World Defying Dan God - Volume 9 - Chapter 861
Young bastard!” The golden armor middle age is unable to be calm, cursed angrily one, divided to hit along with it Purple Lightning together on him, making him spit a big blood crazily. Shen Xiang was divided to hit in rags, the hair is dishevelled, but he has not received any wound obviously, he said with a smile crazily: This Nirvana Tribulation banquet is I prepares for you especially, does not need to thank me, enjoys well!” Six people of Nirvana Tribulation, moreover five people of strengths are very strong, Nirvana Tribulation that welcomed was not absolutely weak! Must know that Nirvana Tribulation targeted, Shen Xiang present fleshly body is very strong, specifically aims at his fleshly body, but Feng Family and White Sea Sacred Realm martial artist, fleshly body does not have Shen Xiang to be so strong, they can only resist with True Qi. These five expert now except, in the heart neutralization mouth was scolding beside Shen Xiang crazily, had no other alternative, if massacred Shen Xiang this Lord, Nirvana Tribulation that they can face will be stronger, they are regarded as will also disturb Nirvana Tribulation, thus received crazier fierce disaster attack. A surrounding area ten li (0.5km) space had been blocked by terror Tribulation Force, is very difficult to escape, only then crossed Nirvana Tribulation to leave! The crazy thunder is unceasing, is crowded and formidable, because of these Tribulation Force in earth core fire territory sky condense, causes in intense lightning, but also is containing very strong scalding hot strength, chops to hit on the body of person, is not only explodes to dodge lightning, but can also in a big way explode one to roll white flame. In a minute, that several expert were hit by the crazy thunder completely spits blood, but Shen Xiang enduring suffering makes Heavenly Thunder chop fiercely, while revolution Black Tortoise Strengthening Technique quenchings the body. That several expert wish one could to tear to shreds Shen Xiang, unexpectedly involves Nirvana Tribulation them, their these unexpected visitors enter the transcends tribulation area, not only will cause Tribulation Force to strengthen, but must specifically aim at their disasters facing some. Just came , the stance of their keeping aloof, regarded as the ants Shen Xiang, but now they in front of Nirvana Tribulation, was only some struggles the mortal in life and death edge.

When they see Shen Xiang calm sitting cross-legged there , no matter what is struck by lightning, using lightning quenchings the body time, is almost air/Qi them to spit blood, what most lets in their hearts the indignation is, Shen Xiang was divided by that wild lightning each time bruised and lacerated, when whole body covered with blood, his will recover to come at the naked eye obvious speed. Resembles him to have the body of Indestructible, can the flesh and blood rebirth, this strange strength, making that several expert look is jealous incomparably, they envy this ability very much, they wish one could rush over to chop the completely squashed sauce Shen Xiang, but they cannot divert attention now, will otherwise be hit by Heavenly Thunder vanishes in puff of smoke, soul destroyed. little bastard, stops cultivating quickly, you use Nirvana Tribulation strength to expand itself, will only let the heaven anger, the Nirvana Tribulation might will be more powerful, you will kill our!” That golden armor man exclaimed, his golden armor left several holes. Shen Xiang endures suffering says with a smile crazily: Suits me, I must kill you, who makes you probably kill me?” A Nirvana Tribulation month of terror, crowded Purple Lightning is similar to the sudden downpour, in pā lā, the bang hits continuously, the aura of that destruction, proliferates entire earth core fire territory, even if can feel in earth core fire territory outside person. Is only lightning, but now is actually Fire Lightning *** next, is turned into white Fire Lightning by purple Fire Lightning, but currently had the pale golden sign. golden flame, that is the place that Immortal does not dare to enter!” old man sees pale golden Fire Lightning, despairs ** said. These five expert, on each face full are desperate, angry and fears, making them fall into so the hopeless situation person, at present, but they actually cannot pass to kill this person. Shen Xiang sees these five person whole face dying embers, in eyes to pass death Qi, the despair and frightened that they reveal, making him cannot help but loudly laugh.

Who said a moment ago I am ants am coming? Ha Ha...... Your this crowds by the fellow who the ants kill, what is also? Your insects were inferior.” Shen Xiang said that the whole person was shot down together by the water jar thick pure golden color Fire Lightning overhead. If were the average person had already unravelled, but he was only the whole body chap, bruised and lacerated, making the person look fearful and apprehensive, this was formidable fleshly body! From beginning to end, Shen Xiang has not used True Qi to resist Heavenly Thunder, with his terror fleshly body. That five expert air/Qi result in eyes to be red, they can think that Shen Xiang waits for them to come intentionally, then initiates this terror six people of Nirvana Tribulation, quenchings fleshly body using Nirvana Tribulation again! Their unexpectedly was used, Shen Xiang unexpectedly quenchings the body with their lives, this makes their heart well up hatred of elimination, they lived were so long, have the strength and status that this letting many people envied, in the end unexpectedly became little rascal quenchings the sacrificial victim of body. They such died unwillingly, this will only make them die very vexed! Died must kill you, we cannot make you prevail!” That golden armor middle age exclaimed. Shen Xiang lightly smiled: Now can deliver you to start off, you have given me very big help, helping me bring in this fierce Nirvana Tribulation, I will not make you die not entire corpse, I will cut your heads, sends back, this is the glory that you earn, Ha Ha......” That five expert whole bodies are scarred, they have eaten many Life Returning Pill, but actually does not help matters, because this Nirvana Tribulation is extremely terrifying, quick consumes their True Qi, their fleshly body radically irresistibly.

Crowded golden Fire Lightning one after another, will have the crevice in this period, Shen Xiang took advantage that now this swoops, calls Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, is similar to cuts the grass to be ordinary, cuts off the heads of two old man. Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade! These ancient influence old man understand that this blade fierce, they want to obtain very much, but can only die under this blade at this time. You die not vexed, this is Divine Blade, you die content.” Shen Xiang said with a smile. Dies content? Remaining three people of crack cursed get up, they were treated as the bait to bring in strong Tribulation Force, helping others quenching fleshly body, can they die die content? If you do not get rid to me, stays in your influence honestly, can definitely very be exactly long, must blame to blame you not to listen to my master's warning, the warning of my Master did not mean that he will cope with you, but is you must withstand my inexhaustible retaliation!” Shen Xiang said lightly that a blade cuts these three people of heads. After these five people of heads receive, more terrorist wave of golden Fire Lightning lowers, the crazy bang hits on him, now only then he withstands the attack of Nirvana Tribulation, if has slightly carelessly, that dies! The golden flame is really formidable, making him almost want to emit Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor to resist, but the present is a good opportunity, if successful, his Immortal Devil Body has made into, when the time comes he uses fleshly body, can the strength shake the same rank expert. Feng Family, White Sea Sacred Realm! You are waiting, after I exit, the first matter is makes you regret to make today this matter!” In the Shen Xiang heart coldly discussed.