World Defying Dan God - Volume 9 - Chapter 857
Jing Xingliang and Mu Jialan this Peach Blossom Sacred Realm's Daughter of Heaven Son of Heaven together, in their side also some juniors of some big influences, evidently is also talented, altogether has ten people. But Yun Xiaodao they do not have a meaning of fear, instead also wants to go all out. Dead fatty, but you insulted me first in first, do not blame me not being impolite!” Jing Xingliang filled with fury, no person scolded him is the white face monkey, what most made his unendurable was, at present this mouth very inexpensive fatty unexpectedly suspected he was the base man! Seeing Jing Xingliang must act crazy, Zhu Rong hastily receives the mouth, very calm retreat several steps, hide in Xiao Chou and Teng Ying they behind, these two one is Herculean Clan, one is Qilin Thunder Hawk, the strength is very strong. White face monkey, is you annoys us again and again in first, if not you blocks us, we already held that only White Flame Pegasus, you make us lose on 100 billion, your this white face monkey sells many chrysanthemums unable to repay!” Yun Xiaodao angry-looking said. Shen Xiang is watching with Nine Heavens Mental Exploration, hears Zhu Rong and Yun Xiaodao words, he almost fell a big somersault. These two things want to irritate that Peach Blossom Son of Heaven while still alive!” Shen Xiang does not know whether to laugh or cry. The Jing Xingliang anger results in the whole body to tremble, that White Jade handsome face, the muscle is beating, that eyes momentarily can spout two Fire Dragon to be the same probably, is very scary. When Jing Xingliang wants to get rid, two shadow suddenly dodge, pair of young male and female suddenly appears, male is dashing, female beautiful face moon/month appearance, but they put on black skintight clothes. And male Shen Xiang knew that is Qin Family Son of Heaven, had battled with White Sea Son of Heaven, named Qin Meng. In Qin Meng female, should be Qin Family Daughter of Heaven, named Qin Yao, she can become Daughter of Heaven, not only has the beautiful woman outstandingly beautiful appearance, good strength. Afterward another white skirt female grazes to come slowly, unexpectedly is Ji Meixian! Ji Meixian just arrived, afterward is Feng Family Daughter of Heaven, Feng Yuhe!

Feng Yuhe is gripping a long pigtail, wears the blue magnificent and expensive long skirt, noble aura glows, but the whole person seems very ice-cold, aloofs, the eyebrow is standing tall and erect, likely is an empress of keeping aloof! Four Daughter of Heaven, two Son of Heaven! This is south two big Heavenspan Family and two Great Saint Realm Son of Heaven Daughter of Heaven, is representing strongest young one generation. Daughter of Heaven this time does not have yo conceals own appearance, everyone characteristic, the makings are different, the similarity, is they is very attractive, the strength is very strong! Ji Meixian naturally knows that Shen Xiang in catching up, her spirit awareness is very keen, especially to Shen Xiang, but she actually maintains composure, stands looks by Mu Jialan. These Daughter of Heaven relationship are good, but between Son of Heaven and Son of Heaven actually frequently the battle, at this time they come also to see a play. Xu Weilong that double bevel slanting eye, has swept front that group of people, coldly said: „Can you on together?” You thought highly of yourselves, I can solve you!” The Peach Blossom Son of Heaven whole body murderous aura spout, puts out a long sword, punctures fiercely toward Yun Xiaodao. At this moment, the people only thought that as if has a dragon suddenly to fly, that exuberant blood energy, terrifying Dragon Force, as well as heat of that ebullition, makes people think that is Fire Dragon. Comes is not a dragon, but was also similar, that cultivates top rank Dragon Slaying Divine Martial Skill Shen Xiang, Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art that he cultivates, can be displayed powerful Dragon Force by oneself! Shen Xiang flies to leap up from the distant place, stands before the Yun Xiaodao body, presses firmly between the fingers Jing Xingliang that long sword with two fingers. You also too high looked at yourself, white face monkey of acting recklessly!” Shen Xiang laughs, the fingertip emits Dragon Force, that quality good long sword pinching. Four Daughter of Heaven and two Son of Heaven change countenance immediately, instinct retreat several steps, because they induce present person very danger(ous).

