World Defying Dan God - Volume 9 - Chapter 858
earth core fire territory is divided into many, each arranges according to the Fire Spirit color, separately is red, orange, yellow, green and azure, blue and purple! In Fire Spirit, purple Fire Spirit is representing best Fire Spirit, but before Shen Xiang, Heavenly Sun Fire Spirit and Earthly Yin Fire Spirit that obtains surmount purple Fire Spirit, does not have any special color, even if his present Universe Fire Spirit is also only the color of ordinary flame. He wants to have a look under purple fire territory that matter is any region, what flame has! fire Qi that in Purple Fire Spirit, one purple sea of fire, the flaming combustion flame energy deep place spout, flame thousand zhang (3.33 m) high of entire earth core fire territory, but the sky is the hottest place, nobody dares to fly on fire territory at will. White flame?” Shen Xiang flew for two days, across purple fire territory, arrives at one piece to burn the white flame region. To here, the skin of his whole body somewhat was burningly painful, his fleshly body has Universe Fire Spirit in addition, can come here, if others, perhaps already died in the halfway, but he must continue to go forward! In white one white fire territory, Shen Xiang could not feel that has any life sign, he had not discovered that in the hearsay these spirit herb and rare and precious stone anything, has not seen fierce fire attribute Demon Beast, here only then white piece of sea of fire. He walked for quite a while in white fire territory, is unable to go forward, at this time reached the limit that he withstood, the whole body hot pain, only if he uses Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor to go, but this does not have what significance for him. Here that's alright, had me to help you let in fresh air, relieved practice.” Long Xueyi said with a smile, she also wants to come out to stroll now, she naturally did not fear that here flame, she is worried about to be seized by some fierce fellows. Shen Xiang has arranged formation, can a hideaway of place, form barrier eye Illusion Formation, but must set up formation in this white fire territory not be the simple matter. Prepare formation, Shen Xiang has put out that grain of super Iron Bone Dan, [gold/metal] who erupts, making here these white flame inferior.

Here fire Qi is very good, does not know that can be used to strengthen my Fire Spirit, making my Fire Spirit stronger!” In the Shen Xiang heart is musing, eats up that grain of Iron Bone Dan. Entire grain of Iron Bone Dan explodes in his abdomen, gushes out a huge portion strange energy, drills into his skeleton, again spout from the skeleton, strengthens the muscle, blood and meridians! If the Shen Xiang's body incision, can see his blood, muscle and skeleton at this time is the golden color! He revolves the Body Refining Saint law, Black Tortoise Strengthening Technique, uses Fire God Art and Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art as again auxiliary, such one, can play this super Iron Bone Dan might completely, when quenchings his fleshly body, can be more appropriate. After Black Tortoise Strengthening Technique revolves, the efficacy rushes all the limbs and bones, stronger efficacy direct impact Heavenly Spirit, unexpectedly simultaneously is quenching his Divine Soul! At this time his whole body golden light sparkles, is similar to the sacred King is ordinary, is pasting all over the body the sacred golden brilliance, making all around white flame be overshadowed. He chooses eats up Iron Bone Dan here, must use here flame, serves a more ideal purpose, he revolves Fire God Art, absorbs these intense white flame, emerges in his body, coordinates the super Iron Bone Dan efficacy, is washing out his fleshly body, lets revolution innumerable of these two strength in his body, achieves the best effect. He is quenchinged including the hair now tenaciously incomparable, but he these terrors white flame introduction bodies, also has brought the huge pain to him! My Bone Spirit occurred to change!” Shen Xiang suddenly one startled, he has practiced ten days later, hides that mysterious Bone Spirit in skeleton, suddenly erupts strange white cloud, is moistening his whole body skeleton. Only then fleshly body is formidable enough, will breed Bone Spirit, but Shen Xiang's Bone Spirit fuses Suppressing Devil Bloodline time obtains!

