World Defying Dan God - Volume 9 - Chapter 867
Ji Meixian does not want to meddle, she can feel that now the Shen Xiang's strength has been increased, before she hit with Shen Xiang equally matched, although she currently also has very big promotion, but she does not have the confidence to defeat Shen Xiang. Also most lets have Wu Qianqian that she has scruples, she knows not many about Wu Qianqian's, only knows that Wu Qianqian is Extreme Martial Sect number one beauty, year to year closes up in Extreme Dan King Courtyard, is the Extreme Martial Sect King Martial Courtyard outstanding disciple, is Extreme Martial Sect strongest young female disciple, and understands alchemy. Now Wu Qianqian subdued White Flame Pegasus, the strength increased. Although Yun Xiaodao Zhu Rong their several comparison hoodlums, but the strength is not absolutely weak, the words that collaborates, must do Son of Heaven or Daughter of Heaven are also very simple, before that Jing Xingliang was an example. Dead bald donkey, I must kill you today!” Jing Xingliang endured to be very long, this time he gets rid, displays strongest strength, to Shen Xiang their palm bang in the past, True Qi of that hard and soft and Jinan, big lands raising, all around trees explode completely broken. Xiao Chou just obtained Shen Xiang to give his iron rod, fighting intent was already full, he wields the iron rod, hits to that strength center, Herculean Clan Divine Power turns into golden light, wraps the entire iron rod, sweeps away, sweeps wild strength tornado, this strength tornado stirs a piece of smashing the place that these Son of Heaven and Daughter of Heaven stand. Master, the white face monkey gave me!” Xiao Chou shouted, wields the iron rod, attacks to Jing Xingliang. great war of these two people are ready to be set off, is starting at the same time. On!” Feng Yuhe shouted to clear the way lowly, sees only her to dodge toward Shen Xiang with that Feng Family new Son of Heaven. Shen Xiang only felt that gust blows, but this gust is actually similar to the innumerable sharp knife blade, as if must shear completely squashed to be broken him. If the average person, at this time turned into hashed meat, but Shen Xiang is actually a Immortal Devil Body great accomplishment person, his anything has not done, can resist this with ease such as the strong winds of blade.

Feng Yuhe whole face cold frost, the whole body sends out dense murderous aura, forms intermittent cold cold wind, dances in the breeze along with her blue skirt, this whole body gloomy and cold female, begins very very ruthless, is kills to incur, probably and Shen Xiang has the bitter hatred to be ordinary. Although Feng Family Son of Heaven elects newly, but the strength is also pretty good, holds the wind to be very swift and fierce, but afterward he knows , if not use weapon, is unable to injure to Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang's movement technique is very strange, Feng Yuhe and Feng Family Son of Heaven their converging attack he, most also can only bump into his clothes, felt each time immediately must puncture to putting on the Shen Xiang's body, but Shen Xiang actually can mysterious evading. Must know that Shen Xiang jointly attacks faced with two expert now, instantaneously each deals with is kills to incur, he or keeps off, or hides, very thrilling breaking out. Qin Family Son of Heaven Daughter of Heaven does not have fight, after seeing the Shen Xiang's strength, their complexions ten segregate heavily, Ji Meixian and Mu Jialan do not have the meaning of fight from beginning to end, but saw the Shen Xiang's strength to promote these many, in the heart was uncomfortable very much. Feng Family Son of Heaven and Daughter of Heaven only then this point skill?” Shen Xiang contemptuously said with a smile, has been meeting the approaching enemy to the jade palm of Feng Yuhe, in that instantaneous, the earth-shaking power, the wind and cloud color deterioration, a Shen Xiang's arm suddenly duplicate full golden scale, the entire arm looked like looks like dragon claw is the same. Shen Xiang this time used Martial Spirit strength, that arm Thunder Fire occurred simultaneously, Dragon Force was steaming, his palm turned into dragon claw, the aura that Dragon Force spout gushed out from the slit of scale, sends out weak dragon roar. Do not want to prevail!” Feng Family Son of Heaven sees Shen Xiang to cope with Feng Yuhe, a sword thorn, Shen Xiang's, but after piercing the clothes , is hard to enter the least bit. The jade palm of Shen Xiang's dragon claw and Feng Yuhe bumps into! Immediately golden light glittering, the lightning dance, the boom explosive, the earth is cracked unceasingly! Although Feng Yuhe True Qi is gentle, but the might is not small, Shen Xiang's Dragon Force strong ferocious is tyrannical, moreover is vigorous, in addition his terror the strength of Fire Lightning Dragon Spirit, making that Dragon Force wilder, forcing Feng Yuhe.

