World Defying Dan God - Volume 9 - Chapter 866
Both sides fight finally, Son of Heaven Daughter of Heaven also gets rid in the choice opportunity, they must rob that White Flame Pegasus. When Feng Family Daughter of Heaven Feng Yuhe just must get rid to rob Pegasus, persons head suddenly drops from the clouds, sees this tumbling persons head, Feng Yuhe and that new Feng Family Son of Heaven is frightened immediately calls out in alarm one. This is their Feng Family Dan King persons head, this Dan King was sent grasps after Shen Xiang, has not come back, now their Feng Family Dan King persons head appears here, explained that killed this Dan King person to come. Kills this Dan King person, may is Shen Xiang! So long as Ji Meixian induces to Shen Xiang in, her fight, in these people, most will not hate the Shen Xiang's person perhaps is she, she was not only profaned to play that pure body by Shen Xiang, but also was lost her to protect the key part of body Immortal Cloth by Shen Xiang. So long as she sees Shen Xiang, wishes one could to pinch Shen Xiang, but she cannot . Moreover the strength is also insufficient. persons head one after another was lost by Shen Xiang, this is on the same day in white fire territory Shen Xiang by that five expert that cuts to kill, including two are Dan King. Shen Xiang!” Feng Yuhe loudly shouted, in the sound is having the fear, in five persons head, three are their Feng Family expert, one is Dan King, but had been chopped by a Shen Xiang blade completely. In the new Son of Heaven heart of White Sea Sacred Realm is also panic-stricken, Dan King has the pivotal status in these ancient influence, but now actually by others blade chopping head. Hehe, shouted that I do do? To make my female slave?” Shen Xiang is with smile on the face, falls gently from the sky slowly, the big hand wields, that five heads receiving, he thought that attacks White Sea Sacred Realm and Feng Family with these persons head is a very crisp matter. Sees Shen Xiang to arrive, some people like some people to worry that Yun Xiaodao Zhu Rong they are certainly all smiles, with Shen Xiang together, they can always fish many advantage. Jing Xingliang and Xiao Chou also stopped, Jing Xingliang looks at Shen Xiang wickedly, so long as obtains Shen Xiang's Divine Blade, his strength can promote many.

Was you have killed our Feng Family Dan King?” Feng Yuhe jade face ice-cold, is gripping tightly the sword hilt, is pointing at Shen Xiang with sword tip. Is they brings death, they may be some elders characters, unexpectedly want to sneak attack while my transcends tribulation time under evil behindata-titlehe-scenes manipulator, your nonsense ancient influence fellows are also mediocre.” Shen Xiang said with a smile. Others transcends tribulation time starts, is not only is harming others, will suffer disaster by oneself, but present Shen Xiang has not died, that several old fellow actually died. Shen Xiang on the same day in Devil World transcends tribulation, entire Ancient Desolate Devil Sect making the decline, uses the similar means now, killed Feng Family and White Sea Sacred Realm several great people! Quite disgraced, five old fellow assassinate little rascal, has not thought that finally instead was chopped persons head, Ha Ha...... Exciting.” Zhu Rong said while loudly laughing, letting Feng Family and White Sea Sacred Realm Son of Heaven Daughter of Heaven complexion is uglier, wishes one could to take away to extract oil this dead fatty at present. You send out five person old fellow to kill Big Brother Shen, now these five old fellow died, do you want to blame Big Brother Shen? Allows you to kill people, doesn't allow others to revolt? Your brains are sick.” Yun Xiaodao said with a sneer. This humanity has most disliked, now I understand why looks like their this humanity so to be why rampant, is so formidable, because they are very shameless.” Teng Ying said. A Shen Xiang person has cut two Dan King, this matter passes on, definitely will cause a stir in Pill City, and has hit the face of White Sea Sacred Realm and Feng Family maliciously. Words that being all right, we said goodbye first.” Shen Xiang has arched cuping one hand in the other across the chest to audiences Son of Heaven Daughter of Heaven, then must turn around. Leaves behind White Flame Pegasus!” The person of speech is Qin Family Son of Heaven, Qin Meng. Shen Xiang looked at his one eyes, shakes the head sighed: I and Qin Family do not have what big enmity, if you were redundant one time a moment ago those words, White Sea Sacred Realm and Feng Family were learning from another's mistakes of your Qin Family!”

