all at once.

Shen Xiang's alchemic furnace is not ordinary pill furnace, is Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace, Sacred Level dragon tool, otherwise cannot withstand this barometric pressure. The entire hill sways slightly along with pill furnace, the Shen Xiang distance congealed pill's distance to be also getting more and more near successfully! Half double-hour passes by, that mountain that Shen Xiang is at becomes is peaceful, Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace at this time red glow glittering, likely is a ruby, when refines this super Iron Bone Dan, Shen Xiang displays Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace strength, caused Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace to be restored the original design by he has concealed. He opens furnace lid, golden light spews out immediately, shines eight sides, as if small Golden Burning Sun, by his careful place control in! Quite fierce!” The Shen Xiang's eye must feel pain by the super Iron Bone Dan light burr. Sending out of this grain of Iron Bone Dan golden light, makes Shen Xiang feel that fleshly body has the weak change. Has not imagined is so heavy, is similar to ordinary pill, but this quality was really too high, reached the Heaven Level pill's stage!” Shen Xiang somewhat is hard to imagine, oneself unexpectedly success refines such a grain of alternative Heaven Level pill. For serveral days many people passed by here, outside had the big matter probably.” Long Xueyi said. Shen Xiang must digest this grain of super Iron Bone Dan to require a lot of time, he does not want to be disturbed, just prepared to arrange many several formation, Su Meiyao then said: „Outside might as well goes to that piece of sea of fire to practice!” The Long Xueyi nod said: Right, but there the earth core eruption creates, even if some old fellow is unable to arrive at the deep place!” Shen Xiang has used a day of time adjustment good condition, then leaves this cave, as soon as he emits Divine Sense, can feel direction that earth core fire territory is.

Afterward dashes about wildly, has not concealed own appearance. Um? These aura, are very familiar!” Shen Xiang suddenly one startled, afterward displays Nine Heavens Mental Exploration, flies in the direction of that several aura. Is Xiaodao they, these fellows came finally!” Shen Xiang smiled: Has not thought also with the Peach Blossom Son of Heaven bar on.” Yun Xiaodao they seek for that strange beast in this inside, but Peach Blossom Son of Heaven they also here, naturally unavoidably bump into, after all they are very strong young one generation. In the past and they greeted that's alright, first broke through fights with these Daughter of Heaven Son of Heaven again.” Su Meiyao said. How is your this Peach Blossom white face monkey, you look like a woman, all day is entangling us, has not to end. We do not dare the interest to the man, said again our students are much fairer and clearer than you.” Zhu Rong has patted the shoulder of Lian Mingdong, in his heart is not feeling well very much, because they, when pursues that strange beast, suddenly was actually blocked by this Peach Blossom Son of Heaven. Lian Mingdong stared Zhu Rong one maliciously, but that Peach Blossom Son of Heaven is in a towering rage, especially knew after this group of people are the Shen Xiang's friends, wishes one could to massacre them completely, then directs Shen Xiang.