Shen Xiang!” Mu Jialan shouted one tenderly. Smelly brat, the crest of wave made you leave, we fermented to be so long with great difficulty, enraged that white face monkey, essential time what hand did you leave?” Zhu Rong has patted a palm of the hand Shen Xiang's head, said ill-humoredly. Shen Xiang laughs, then looked at that four Daughter of Heaven: These Daughter of Heaven are really good, can make my female slave reluctantly, do not have their ideas!” Four Daughter of Heaven seasonal delicacies anger, Shen Xiang unexpectedly dares to shame their these to keep aloof blatantly, pure Daughter of Heaven, these famous family juniors were cursing angrily Shen Xiang immediately. Insulted our Qin Family Daughter of Heaven, you courted death, meet to incur!” A Qin Meng palm chops, but Shen Xiang actually shunts. These fellows give you, I must go to transcends tribulation!” Shen Xiang abandons these words, dodged does not have the shade. Bastard, snatched our crest of wave, but good and bad must snatch, killing walks this annoying white face monkey again!” Zhu Rong has put out very big spiked club, pounds directly to that Jing Xingliang. Xiao Chou sees that four Daughter of Heaven whole face anger, mumbled in a low voice: Master this fellow, he is intentionally, the matter noisily was then big!” Qin Meng wants to pursue Shen Xiang's, but Shen Xiang wants transcends tribulation, he does not dare to go, before Shen Xiang because of transcends tribulation, making Devil World's Ancient Desolate Devil Sect decline thoroughly. Yuhe, don't you chase down that brat? Didn't you suffer a loss in his sister hand before that?” Ji Meixian said that Feng Yuhe was expelled by Leng Youlan, she thinks that this is the life only shame, but Shen Xiang also said that must receive her to make female slave, this also regards as one of the shames by her! I sooner or later must ask, this fellow had Xue Xianxian such woman, unexpectedly so is dishonest, the man is really not the good thing, has the opportunity I to teach him well!” Feng Yuhe said that the floating body departs, a lot of fires. Mu Jialan sighed gently, before she has shown good will to Shen Xiang, but has not thought that Shen Xiang actually wants to receive her is female slave, thinks to think exasperating. Ji Meixian can see through actually very much, because she is not first time knows that Shen Xiang had this idea.

Yun Xiaodao their strengths are very strong, must go beyond the expectations of these Son of Heaven Daughter of Heaven, moreover these people do not know how shameless two characters write. Their six person unexpectedly get rid together . Moreover the move is very sinister and ruthless, six both hands select these strategic points to hit specially, pokes and flexure kidney and monkey to steal the peach...... They are only the flash, hits Jing Xingliang horizontally to fly at the scene, has spat several two blood. Hits after Jing Xingliang flies, their several do not return ran, looks at people crack cursed. Naturally, they to pursue that White Flame Pegasus go. This White Flame Pegasus has white different Fire Spirit, 100 billion crystal stones that is few, if takes away the auction, is the good several hundred billions crystal stones matter. Shen Xiang ran quickly, entered earth core fire territory not long, he emitted Divine Sense all the way, collected the talk contents of these people in mountain forest, knew that earth core fire territory matter. White Flame Pegasus, has white different Fire Spirit Demon Beast, no wonder Xiaodao pursuing of their such doom!” Shen Xiang also knows that horse is very precious, but he breakthrough is at present good, because after Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique appears, has drawn out many powerful ancient influence, expert will be more. Shen Xiang entered earth core fire territory, here is the flame sea, big lands are burning the raging flame, moreover after entering the deep place, the color of flame will be different. He emits Vermillion Bird Fire Wings, flew in inside to three days, the region of azure flame, he estimated that the following that matter was the blue fire, was purple fire! Two days later, has substantiated his idea, he really arrived at the purple fire region, but here is away from Pill City to be very far, is the place that few people can come. Purple fire territory is really fierce, feels the pressure including me, does not know that what the following that matter is?” Shen Xiang continues to fly.