Leaves behind White Flame Pegasus!” This speech unexpectedly Jing Xingliang, but just said that maliciously was actually stared one by Mu Jialan. Your can Peach Blossom Sacred Realm become enemies inadequately with me?” Shen Xiang knits the brows to look at Jing Xingliang. My Peach Blossom Sacred Realm does not fear your Extreme Martial Sect!” Jing Xingliang said with a sneer. He could not represent Peach Blossom Sacred Realm!” Mu Jialan does not dare to provoke Shen Xiang, White Sea Sacred Realm and Feng Family because occurred with Shen Xiang slightly has conflicted, finally evolved this. From beginning to end, loss most serious is White Sea Sacred Realm and Feng Family, but a Shen Xiang matter does not have, Extreme Martial Sect is root hair has not been short. Retaliates White Sea Sacred Realm and Feng Family person also only then a Shen Xiang person, Shen Xiang has not involved Extreme Martial Sect, from this can see that Shen Xiang cannot annoy. White Flame Pegasus is the friend of mine, remains is not you decides!” Wu Qianqian that has the anger light and lively sound to transmit, she wears the faint yellow simple long skirt, comes, the makings that rises above worldly affairs elegantly simple, have pressed these Daughter of Heaven completely. Wu Qianqian sees White Flame Pegasus to be covered by a [gold/metal] net, must stare Yun Xiaodao maliciously their eyes, then the white hands wield, White Flame Pegasus turns into together golden light, entered in Profound Beast Bag of her waist. „...... Qianqian, are this goods your? Early did not say that harmed us to grasp for several months, has wasted the precious time.” A Zhu Rong face employs professional mourners, Yun Xiaodao their several were shocked completely, several hundred billions crystal stones that afterward the whole face sad color, succeeds in obtaining like this flew. You added that the white snow followed me to be very long, you later cannot have her idea again.” Wu Qianqian is forking the waist, is rousing the fragrant cheek, was reproving Yun Xiaodao their several, likely was Chief Big Sister. They are King Martial Courtyard, Wu Qianqian in truly is Chief Big Sister, the hoodlum who these play a dirty trick frequently was used Blue Star Fire to burn by her frequently calls.

Shen Xiang with a smile said to these Son of Heaven and Daughter of Heaven: Now you again want to leave behind White Flame Pegasus, quite in robbing, but this matter you should little not do.” These things in the hands of your fellows, spoil radically!” Jing Xingliang lost one bottle of Peach Blossom Immortal Nectar, making him poor, he also anxiously is gaining now is many some crystal stones, otherwise after him, will be teased by others. Master, making me butcher this white face monkey.” Xiao Chou somewhat could not bear. Shen Xiang has put out a ten feet black iron rod, this is Duan Sanchang digs from the grave of child of Devil God, is a good thing. Takes away!” This stick is Shen Xiang specially is Xiao Chou selects. Xiao Chou in the hand, has brandished several, said while loudly laughing: Weight just, this stick is called the dozen of monkey sticks, come the white face monkey, comes to call me quickly, Ha Ha......!” The Jing Xingliang whole person was mad braves the white smoke! Today lets our Extreme Martial Sect these strongest young people and Son of Heaven Daughter of Heaven compares notes.” Zhu Rong said while loudly laughing, he said very with ease, because when the time comes fights definitely is not he. These ancient influence Son of Heaven and Daughter of Heaven, cultivation base by far high Extreme Martial Sect these young generations, didn't this clarify has bullied the person? But Shen Xiang they actually did not fear!