World Defying Dan God - Volume 9 - Chapter 865
„Is this earth strength? Very formidable!” Shen Xiang overlook the earth, is looking the mountains that these naturally form, in the mind reappear the pictures of these mountains migrations. This stretch of earth once stood erect above Nine Heavens, was called 10th-layer Heaven, afterward was divided innumerable small world, but still had not been destroyed finally, but also the successful integration the original appearance, becomes brand-new Great World. Shen Xiang can feel this piece of earth that terror now strength, even though had declined, but actually nobody can conquer it. His float in the air, is feeling the imposing manner of earth, the double fist is gripping tightly, sees only him behind suddenly to reappear piece of palatial mountains phantom, the invisible imposing manner overflows from him, but has continued very short time, he behind that magnificent mountains phantom vanished. Is very difficult to study, this Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique needs ’ to grasp essence throughbecoming aware, is not a day or two can learn.” Shen Xiang sighed gently, he touched the edge, but this also let him to display very strong strength. Shen Xiang only thought that own Realm is insufficient, cannot sense this Earth Slaughtering Technique, according to the Earth Slaughtering Technique above narration, he must completely grasp this Earth Slaughtering Technique, must first see spirit pattern in earth nature, can sense from the great river mountains and rivers implication spirit rhyme trace, he can display the earth strength. spirit pattern that he can only feel on the earth now indistinctly some revolved, has not gone to that situation of completely seeing, how as for must do, on Earth Slaughtering Technique had not explained that but makes him become aware. This feeling is very familiar!” Shen Xiang slightly frowned, looks at distant place that piece of verdant mountain, has a very big forest in that side. Is Ji Meixian this damn woman!” Long Xueyi low snort|hum said: When you receive her, helping us wash foot?” Shen Xiang falls gently the ground, murmured: „After the Ji Meixian soul awakens, restored her shook Heaven World's to remember in the past that the strength affirmation promoted quickly! She has inherent very strong spirit awareness, thinks that should be able to be very easy to feel the earth nature implication spirit pattern!”

This is natural, otherwise she so will not be strong when Heaven World, she fights the move of using is truly natural, thinks that is she uses that spirit awareness sensibility world comprehension, this woman is very formidable! Whose very curiously is this fierce person die.” Su Meiyao said. Shen Xiang emits pair of small Vermillion Bird Fire Wings directly, flies toward the place that Ji Meixian is. Your bald young apprentice and that dead fatty they in that side, they must hit probably.” Long Xueyi displayed Nine Heavens Mental Exploration, Divine Sense has flown all of a sudden that side. Zhu Rong they truly there, Shen Xiang displayed Nine Heavens Mental Exploration also to see, what making him not think, their unexpectedly also held White Flame Pegasus! This White Flame Pegasus has white different Fire Spirit, is truly precious, is very valuable, but this White Flame Pegasus has the master, although Wu Qianqian said that White Flame Pegasus is her friend, but that has represented her to subdue White Flame Pegasus. This group of fellows, it seems like went mad because of poverty.” Shen Xiang shook the head to smile, picks up speed to fly. Yun Xiaodao they have spent the tremendous strength, finally seized priceless White Flame Pegasus, but these Son of Heaven and Daughter of Heaven actually braved at this time, wanted to rob this White Flame Pegasus. Value good several hundred billions crystal stones White Flame Pegasus, changes someone to move, let alone these Daughter of Heaven and Son of Heaven long time come in seeking for this horse, now sees to fall into that several hoodlum hands, in the heart will not be very willingly, said that anything must take. Peach Blossom Son of Heaven had the reason at this time, because before him, was collaborated to hit by these hoodlums changes beyond all recognition, the whole body paralysis, weak was not Peach Blossom Sacred Realm has Dan King in Pill Association, gave his some pills to take, he also lies on the bed now.

Your surround do we do?” Yun Xiaodao is taking a fast look around all around person. Qin Family Daughter of Heaven and Son of Heaven wear the black vigor attire, dresses up very succinctly, they are staring at that by White Flame Pegasus that the [gold/metal] net covers. Ji Meixian and Feng Yuhe together person, White Sea Sacred Realm and Feng Family this time relationship is good, because they hate Extreme Martial Sect, collaborated secretly. But also has two heroic spirit threatening good-looking men in their side, they are Son of Heaven that White Sea Sacred Realm and Feng Family just selected, the strength are not weaker than two Son of Heaven that before died. Two Son of Heaven that this selects newly, the most important goal is to kill Shen Xiang sets up the prestige, this can make their status stabler, the prestige is higher. Peach Blossom Daughter of Heaven Mu Jialan, is only joins in the fun, she does not have the meaning of fight, she always does not want to provoke Shen Xiang, when this is also she leaves Peach Blossom Sacred Realm, her mother to her injunction, but she thinks that now Shen Xiang wants to make her the female slave matter, in the heart on somewhat angry. Xiaodao, haven't you known the style of this group of affectedly virtuous fellows? The world anything good thing is their, looks at their countenance, knows that they must rob this White Flame Pegasus.” Xiao Chou coldly said, has prepared great war, said today that any he cannot hand over this White Flame Pegasus, they do not want to walk to return to Extreme Martial Sect. Zhu Rong yelled: Person who you have the status, expensive is Son of Heaven Daughter of Heaven, you cannot such not be concerned about face, the words that must hit also duel, do you want to bully little inadequately?” Jing Xingliang wants to spit Zhu Rong face saliva very much, previous time is Zhu Rong their this group of fellows is not concerned about face, greeting does not hit, one group of people have ganged up to surround and beaten up his, hits him not to know that far apart ran, now unexpectedly also feels all right saying that others aren't concerned about face? Also feels all right to raise duel? Student, isn't your father Lotus Island's Island Master? Revealed quickly your father's given name comes, if this group of fellows besiege us, this White Flame Pegasus will be robbed.” Zhu Rong whispered.

They do not eat this set! You have not said that is away from home, proposes own father's given name, that is a coward.” Lian Mingdong lowers the sound to say. But the situation is now different!” Zhu Rong looks at that whole face angry Jing Xingliang, in the heart is somewhat disturbed. Xiao Chou double fist condense fearful Divine Power, is bursting out intermittent golden light, the sound ice-cold: What here and we have a grudge is only this white face monkey, what meaning your surround are we?” Jing Xingliang heard white face monkey once more these three characters, the anger in heart was unable to constrain, explodes has roared, one step stepped to Xiao Chou is stronger, chops toward a skull palm that Xiao Chou that glistened, strength looked like very gentle, but actually the supple belt just, held the wind to shake the ground to be split up. Protects Pegasus!” Xiao Chou drinks greatly, the body overflows golden light, forms a translucent golden bell, covers instantaneously him. Jing Xingliang that palm chops to hit on this clock, his terrifying strength unexpectedly all dissipates in this clock, turns into melodious clear bell sound, the deafening sound earth.