Your skeleton was born Bone Spirit, now two Bone Spirit must fuse together, this was too astonishing, unbelievable, if fuses successfully, what matter that will have?” Long Xueyi surprisedly said. „......” The Shen Xiang rave, the body immediately spout flame, the flame blowout time, likely is crazy dragon angry roar. Your Fire Dragon Martial Spirit must evolve finally, if not the strength is very strong, generally cannot use Martial Spirit as one desires, only then cultivates certain situation to play the might Martial Spirit!” Su Meiyao said. It seems like this time wanted Immortal Devil Body great accomplishment, if broke through Immortal Devil Body, then can build Saint Body, in Legend never had the person to arrive at that situation!” Bai Youyou said. Immortal Devil Body great accomplishment! But Shen Xiang is only Nirvana Realm, thinks to think inconceivable, it is estimated that he depending on fleshly body, can shake martial artist of Nirvana 45 tribulations, in addition that terrifying True Qi, the strength is hard to imagine! Double Bone Spirit cannot with saving, must fuse, but fuses time, makes Shen Xiang think own whole body skeleton must split generally, is in deep sorrow! Bang! Shen Xiang's body suddenly spouts golden light, is having very terrifying aura, washes away formation that he arranges completely, his clothes smashing, in that vigorous and healthy body is overflowing the blood unceasingly, the muscle ties tight together, already in split open. The incomparable severe pain makes him send out wicked yelling, when he thought must unable to support, suddenly floats one fragrance that makes the person be refreshing, the body of this gang of virgin makes Shen Xiang be enchanted by fragrant, as if has strange strength to make his pain much less, becomes is peaceful! Wears simple yellow skirt female, is similar to the fire Elf is ordinary, walks gracefully from thick white flame, that beautiful on the suffocating jade face full is the worried look, she sees Shen Xiang to be incapable of dropping down, danced in the air gently, flies fast, if startled great wild goose, just like mist.

Shen Xiang only thought one lay down in one gently such as in the bosom of water, making him feel very comfortably, he made an effort to open the eye, only saw him to be familiar, but actually somewhat strange beautiful face! This female unexpectedly is Extreme Martial Sect number one beauty, Wu Qianqian! Although her attire is simple, but her refined simple and beautiful makings, make people think that she as if from the world, the face that her rises above worldly affairs delicately does not bring maturity to be charming, at this time she micro is pressed the willow eyebrows, that pair like moon/month pupil glittering the wave, she is seeing the Shen Xiang so appearance, in the heart to pull out is really being painful. Qianqian!” Shen Xiang weak startled shouted, he has not thought that Wu Qianqian unexpectedly appears here, present Wu Qianqian truly is that he knows. But now actually changed, although she is very simple, but is passing from top to bottom actually a invisible high noble aura nature, has an imposing manner of empress! Insists!” Wu Qianqian could see that Shen Xiang is practicing with some violent ways, she did not fear that the Shen Xiang whole body blood smears itself, such makes Shen Xiang lie down in her arms. Initially was Shen Xiang such helps her fuse that Blue Star Fire Spirit, making her step road of the expert, but she has not thought that such matter unexpectedly will have inverted, but she does not think one is helping Shen Xiang, she knows that Shen Xiang did not depend upon others, can get through the difficult time! Wu Qianqian changed, this time she like the water, the whole body is sending out a strange and gentle body gently is fragrant, can probably melt general the person, she is holding Shen Xiang gently, white hands are winding around silver-white Qi mist, is stroking Shen Xiang fissure gently, by she has stroked place, cicatrization marvelously. This woman...... Obtained any fortuitous encounter, beam energy spread has sent out that strange body to be fragrant, but can also release this living corpse meat white bone energy to come!” Su Meiyao shocks incomparably. Shen Xiang's fleshly body is very formidable, is far from ordinary spirit herb can repair, but she gently touched is good!” Bai Youyou exclaims. Shen Xiang of incomparable severe pain, only thought at this time very comfortable, how long but actually could not continue, painful and comfortable also follows, his fleshly body also become stronger gradually.