World Defying Dan God - Volume 9 - Chapter 863
In a Pill City very remote third-class inn. Big Brother Shen had almost not appeared, crosses Nirvana Tribulation time had the problem?” Yun Xiaodao walks back and forth in the hall, worried very much. Zhu Rong shakes the head saying: Junior Brother Shen does not have the matter, perhaps in closing up cultivates anything, we continue to seek for that White Flame Pegasus, hears also in that mountain scene forest.” We offended Peach Blossom Son of Heaven, we run into him in inside, must make war, these Son of Heaven and Daughter of Heaven are looking for that White Flame Pegasus.” Lian Mingdong said. Fears anything, who asks us to trouble to butcher him, the previous time to not pursue that White Flame Pegasus, we must kill him.” The Xiao Chou whole face does not care. Their several people collaborate to do Son of Heaven not to be difficult, words that but independent combat, share that they only then sneak off. Does not get so far as crystal stones, they must return to Extreme Martial Sect only to walk, grasps White Flame Pegasus is can obtain the massive crystal stones means only fast. Another road, mixes with Shen Xiang, Shen Xiang can always find some means to make them gain one greatly, although is quite easy to queer. When these hoodlums chatted, Xu Weilong walked, he was responsible for inquiring the news in Pill City, after Yun Xiaodao their several saw his complexion, knows that had the good news. Feng Family and White Sea Sacred Realm abolished have posted a reward the command to Shen Xiang's!” The Xu Weilong words make Zhu Rong and Yun Xiaodao their complexion change. Reason that the cancellation posts a reward to make generally only then two, one is person who to post a reward died, second reconciled. But the second reason is absolutely impossible, Shen Xiang massacres these two Son of Heaven and does the elder, White Sea Sacred Realm and Feng Family not possibly and Shen Xiang peace talks.

But after just abolished, has traded one newly! Does not need to kill Shen Xiang, only needs to provide the clue, can obtain 50 grains of Life Returning Pill!” Xu Weilong coldly said. Yun Xiaodao relaxed, afterward scolded: squinted dragon, can't you one time speak the words? Scary!” „Was Shen Xiang possibly so how easy dead?” Xu Weilong coldly snorted. Xiao Chou said while loudly laughing: My Master such easily will certainly not die, but from posting a reward the command has such big change, Master definitely butchered their many skilled people, Ha Ha...... Exciting!” Whom has killed? unexpectedly 50 grains of Life Returning Pill buy the clue, grain of Life Returning Pill at least can auction to five one billion crystal stones, if some people urgently needed, 10 billion have not been the issue.” Lian Mingdong knits the brows saying that he was taken to train a period of time by Lian Yingxiao, the strength and status increases, now he is regarded as the Peach Blossom island Island Master successor. Went to know, everybody moved together, perhaps we now also will stare.” Yun Xiaodao said. Walks, grasps White Flame Pegasus, had crystal stones, anything is easy to do.” Zhu Rong said that although on the people face is very depressed, but with Zhu Rong. They crossed the contact of short distance with White Flame Pegasus, sees each time, White Flame Pegasus will escape with the quickest speed, very difficult catch. Feng Family and White Sea Sacred Realm know that five expert that they send out died completely, although had not determined that is Shen Xiang kills, but they thought that Shen Xiang definitely cannot run away relationship, therefore increased posting a reward, wants a bit faster to hold Shen Xiang, knows that five people of cause of death. Must know two are to have Fire Spirit Dan King, died two Dan King for them very massive losses.

Naturally, they have not known that now those who make them lose truly is serious, they have enraged Shen Xiang, the sending out elders again and again cope with him, Shen Xiang cannot sit waiting for death, he must counter-attack! Shen Xiang under an abyss, here Spirit Qi is thin, Demon Beast is few, is a very peaceful place. He opens cutting a cave on abyss following rock wall, studies thoroughly that Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique in inside! Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique quarter on stele, dense and numerous, without small character carving that above the rule sends, the place of fingernail, may have tens of thousands of characters, formidable Divine Sense is unable to see clearly these characters. Can study? Sister Meiyao, Sister Youyou, do you take shape?” Shen Xiang stares at that spout ancient aura stele, frowned, he does not know how must start, although he can see these innumerable small characters, but these small characters are independent, is unable to relate together, even if arranges with several hundred, is not sutra and so on. We do not know that we studied were very long, do not have a clue.” Long Xueyi said with a sigh. Can coordinate Slaughtering Heart to be good? Junior Sister, you remember before , you practice Slaughtering Heart great accomplishment time, Master starts to help you seek for this Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique?” Bai Youyou said. Naturally remembers, but he looked for a long time had not found very much.” Some Su Meiyao excitedly said: little rascal, you give a try releases Slaughter Qi to induce with Slaughtering Heart has a look, my present skill completely loses, therefore has not tried.” Shen Xiang slightly took a deep breath, making Slaughtering Heart beat, releases completely Slaughter Qi that he for many years accumulated, pours into stele.

Unknowingly, he closed the eye, both hands has been sticking to stele, saw only the stele above these small characters to release white light glow to come, was similar to the ant takes a walk on stele generally, from new arrangement! Sees this, Su Meiyao they are excited, this Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique is formidable cultivation technique in Legend, if the Shen Xiang society, the strength definitely will promote many. After stele above brat aligns, unexpectedly like live, crawling slowly to the Shen Xiang's both arms on, then drills into the Shen Xiang's chest. Shen Xiang's Slaughter Qi has been releasing, murderous aura that soars to the heavens, such as the crazy dragon the direct impact clouds from the abyss, luckily the place of Shen Xiang choice is generally very remote, moreover in abyss, therefore has not caused the ideas of too many person at this time. Sat in meditation in Shen Xiang of ground, in mind presented many magnificent pictures, had the palatial big great mountains and these great mountains to be divided into Golden Mountain that the iceberg, volcano and Thunder Mountain and golden light of lightning winding sparkled, to have ordinary rocky mountain...... wait / etc., all kinds of grand mountains flashed through in his mind. Afterward is the flowing rapidly rivers that the innumerable raging waves roar, the imposing manner of great mountain river, forms shocks , is the livelihoods and innumerable stars appears in his mind along with it, completely is the pictures that some shocks magnificently, these pictures have a very threatening grand imposing manner! This is the thing that the work of the Gods of world creates, these things are the world breed, Shen Xiang sees when is the world is newborn the picture, afterward is some antique strange beast, many big dragons and giant birds, each is similar to the great mountain, after these strange beast die, fuses together with the mountains and rivers, the flesh and blood is moistening the earth, making in the world contain richer Spirit Qi.