World Defying Dan God - Volume 9 - Chapter 864
„Is this Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique? Do the myriad things that the simulation world breeds carry on to attack to kill? Makes all that the world breeds be oneself uses?” Shen Xiang is pondering, he thought various mountains and rivers ten thousand beasts that with overpowering momentum in mind presents, Sun, Moon and Stars, can be used to attack. This Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique is comprehensive. Divine Art of Four Symbols, Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art has the Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique form, he tried to leave a mountain to attack with strength condense before, the effect is truly good, this is also Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique one, true Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique is stronger. In Sacred Dan World, he meets the Bai Xing starry sky White Tiger clan, that Bai Xing can summon the stars, but this also has in Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique! Summoned the stars in sky to crash, this was the talent ability of starry sky White Tiger clan, but the starry sky White Tiger clan was also the world breeds, therefore in Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique inside also had this strong strength! Now Shen Xiang understands that Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique so was why formidable, this is the between Heaven and Earth myriad cultivation technique first ancestors, cultivates great accomplishment, may found the world! How now Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique of Shen Xiang study is teaches him to let own strength, turns into the great river mountains and rivers and Sun, Moon and Stars, the reversal world Yin-Yang, this is very abstruse cultivation technique. But crosses the threshold needs a condition, can control average man hardata-titleo-control Slaughter Qi. strength that the world has, can write off the massive lives at any time . Moreover the life that the innumerable years later, the world kills cannot count, condense massive Slaughter Qi, but the world can actually to subdue|grams be able to trig, will transform stronger strength! Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique, how is teaches the person to learn the method of world murder, when grasps the world to kill people strength, controls the mountains and rivers, Big Dipper, wields the strength of nature to come as the method of attacking killing, very mysterious formidable. Was a pity that only then Earth Slaughtering Technique this part, but involves the earth domain!” Shen Xiang sighed, has opened the eye, but that stele above writing actually fully entered in his mind.

These sutra fused together with his soul. This is Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique what kind of?” Su Meiyao asked very much curiously, she was young time, her Master rushed about for this Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique for many years, but she and her Master actually never knew Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique fiercely. Shen Xiang long sighed, at this time he also immerses in shock that in Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique brings to him. Hears Shen Xiang to narrate after fierce of this Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique, in the Hidden Jade Ring three females exclaim in surprise again and again, they may be a Old Fang antique, especially Long Xueyi, although is very young, memory inheritance that but she has, is Imperial Dragon Clan many old antique accumulates, sighed including her again and again. Altogether has two parts? Heaven Slaughtering Technique where?” Bai Youyou said. On the Shen Xiang face reveals strange color: Altogether has five, Earth Slaughtering Technique, Heaven Slaughtering Technique, Beast Slaughtering Technique, Spirit Slaughtering Technique. Last is Life Slaughtering Technique, can make the myriad things regenerate, kills the technique to be somewhat different from other four, I think that Dragon Saliva Art should with living the technique is related!” unexpectedly has five, Su Meiyao they are one startled, kills to be the earth nature, the day kills is the Sun, Moon and Stars aspect, the beast kills is also various beasts, the god kills should with the Divine Sense energetic aspect. But Life Slaughtering Technique, unexpectedly can make myriad things regenerate, creates the life, but thinks that does not think strange, because this can also let one method of life death, creates the life, making the myriad things regenerate, in the end must by the time killing! This Earth Slaughtering Technique crosses the threshold, inside narrated many things, I suddenly do not complete, later road also steadily!” Although Shen Xiang wants to even up Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique very much, has a lot of time for that now worries to be also useless.

Does not have the control time or the space and so on killing technique?” Long Xueyi hastily inquired that this is fiercest, time and space, although can control through some formation, but must depend upon the external force, especially now in the space very stable situation, does not depend upon formation is impossible. As for the time, that is difficult, many time formation are very precious . Moreover the expended energy are many, is a very mysterious domain. Has, but that is not the Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique category, but is the principle kills the technique, Earth Slaughtering Technique inside has mentioned.” Shen Xiang said immediately: Was lost.” Has this fierce principle to kill the technique, if controls the time and space, what strength will then have? In this Earth Slaughtering Technique has the whereabouts of other parts?” Bai Youyou asked. The Shen Xiang forced smile said: Has mentioned, in the Great Emperor of Ten Heavens grave, that damned place I do not want to go to the second time again. Although after Earth Slaughtering Technique mentioned grasped Earth Slaughtering Technique, enters the Great Emperor of Ten Heavens grave to be safer, but danger(ous) had.” It seems like these ancient influence know that Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique can be easier to approach Emperor's Tomb, no wonder will wage a war.” Su Meiyao serious tunnel: Do not let these ancient influence know that as far as possible you have studied Earth Slaughtering Technique.” Savage Chaotic Mysterious Land inside topography is complex, that Limitless Lion Mountains is the terror is also stranger, if there is this Earth Slaughtering Technique to help, truly can very going in easily, but must grasp is good.” Shen Xiang had decided that must enter in Emperor's Tomb, collects other parts of uneven Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique.

Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art, Divine Art of Four Symbols and Black Tortoise Strengthening Technique should evolve to come from some Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique, Divine Art of Four Symbols has the part of Beast Slaughtering Technique, Dragon Saliva Art has Life Slaughtering Technique. Nine Turn Dragon God Technique possibly is Spirit Slaughtering Technique, Imperial Dragon Clan of antique time should have some Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique.” Shen Xiang said. Perhaps, although I am also Imperial Dragon Clan, but knew according to my inheritance memory in that our White Dragon ancestor did not know about Imperial Dragon Clan many matters.” Long Xueyi said. Now Shen Xiang starts comprehend that Earth Slaughtering Technique, the sensibility earth natural revolution, this can allow him to understand how to use the myriad things that the earth breeds to attack to kill! He has sat in meditation for three days, spreads out the palm, True Qi of revolution within the body, True Qi with the palm use, condense becomes a stone, this is earth attribute True Qi turns into, afterward turned into stiff diamond, this has joined metal attribute True Qi. He withdraws metal attribute True Qi, joins water attribute True Qi, will turn into an ice stone. Was similar, had the know-how, must do was looks for ancient mountain, existed for many years, but not destroyed mountain, so long as saw the law of earth nature from this mountain, I can simulate that mountain the imposing manner, studied that mountain revolution strength way.” Shen Xiang leaves the abyss, float in upper air, overlook earth, at this time on earth all in his eyes, that clear, he can see the thing that other people cannot see, natural strength that for example the earth releases makes the earth myriad things revolve, but produces destroys the strength way. He saw some spirit pattern from the earth above mountains and rivers indistinctly, that is the path of strength of revolution nature!