Feng Yuhe throat one sweet, a blood gushes out, the sleeve of her arm shaking crushes by Shen Xiang's strength, jade lotus root arm split open, dripping with blood, flesh and blood obvious, horrible to look. She was shaken to fly, only then she understands that Shen Xiang that had a moment ago is formidable, she can feel clearly is several strength fuses together, has physical strength, Thunder Fire strength, terrifying Dragon Force, an inexplicable ice is cold. Feng Yuhe is only and Shen Xiang to striking a palm, was seriously injured, moreover was attacked by surprise by the inexplicable cold air, at this time her whole body trembles, look blue, is not only the arm is ruined, her within the body also received the serious internal injury. Shen Xiang had used Ice Spirit Devil Aura a moment ago, this Feng Yuhe a short time could not stand, he turned around to look to a moment ago to him that Feng Family Son of Heaven of sword, this goods were just elected as Son of Heaven a few days, was envied by many people in Feng Family, he only then massacred Shen Xiang, can strengthen his status. This Feng Family Son of Heaven strength is not weak, if a moment ago were not Shen Xiang protects the body with Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor, perhaps even if his Immortal Devil Body great accomplishment, will be punctured skin. Shen Xiang, suffers to death!” Feng Family Son of Heaven strength condense in putting in order sword on, this sword makes the world change color, the might is peerless, that sword intent is bitterly disappointing, Sword Qi that brings, stirs the smashing the fallen leaf of ground, the sword refers to the Shen Xiang's forehead, sword blade cold light sparkles, murderous aura is arrogant. He as if the person sword unites at this time, turns into rainbow light, the thorn to Shen Xiang! powerful, worthily is the ancient influence, young, cultivates this situation sword technique!” The Feng Family Son of Heaven that Shen Xiang faces, cultivation base may be much higher than him, at least crossed the Nirvana five tribulations. This sword is quick, but is very slow in the Shen Xiang eye, at this time all around all in his eyes become very slow, his five feelings full, the heartbeats of all around all people he can hear, even is the sound that in others blood vessel bleeds he can feel clear. He as if integrated the trim earth to be common, all sounds on this earth can by his catch, all around any slightest sign of trouble, he be able knowing things like the back of one's hand, he even to be able to feel that the slight sand dust has the sound to be common.

Shen Xiang suddenly understands, if he to comprehend Earth Slaughtering Technique, must carry on the war of this life and death, only then the hook moves his Slaughtering Heart, can integrate in the nature, Dao of Slaughtering of sensibility nature. His body suddenly gushes out rich True Qi, this is Universe True Qi, boundless Universe True Qi emerges airborne, Shen Xiang's back suddenly flashes before the innumerable palatial mountains phantom. phantom flashes past, afterward integrates in the Shen Xiang's body, a boundless imposing manner, spews out from his body. I will give you a happiness!” On the Shen Xiang's fist presented white glove, God Slaughtering Hand spout Slaughter Qi, because Slaughter Qi turned into all at once the potential, formed terrifying strength. „The strength of ten thousand mountain!” The Shen Xiang's fist welcomed to sword tip, potential like the mountains and rivers, making people think that facing his fist, probably was facing ten thousand palatial mountains, that strength, that imposing manner, is unable to resist, seemed strength of nature is the same. Bang!” The Shen Xiang's fist has not bumped into that sword tip of sword, then becomes the powder by incomparably boundless imposing manner ramming the sword, Feng Family Son of Heaven is the whole body explodes, afterward the body surges one group of flame, was fired the ashes!