World Defying Dan God - Volume 9 - Chapter 860
Shen Xiang entered earth core fire territory for serveral days, while body cultivation, withdrew massive rich True Qi to practice from these white flame. At this time fleshly body arrived at his expectation, the True Qi aspect is promoted similarly. If crossed the Nirvana two tribulations successfully, not only the yellowish pink has been quenchinged again, but can also obtain the strength of massive granting, strength promotes multiple! However if he is only initiates Nirvana Tribulation, he worried that the Nirvana Tribulation might is insufficient, because his present fleshly body is very formidable, does not have enough Tribulation Force, is unable to shake his close Immortal Devil Body great accomplishment fleshly body. The double Bone Spirit fusion, may not only be makes his skeleton stronger, his entire fleshly body obtained the large scale promotion, coordinates Suppressing Devil Bloodline and Jade Dragon Bloodline of his within the body again, his self- repair capability, he thought that shuts off an arm, can have one fast. Only then stronger Nirvana Tribulation, can let my Immortal Devil Body great accomplishment!” Shen Xiang is gripping tightly the fist, he has set firm resolve, gives it all, he wants to have a look at great accomplishment Immortal Devil Body to be what kind of! These five people had three to cross the Nirvana seven tribulations, other two crossed eight tribulations, if their undying, they were also equal to crossing a tribulation, therefore you must cross while them killed them.” Long Xueyi said. to rely on Nirvana Tribulation promotes the strength way, only then these fleshly body very powerful Demon Beast frequently do, for example these dragons. Why Shen Xiang very curious Long Xueyi did not use transcends tribulation, afterward knows that these practice Divine Dao Imperial Dragon Clan not to need to cross Nirvana Tribulation, but has another disaster in waiting for them, it is said that is when their strength will be very strong will appear. White Sea Sacred Realm and Feng Family elders expert will come here to ask him not to be strange, because before , he had appeared in that mountain scene forest one time, he came in earth core fire territory also for almost one month. Shen Xiang lets Feng Family and White Sea Sacred Realm suffered a loss, Son of Heaven of their careful training was cut to kill by Shen Xiang, although these two ancient influences do not lack are similar to Son of Heaven this character, but their Son of Heaven was cut to kill, is equal to pulls out their faces maliciously.

Let alone, Shen Xiang also killed their many elders, White Sea Sacred Realm is robbed massive precious Fire Phoenix Purple Gold, they were fired the ashes in the Pill City shop, this was Shen Xiang creates, therefore they did not attend to Huang Jintian's warning now that sending out the elders to cope with Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang, you really here!” A middle age said with a smile cloudy, sound full was killing intent, this middle age put on one set of golden armor, has strong fire-resistant strength, his big hand wielded, releases intense Qi Energy, blew big flame, making in this white fire territory present one space that did not have the white fire to wrap. Sees this middle age to reveal this, Shen Xiang sees this is the Feng Family method, but another middle age has the White Sea Sacred Realm unique True Qi aura, is White Sea Sacred Realm. These two middle-aged people, crossed martial artist of Nirvana eight tribulations, but also had the appearance of middle-aged person, obviously their aptitude were good, moreover old man of that three Nirvana seven tribulations, compared with them, inferior many. Shen Xiang does not dread, at this time he started strength of revolution within the body, making this strength erupt, such one, can initiate Nirvana Tribulation, because strength of his within the body reached the limit, only then crossed Nirvana Tribulation, this strength can continue to promote. Shen Xiang was surrounded by five expert, looks like cannot escape, but these expert have this capturing alive Shen Xiang's opportunity, will not kill Shen Xiang, they very much want to obtain Shen Xiang that Divine Blade and Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art. White fire territory, the flame reaches as high as thousand feet (333 m), covers the entire sky, only then these itself cultivates flame expert to come here. But on this actually the cloud layer rolls, Shen Xiang this time Tribulation Force is primarily Thunder evidently. surround Shen Xiang these five expert, cultivates the flame, otherwise is very strong Nirvana Realm is hard to arrive at this region.

These fellows have Fire Spirit, can therefore counter-balance very strong heat, including two should be alchemy, I think that they possibly are Dan King.” Long Xueyi was guessing. Several people have surrounded Shen Xiang, has arranged barrier secretly, consolidates all around space, preventing Shen Xiang to run away. You are Feng Family and White Sea Sacred Realm fiercest dog, unexpectedly can seek for me in this inside worthily.” Shen Xiang said with a sneer. Do not be obstinate argumentative, you are the captive, obediently hand over Immortal Blade and Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art.” Middle-aged indifferently said, Shen Xiang in his eyes is similar to the insects. Our casual person can pinch you, you presumptuously think to revolt, obey our words, perhaps will make you continue to go on living.” That golden armor middle age is also the similar look, Shen Xiang, although has made many Heaven-shaking, Earth-shattering matters, has very huge potential, is a splendid alchemy master. But after now they surround, they thought that can pinch dead Shen Xiang at any time, did not fear that Shen Xiang places in the eye. Possibly? If you do not kill me, definitely will encounter my Master retaliation.” Shen Xiang jokes: My Master can also a finger pinch you, you do not ask him to want Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art, but is asks me to want? It is not thinks that I quite do bully? You also only then this level!” Feng Family and White Sea Sacred Realm send out your five elders to encircle today kill me, robs my thing, I will make them regret.” You did not have the opportunity to exit, nobody knows matter that today has.” old man indifferently said: Hands over Immortal Blade, you do not match the use!”

You chop persons head, you are not patching.” Shen Xiang laughs: Words I will also say how you don't comply?” That golden armor middle age disdainfully said: Because of our strength compared with you, you are an ant, we can make you die at any time!” Feng Family, White Sea Sacred Realm, I will remember! I will not depend upon my Master strength to extinguish you, I with my strength, I must make you know that I do match to use Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade!” Shen Xiang said while loudly laughing, in the laughter full is the dreadful hatred, fills endless Slaughter Qi, covers in burning hot earth core fire territory, frightening. „Is unexpectedly Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade?” Five expert change countenance, on the face reveals the greedy and wild with joy color all. Bang! Bang! Bang! Prepares to get rid to hold the Shen Xiang's time in them, in the sky suddenly drops together Purple Lightning, has destroyed barrier under that five expert cloths, chops to hit on Shen Xiang's. Shen Xiang roared, let the crazy thunder since own body, making lightning strength spout from his body. Five expert complexion big changes, their suddenly felt anything, Shen Xiang unexpectedly in transcends tribulation, moreover from Tribulation Force, was not they can resist easily.