World Defying Dan God - Volume 9 - Chapter 862
That five expert persons head was preserved by him, after this is leaves, applies makeup to use. Next wave of Tribulation Lightning must come, quickly fight that two divergence Fire Spirit receiving.” Bai Youyou anxiously said: First induces to these Fire Spirit, then revolution Engulfing Devil Art absorption.” In five expert that died a moment ago, two are Dan King, had Fire Spirit, their fleshly body dividing unravelled by Heavenly Thunder, but Fire Spirit actually also. Here is white Fire Spirit, these Fire Spirit will not diverge immediately, heat that was released by here gathering together. Shen Xiang Divine Sense puts, immediately induces to these hides in white Fire Spirit inside Fire Spirit, these Fire Spirit turn into the silt, scatters here, crazy devour here white Fire Spirit. He according to doing that Bai Youyou said that revolution Engulfing Devil Art, attracted that two scattered in disorder Fire Spirit, sealed in his dantian, when he crossed Nirvana Tribulation, withdrew to preserve again. Copes with Fire Spirit, he light vehicle route was again ripe, completes very much with ease, that two Dan King Fire Spirit is too not good, after two Fire Spirit fuse together, is only azure. Bang! Bang! Bang! Golden Fire Lightning lowers, because of here, only then he, therefore Tribulation Lightning independent, but chops continuously, each will release dozens instantaneously, from his top of the head crazy bang, chops his whole body burned black, probably must be divided the smashing to be the same. This has carried on the moment continuously, he has poured in the ground, the whole person turned into burned black carbon, the body has the alarmed fissure, was braving a meat burnt smell. His fleshly body is very luckily strong, after by this golden Fire Lightning wanton bombing, has not unravelled, moreover Jade Dragon Bloodline and Bone Spirit of his within the body are producing strange strength, carries on the self- repair, his burned black skins also slowly fall off, from grows newly the new skin.

Tribulation Lightning comes one after another, has the gap, this also lets the time that he wins to restore. „Don't you have Blood Lightning Bead? With eats up, but this fierce golden Fire Lightning rare meets, you should quenching Thunder Spirit of your within the body while this well.” Su Meiyao said. When that Blood Lightning Bead is in the past he and Su Meiyao entered Blood Thunder Mountain and Sea, kills fierce Blood Lightning Beast to obtain, was containing rich blood lightning strength. He will turn, swallows in the entrance, then transports the merit to build up, making Blood Lightning Bead inside blood lightning energy spout, integrates in his body, nourishes that to say Thunder Spirit. You should attempt Thunder Spirit and Universe Fire Spirit fuse together, this can promote the might in your lightning aspect.” Bai Youyou said. Bai Youyou and Su Meiyao is a practice many years of character, proposal that therefore they put forward was very useful. Shen Xiang complies, attempts to let Thunder Spirit and Universe Fire Spirit fusion, the fire and thunder have very terrifying might, both fuse together, later when he releases these two attribute True Qi will be more relaxed. When he just wants to attempt, the sky lowers golden Fire Lightning, again the crazy bang hits on him, each wave of several hundred crazy thunder, the bang he is completely muddled, but after each time, his fleshly body will become even more formidable. Damn, Thunder Spirit by that Fire Dragon Martial Spirit robbing!” Shen Xiang calls out in alarm, Fire Dragon Martial Spirit still in adolescence, he also little uses, but he felt that now Fire Dragon Martial Spirit devour that was saying Thunder Spirit. What make his surprised is, Fire Dragon Martial Spirit resembles intelligential to be ordinary, unexpectedly releases strange strength, lets that Thunder Spirit crazy devour Blood Lightning Bead energy, moreover makes Thunder Spirit absorb that golden Fire Lightning energy.

Was divided burned black Shen Xiang, at this time the whole body by the golden light glow package, that was said Thunder Spirit turned into the golden color, slowly integrates in Fire Dragon Martial Spirit! Moreover the fusion speed is quick, all these are not he can lead! His body suddenly spout to shake the golden multi-colored sunlight, golden Qi mist wells up from his burned black skin crazily, exudes an intermittent dragon roar sound. This is not Fire Dragon Martial Spirit, but is...... Five Elements Dragon Spirit in Legend, with your Master is the same! I early should think that humanity cultivates Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art, can breed Five Elements Dragon Spirit, but your within the body has Fire Spirit, therefore Martial Spirit is born time can be Fire Dragon Martial Spirit, now was good, this Martial Spirit swallows Thunder Spirit, turns into fire lightning attribute.” Long Xueyi said with amazement. Huang Jintian's Five Elements Dragon Spirit, can make Huang Jintian have attractive five colors dragon scales, Shen Xiang also very yearned, because his oneself has the Fire Spirit situation, when Martial Spirit birth had the accident, turned has been partial to fire attribute Fire Dragon Martial Spirit. fleshly body has not repaired with enough time, golden Fire Lightning in sky comes enormously and powerful, this time Tribulation Lightning are more , to continue longer, what makes Shen Xiang unexpected is, his has the variation Martial Spirit, is swallowing golden Fire Lightning crazily! Martial Spirit is fast strong, Martial Spirit expands, his fleshly body also in unceasingly strong, at this time his crazy revolution Black Tortoise Strengthening Technique, concentrates together with various strength in within the body, quenchings his fleshly body! Tribulation Lightning again has not stopped now, chops to hit crazily, but the Shen Xiang's self- repair speed is also getting more and more fast! Not only at this time hardship Shen Xiang's fleshly body, meanwhile can be strong his Divine Soul, his fleshly body, Divine Soul, Martial Spirit and Fire Spirit is accepting the Nirvana Tribulation baptism! The release that the final terror Tribulation Force disposable release, has not stopped golden Fire Lightning is rumbling crazily Shen Xiang, has continued more than half double-hour.

In the upper air condense Tribulation Force diverged, the Shen Xiang's body was being twined by thigh thick Golden Dragon, releases the produce fire thunder strength, seeps to his body, helps his Immortal Devil Body great accomplishment! The Nirvana two tribulations crossed, the strength of granting emerges in his body crazily, he revolves cultivation technique, opens true element grains with these strength, enabling in his dantian to hold many True Qi stronger True Qi. Quenching Body had not finished, his Fire Lightning Dragon Spirit around his body, is releasing Tribulation Lightning strength that absorbs, carries on the fining to his fleshly body! One month passes by, in white fire territory glittering has [gold/metal], big piece of white flame by all at once the potential blowing, Shen Xiang whole body golden light sparkles, glittering, sprays a invisible imposing manner each time, shakes completely in his side these fierce white flame. Immortal Devil Body great accomplishment, crossed the Nirvana two tribulations successfully! Golden Little Dragon dives from day, hits on his top of the head, submerges in his body, at this time his golden light glow of body vanished, reveals perfect, but vigorous and healthy body. He has grasped the fist, feels powerful strength that was just obtaining, making him excited, the air/Qi of that ebullition the blood combustion in within the body, releases, making all around white flame not dare to approach, this is the imposing manner that great accomplishment Immortal Devil Body has, making the white fire not dare to approach. He changes one set of black clothed, withdraws dantian inside azure Fire Spirit, puts in a bead, afterward leaps gently, such as the light rainbow shuttles back and forth in white fire territory generally, vanishes in sea of fire instantaneously. After leaving earth core fire territory, he has not looked for White Sea Sacred Realm and Feng Family immediately, but hides in a place, prepares to practice that Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique!